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Lisa, sorry I missed your question about when is best time to camp at Gov. Dodge but I see Jennie answered the question already...

I can guarantee you, you will love the trails.  You, Jenni and Jurita should make the trip.  It is about 3 hour drive from Chippewa falls.  As I mentioned, camping is a bit odd but as long as your horses don't mind a high-line and you don't mind about 100 yard hike to the bathrooms it is fine.  Bugs are no worse than most places other than at camp the flies are bit pesky mid-summer so I always have a spray can of that fly stuff (the yellow can, the kind that scares me it works so well)  Also there is a people beach and a doggie beach just a short hike from horse camp.  This is Scooby's favorite camp place in WI, well he likes Wild Cat Mnt. too but only if we take a "sit in the river" afternoon break.

There are only about a dozen sites so be sure to reserve ahead of time (2 horses per site if know how to line tie)  My favorite time is fall there as the colors and views will take your breath away.  Also there are lots of apple trees on the trails so our horses get plenty of treats.

Enjoy [smile]
Jenni O.
The lessons were awesome! Can't wait to take more. Lisa and Pauli definitely need to show (although I'm not a show person so I've wouldn't blame Lisa for not doing it). They look so good! I'd do ACHTA too, actually. Not this year though! Anyway, I'll get some video at one of the lessons. Pauli is just gorgeous, and Lisa does really well with her.
Wow...sounds like you had a great time at your lessons!  ACTHA rides (or any of that type of trail competiton) are a blast!  I highly suggest them, have really enjoyed the ones I have judged as well as the ones I have ridden in.
Lisa B
Jenni, you are too kind...but thank you!  You and Pea are a super match as well and I expect that you will be exploring many trails over the years.  I will try to take some video of you at the next lesson also.  I promise I will figure out the YouTube thingy to have them posted here.

I think there is an ACTHA ride in September at Governor Knowles (Trade River).  A friend is going to check into it for me.  I think that it would be a lot of fun and make trail riding more interesting for both me and Pauli.

I had a nice chat with Kim (Pauli's former owner) this afternoon.  She gave me more information on Pauli's history and was able to answer several questions regarding tack that I had.  I hope to get down to the Southern Kettle Moraine trails later this summer and promised Kim that I would let her know when, so she can stop by to visit.  

Enough for now...Life is Good!

Lisa B
Well, lesson number three was last night and Pauli and I are doing great!  Shane, our trainer, rode her for the first time and really loved her.  

She tends to get a little "hot" after she has been trotted or loped for a while so he helped me figure out how to settle her down.  She isn't naughty by any means but once she gets going she does not want to stand still.  Walking her in a big circle helps to bring her down.

We are working on half-passing and side-passing.  I was having some difficulties figuring our the specific cues but am now getting quite confident in them.  Pauli will be a great competitor in trail classes next year.  I kind of suspect that she has done some trail competition already as she is so maneuverable and willing.

Kim described her as being a horse that will give you it all once she bonds.  Boy does she ever!

Jenni and Peanut are coming along.  Peanut can be kind of stubborn but the two of them work through it.  Jenni and I actually traded horses for a while last night during the lesson.  Peanut is a fun little horse that will be a great trail horse with more time on her.  Jenni just loves her and I can understand why.

Well, enough for now.

Life is good!!


love the updates!  thanks for sharing!

Sounds like you are doing great. It must be fun to have one of those "push button" horses and learn all those buttons she has. [smile]
Lisa B
Just a quick update.  

Pauli and I continue to make progress.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of her former owners.  It sounds as if she had only been ridden a few times in the past year or so as she was recuperating from injuries (forgive me if I am wrong in that Kim).  If that is the case I am very impressed with how quickly she has gotten back into the riding mode.  

I don't consider her "push button" though, because there are so many cues that I am learning to use correctly.  She is very sensitive to the seat, legs, hands, and breath that it is a challenge for me to control all of them...at once.  She tries so hard to please that it is sometimes frustrating because she anticipates cues.  I swear the other day I just thought about a flying lead change on the rail in my tiny arena that she did it.  I was not expecting that!

A couple of friends and I are planning to go to a Trail Obstacle Challenge at Governor Knowles State Park on September 5th.  I have no idea what to expect but am really looking forward to it.  When I put down some poles in my arena, Pauli seemed to know that she was expected to side pass over them.  I think I have commented before that I suspect she's been shown in trail classes before.  It will be interesting to see her reactions to the obstacles in an actual trail ride situation.  

Because of the types of trails I ride I decided to have her shod on the front for the rest of the riding season.  Her feet are just too tender for rocky terrain and I am not convinced that boots are the answer for us.  She was a very good girl for the shoeing process and is more comfortable when on the gravel in the driveway.  No worries...I pull shoes for the winter.

Overall, she is doing well.  I thought she would end up being the boss mare but alas she is lowest in the pecking order.  I have her in a paddock with my gelding because the other two mares were pushing her around.  My gelding gets after her once in awhile but not enough to create problems.  When she first arrived she dropped some weight because of the stress of a new herd.  I'm happy to say she has put some of it back on...good thing because winters up here can be pretty brutal, and as much as I hate to think about it, it will be here before we know it.

We're looking forward to the ride at Ukarydee.  The best riding of the year will soon be here and what better way to take advantage of it than with the MHWF family.

Life is good!

I'm sorry Lisa. I didn't mean "Push button" as in a horse anyone can ride. I just meant that since she is a retired  reining horse she has some of those "buttons" in place. Bells and whistles?    My friend recently bought a retired WP show horse and she is learning his buttons too (how to cue him) and she is also an experienced rider. I think any time someone gets a new horse it is a learning experience. 

It sounds like you are doing great. I can tell how much you are enjoying Pauli just by reading your posts.

How cool Pauli read your mind about the flying lead change. I have heard other people comment how they thought something and their horse did it. I have yet to experience that. I'm going to try it with Eli. I will communicate "Stop rolling in poop."

Anyways..I should have been more careful in my comment because I don't know Pauli and have never ridden her.

"A person shall not judge another person's horse until they have ridden a mile in their saddle."       
Lisa B
Jurita, let us know how the mind reading/communicating goes for the "stop rolling in poop" with Eli.  I have a few that I'd like to try that on too. [wink]
I think this has been discussed prior (I believe it was with Lindsey)
If you overthink all the cues, have a couple glasses of wine or a few beers.  Your equine will sense how calm and happy you are [tongue]  Or in my case, makes me less aware of all my mistakes and his as we trot down the trail.

In all seriousness Lisa, sounds like you found a great partner in Pauli.

As for rolling in poop, I am proud to say my dog (which is a Golden - meaning like lots of thick hair) has decided horse poop is no longer on the menu or to be laid in.  However, find some really irresistible dumpster diving racoon poop at camp and he feels it is much more desirable than Old Spice Cologne to roll in  YUCK! [nono]
Lisa B
John, I think you're right about a beer or wine before riding.  Why is that we always do it afterwards, or in some cases during (not me though).  I know it can work because I have done that a few times while doing a watercolor painting.  I am very much a "Type A" personality so it helps to loosen me up, a little.

Jenni O. and I have a lesson again tonight.  I'm excited to find out what else Pauli can teach me!

Life is good!
Lisa, I am the most undisciplined rider you will probably ever meet.  We just walk, trot and canter down the trails.  We stop and graze when it looks good.  We check our one handed breaks and our "reverse" once in awhile.  We have been known to bring a beverage or 2 on trail.  My riding friends are all female, when we need a bio break we just point in opposite directions.  The gals hold onto their steeds leg for balance as they go - now that is a good trail horse when they stand still for such needed moments or when a beer is snapped open and spills on their neck.

With that said and many with a frown on their face now, we just relax on our trail rides, try to mix speed up and who takes lead here and there.  We are "just trail riders" though.

I think you are going to have so much fun with Pauli.  Relax and enjoy being one with her

Jenni O.
I did consider bringing a beverage to have before lessons, just to see if it helps with loosening up. We really should try it sometime. (I'll admit to enjoying beverages while riding, although I haven't done that in some time. I wait until after. Oh, at Wildcat I rode again after, so technically that was post and pre-ride all in one.)

I can't wait to hear how the trail challenge goes! I wish I didn't have to work. Will you video with the Go Pro?
Lisa B.
Today Jenni and I took the girls to a nearby arena to play.  A couple of friends joined us on their girls as well.  

Pauli was good with the plastic grocery bag tied on the end of a carrot stick and rubbing her all over.  She was pretty much snoring during the plastic garbage bag blowing in the wind and being draped all over her.  She was totally unfazed and disinterested in the giant red ball.  The thing that she was snorty about...the empty milk carton on the end of a rope being dragged around the arena.  It took her a good 30 minutes to be comfortable enough to pull it around the arena herself.  

She cracks me up!

After playing in the arena we went for a short trail ride through the rolling hills.  I will try to upload video to youtube later.

I'd like to thank 3 Bar Tack in Hillsdale WI for the use of their arena and trails.  It is very generous of you to allow us to use them.  Check out their website:  http://www.triplehhhenterprises.com/

Life is Good!!

Sounds fun. You two will have to go to the Fun Show next year.
Lisa B.

The video from yesterday's ride didn't come out very well.  I guess it's time to break down and get a new one [frown].  I'd rather spend the money on a horse related item though.
Lisa B.
Gosh, it's been awhile since I updated on Pauli. 

She is doing well and we are getting along wonderfully.  She seems to enjoy trail riding more each time we go.  She prefers to be in front or near the front of the group and gets jiggy when the lead horse moves off at a fast pace.  We are working on that issue.

We are still taking lessons when the weather and time permit.  She loves arena work but I have to learn to take my time and not push the speed too early as she gets wound up.  She likes the adrenaline rush.  Those of you that are runners know what its like I expect.

This coming Sunday the plan is to take her to RNR Ranch & Tack in St. Croix Falls for a Western Dressage group lesson.  With her training she is perfectly suited to it and hopefully I have (will have) enough skill to ride the tests.

That's about it for now.  My fingers are crossed that winter doesn't rear its head too soon as there are lots of trails to ride yet this year.

Life is Good!

Lisa B.
Good luck and have fun at the clinic.  Love the updates!
Have fun at the clinic. Will you get photos/videos??
Lisa B.

I don't know if I'll be able to get video of us and will try to take some of other riders.  I'm not even sure if the lesson is still planned as some regulars were not going to be there this time.

Happy Trails!
Lisa B.
The Western Dressage lesson was cancelled.  Oh well, next season I guess.
Happy Trails everyone!
Lisa B.
Happy Fall Everyone!

Pauli and I continue to do well.

Jenni O. and I took the girls to Copper Park in Ladysmith on Sunday and had an absolutely wonderful ride.

The deer were more abundant than chipmunks in the woods, but the girls were not spooky about that.  Something did startle them (a grouse or turkey?) when it took off behind them.  Both jumped and spun but no big deal other than our heart rates spiking.

Later on we ran into a couple of friends of Jurita's (see Jurita, you should have ridden with us) and had a nice chat.  They were taking a lunch break and were in need of a bottle opener (note to self, carry a bottle opener on your saddle).  I will try to remember to have the Flambeau Riders put an opener on one of the high line posts for the next person that finds they need one on trail (or Peggy and Mary find they need one again).

Further down the trail we decided to experiment with going different directions on a trail loop.  Pauli was okay until Pea answered her whinny.  How does a horse gallop in the back and not move the front?  I'm sure that is an Olympic level dressage move of some sort so I guess wanting to do Western Dressage with her is doable.

We are hoping to ride at Governor Knowles (Trade River) this weekend.  That will be the last off farm ride for me as I will put my trailer in storage for the winter next week.  Of course, we'll probably get an Indian Summer after that so I will regret doing so...or we'll get 6" of snow the night before I put it away...kind of how it works every year. 

Life is Good! 

Lisa B.
Pauli and Lisa with friend Theresa and her horse, Nutmeg on the trials.

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Pauli with Lisa, friend Theresa with her horse Nutmeg and Jurita with Eli out on the trails.

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