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Three pet ducks looking for a good pet home!   I am posting this to help out a friend.  

Included would be their tote container, their kiddie pool, and 4 dog kennel fence panels.  They are sweet, and I am concerned with Ollie, being he was born without eyes.  He is pretty independent, but must be shown where to go at night. Given a choice, he would swim in his pool day and night, and that is why I put him in their house at night.  In winter they are all around the barn. 

They are all boys less than 2 years old.  Popcorn and Quackers are Pekins from TSC (Tractor Supply) when they were about a week old.  Ollie is an Ancona born without eyes, got from a lady I got my chickens from. They are friendly, and the Pekins I think were bred to get too big fast, and are not energetic walkers, overweight, but I have fed them what Purina suggested and TSC.  Ollie is pretty independent and loves attention too. All get along, and have been fine around chickens and goats! They have all been together fine. Will include plastic container tote (from food storage) and 4 dog kennel panels to good home  These are the welded wire ones, not the cheaper kind. Also pool can be included! 

For more information and to set something up to give these boys a good home, please email Debbie at littleacreranch@gmail.com

 *Note, these ducks are not at MHWF and you need to contact the above email address for more information or to set something up to pick the boys up. 

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