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Petiso Freckles Mark (Doc) - 16 yrs.

$500 - Doc is a 16 year old AQHA gelding. He is sound, healthy and stands at 15 hands tall. He has good ground manners and is very well broke, having been used most of his life as a trail horse near Phoenix, AZ, then moving here to Wisconsin where he has been ridden by kids and adults. Sadly, Sky's owner passed away in mid-July. Sky and Doc were his prized and very loved horses. Super friendly, come to you when called, easy keeper, well broke and nice looking. Doc came to us needing shots, de-worming, trimming, dental work and Coggins, but that will be done ASAP and he will be ready for his new home and the trails on 8-9-2017. Super easy going, laid back, sweet and very safe to ride.

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Lisa B.
What a good looking boy! Such a soft eye...
Jenni O.
Ooh, and he's a bay. What a handsome guy.
What a handsome guy!
Savanah W.
Where is Doc located as of now?
Hi Savanah, Doc is located here at our farm.  
Did you all notice that Doc got adopted?  That's right, he sure did and found himself a great home!  Jurita told her friend, Jody, from the barn about MHWF and Jody came and met Doc.  We know Doc has been a very popular horse with a lot of interest, and for good reason, he is a really great horse.  We are so happy that we were able to help Doc's owner through this tough time and find Doc such a wonderful home.  We are even more happy that Jody chose the route of adoption to help fill her heart where the loss of her horse has left a hole.  

We very much look forward to hearing about Doc in his new home and on his new adventures with Jody!  Thank you to Jurita for referring a wonderful person to the great world of adoption, and thank you to Jody for choosing adoption!!  And a big congratulations!!  

Doc left for his new home on Thursday, 8/24/2017, and here is a cute adoption day picture of Jody and Doc!  

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Big congratulations!!! Looking forward to the updates!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Wishing you many happy adventures together.
Barb S
Congratulations on adopting your newest family member! He's quite the gem❤️
He looks very happy with his new adopter.[smile]
Congratulations to Doc and Jody!
I can’t wait until spring when I can try some trail riding away from the barn. I usually ride several times a week. I trail ride in the woods around the farm and he is doing great. I’ve also been doing some arena work, and he has made great improvements there. I have also been trying to work on lunging him because we have struggled with the canter and he (and me) are very unbalanced. That has been slow going as I think he must have been round penned in the past and he is NOT fond of lunging.

Other than that, we are getting along great and seem to be a good match. He has been healthy with the exception of a little thrush in his front feet recently, which I am treating daily.

I love him and he seems to fit right in at the barn.

- Jodi W.

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Awww...he is cute. I’ll see if I can help Jodi out by getting her and Doc to some of the trails by us this spring.
Jenni O.
Ooh, maybe I can meet Jodi and Doc on a trail ride! I can't help you with the lungeing or the loping-neither are my strengths, lol. But it sounds like things are going well.
Awww...such a cutie!
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