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Lovely Penelope (Penny) was adopted by Holly and Garrison.  As you know, Penelope came to the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses on 10/22/2017.  Penny is 22 years old and has Cushings.  Garrison was helping with the event, helping haul horses all day and on Monday, and was delivering hay to the event for the horses.  When he brought the hay, it happened to be right when Penny arrived to the event.  He saw her and came and told me that his wife, Holly, has wanted a Fjord since she was a little girl (he may have ran to tell me that).  [wink]  We talked at length about what Cushings can mean and what problems that can cause, and the fact that Penny was having a hard time with her weight, not holding weight well.  They talked it over and said they would like to adopt her, and we made that happen!  Penny is in quarantine over at their place and they are the happy new adopters of Miss Penny!  Penny will be well loved and they have already talked to a nutritionist about a diet plan for Penny.  

A big thank-you and congratulations to Holly (and Garrison too)!!  

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It was meant to be.  Happy news indeed. for all. 
Barb S
Congratulations on adopting PrettyPenny!
You’re a lucky woman Holly and Garrison thank you so much for all the help!
One of my favorite stories coming out of the one-day event for sure! Congratulations Holly, Garrison, and Penny!!
Congratulations. She is really cute and you are going to hear that a lot. You will love having a Fjord. They just seem to love people and are like giant teddy bears. Well, some can be naughty but I won’t mention any names on Penelope’s thread.
Sandy K
Big congratulations to Holly and Garrison ! What a cutie !
HUGE points to Garrison for the win!.  that last picture..oh my...beautiful and so meant to be.  Happy life to you Penny!!
Thanks everyone!! Garrison definitely wins husband of the year this year. Penny is such a lover, unless I'm late with dinner. She's the sweetest mare, and I'm so dang excited to have her in my life. I posted in a Fjord group on Facebook, and was able to learn a ton about her. I basically have her entire life history now, and have been able to talk to most of the people who knew her. She's one heck of a cool horse!
Jenni O.
It's pretty cool that you know her past. Congratulations, and you are both deserving of an award for giving this girl a forever home. (And don't listen to Jurita, Fjords are never naughty. [tongue] )
Congratulations!  What a great story with a wonderful new beginning for everyone.

I want to elaborate a little bit on Penny's past history that Holly found, and what a special mare she is.  

Penny was imported as a weanling, and Holly got information from her past trainer and others who have known Penny over the years.  The trainer said that Penny was one of the best moving Fjord's she has had the honor to know.  Penny was shown a lot in her life, under saddle and in driving competitions (ADS).  She represented the Fjord breed at the Midwest Horse Fair under saddle as well.  Penny was featured in Horse Illustrated magazine, showing the outstanding leg markings she carries.  Penny always had a lot of energy, and did it all.  Super steady riding mare, outstanding driving horse and she even won an open jumping competition with her trainer.  Holly has even more info than that, but what a special horse Penny is and what a lot she has to offer.  

Here are some of her evaluation results from the past also:  

Such fun information to find!  

How cool is that?! What a fun discovery!!
Barb S
Wow Holly it’s like you won the lottery! Oreo, Ty, and Penny is a Star Fjord. Plus you have husband of the year😉
She really is the sweetest mare ever. I went into this not even caring if I could ride her, and then I find out she's a rockstar! Super cool. I'm so blessed.
mel d
Congratulations! She is so lucky to have ended up with you, Holly. Happy Days!
Jan H.
I hope you post pics of her so we can see her markings.  She sure is pretty!
cindy g
Penny...there are some really good Cushings groups on FB to check out. Equine Cushings Disease Horses is one I have been on and learned many new things...even both our vets didn't know. 

Favorite thing I learned: if you start Prascend and she starts refusing all manner of hiding the meds try empty gel caps. Easy to find on Amazon and Ebay 

Cindy, the lucky thing is that Penny has been on the Cushing's meds already and came with the remainder of what she was already on, so there are none of the hassles of the startup of that and the problems that can go along with it, such as their taste changing and going off of feed.  Penny is eating really good too!  Holly was informed by someone on a Fjord group about the ECIR group and Cushings groups on Facebook...loads of great info there for sure!  [smile]
I got to test ride Miss Penny today for about three minutes because it's way too dang cold! We went for a tiny bareback jaunt in a rope halter, and she was great. [smile] I still have to pinch myself that I have a beautiful fjord in my barn to love!

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Jenni O.
Janice M
You certainly got a great horse in Penny.  What a sweet face!

I have a cushings horse and wanted to share my experience this last year with her.  Late in the spring I noticed her ribs were starting to show more, and by summer, her backbone was starting to protrude/show too, which had NEVER happened in the 10 years I had owned her.  She was diagnosed with cushings 5 years ago.  I added an amino supplement in August (Tri-Aminos by Uckele), which seemed to help, but not enough.  I then had her ACTH levels tested and her ACTH # was way above normal; I wasn't giving her enough pergolide to control her ACTH levels.  I increased her pergolide dosage, and now she's gained the weight and her backbone isn't as prominent anymore.  I never increased the hay and grain amounts that I was feeding her.

So, if after you make adjustments to her feeding and she still isn't putting on the weight, I'd recommend increasing her pergolide dose.

Good luck, and most of all, have fun!!  She sounds like a fabulous horse!

Penelope, the Fjord that came to us from the One Day Open Door Adoption Event, in her new home.

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She looks in great shape, and very happy!

Penelope and Holly

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Sue J
Boy those Fjord horses sure are a stunning breed. Looking good!
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