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This will be Phoenix' thread where we will post any new updates and/or photos. 

Date of arrival to MHWF:  9/19/2010

Phoenix is a 10 year old QH gelding. He is sound, healthy and stands at 15 hands tall. He is current on all his shots, wormers and trims and is a veteran trail horse with all the looks and muscle you could ask for. Phoenix is a horse that just about anyone can ride. He has been on countless trail rides and has been ridden by very green riders. He is very mellow and well behaved on the ground and is easy to catch, loads, leads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. He has had excellent care and will be a welcome addition to anyone's herd.

Karla Joy

Boy! There sure don't get much more perfect than this!!


Wow another nice looking horse that someone sure will enjoy.

mel d

Get me a bib! Drooling over this boy!


I want him, I want him, I want him!!!!!!


 Congrats to whomever adopted Phoenix. He looks like a great horse!


congrats to Phoenix and his new family!

mel d

Oh yes, Congratulations...can take my bib off now...he's looks to be a great boy. Happy Trails!

Donna R

Phoenix looks like a great horse!  Congrats and best wishes to him and his new family!

Congrats on getting a great looking horse.

Phoenix is such a handsome guy - big congratulations to his new family.  Looking forward to updates and pics of this nice liking guy!

A big thank-you and congratulations to Angie!  Phoenix found himself a great home with Angie!  I'm sure Angie and Phoenix will be hitting the trails with Kelly and Ryan along with their adoption horses Zak and Pride (and it was great seeing you too Kelly!).  I hear we'll be seeing Phoenix in purple and gold soon.  :) 

Here is a pretty picture of Angie and Phoenix from adoption day, 9/25/2010. 
Thank you Angie! 


What a great photo. Congrats!! I can't wait to hear updates and see pictures.

Wendy W - WI

Congratulations!!!  OMG another fabulous picture.  Looking forward to updates and pictures for sure.

Tanya R.

Congrats!! What a beautiful photo! :)

Denise From MN
Just look at the LOVE!  Congratulations!

Wow...great picture!  Congrats on another great adoption!

Kelly S
What a great picture (as always) Karen!  I see Angie hasn't popped on here yet, she was having fun getting to know Phoenix.  He trailered really well and is doing great in the pasture.  We had them separated, but no one seemed too excited about his arrival, so all the boys are grazing together.  He has settled right into the herd.

It was great to see Karen and Scott again....difficult to leave with only one horse in the trailer, but I did it!    I will make sure Angie gets on here to update, we are hoping to get him out on the trails with Zak and Pride before we lose fall!
mel d

You two look wonderful together :-), even though I want to paste my face in there...just kidding...enjoy the trails together :-)

Angie Z
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments and congrats! As Kelly told you he did very well traveling home and is doing great in the herd.
He is soo sweet and  such a lover. I cant wait to get out and hit the trails.
Thanks to Karen for the beautiful picture of us. Sorry I don't have any good pictures to post right now but i will get them up here when i get some good ones.
Thanks again

*Phoenix* is a beautiful horse, and it is wonderful to see that he found his new mom/family. Hope to see some updates and photos. Congrats to you Angie, cuz it is a sheer pleasure to see such a nice MATCH....
Hi everyone I just thought I would give a quick update on Phoenix (now know as Winchester). I got Winchester from Angie on 9/25/2015. He was very well taken care of but Angie no longer had time for him with her kids growing up and decided to re-home him. He has been wonderful for me and I have learned a lot from him over the past 7 months. He is so respectful and everyone he meets just falls in love with him. He is such a sweet boy and I can not even express how grateful I am that he is mine forever.

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Donna M
Mary ~ my hat is off to you. Given that you didn't adopt Phoenix from MHWF but instead from his last adopter, you still took the time to post an update so everyone could see how well he is doing. I look forward to more photos and updates from you. 
Mary, thank you so much for reaching out to me and for posting here on the forum and sharing your lovely boy with everyone, we all appreciate it more than I can say.  Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the wonderful world of adoption with your MHWF alumni.  We are all really happy you are here and look forward to hearing about your journey with Winchester.  
So glad to hear he is doing well.  Phoenix is one I would have jumped on had we been looking for another horse at the time. 
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