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So glad to hear about Winchester, and very much appreciate you taking the time to post.  We love updates!!
Mary D.
Hi everyone, I just wanted to brag about this awesome guy again. He is doing absolutely amazing and taking everything asked of him in stride. We've been working on barrels and games the past 6 months and recently attended our first barrel race together and a wsca show today. He was absolutely amazing from the moment he step off the trailer to when he went back in. We took home 3rd in key hole and 6th in polos today and I am on cloud 9 with this guy! He's everything I've ever wanted in a horse and so so much more! So excited to see what this summer has in store for us and can't wait to see what we'll be like in another 6 months!

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Jenni O.
Haha! Love this photo! Congratulations on your gaming success.
I was the one that donated him and I am so very happy to know that he is happy and doing so well for you!!
Thanks so much for staying in touch Mary, it means the world to us!  I'm glad you two are doing so well together.  [smile]  
Mary D.
Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I made an update about my wonderful boy. We are closely approaching on 3 years since I have owned him and he still seems to impresses me every time I swing my leg over him!

We recently took a trip out to Wise River, Montana and Medora, North Dakota and he was absolutely wonderful (like always) from the moment he stepped into the trailer. He is truly a fearless leader in the group and loves covering ground! I hope to have many more adventures with him in the years to come!

The main thing I love about this boy is he is willing to try everything with a great attitude and catches on very quickly. He is almost finished in WSCA games so we have started to pick up cow work (which he loves) including sorting, penning, and even roping! I truly couldn’t have asked for a better horse to learn on!

I can’t thank everyone enough for blessing me with this amazing boy!

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Sue J
Wow! awesome pictures you guys look fantastic! Its great to hear how much fun you are having with him, he sounds like a great horse.
He sounds like a once in a lifetime horse, meaning one of those all around good, solid, deeply sensible horses that if once in a lifetime you are privileged to know you are lucky. Not that all horses aren't once in a lifetime horses in their own way but you know what I mean. Some horses just have that deep, calm wisdom about them. I was privileged to own a horse like that (he is now deceased) and I will never forget him and he will always hold a special place in my heart.
Jenni O.
Beautiful pictures, great horse! Looks like a heck of a trip.
Looks like some beautiful riding out there . Glad you found your right horse
What a lot of fun you are having!  So glad you are enjoying each other.
Amanda M.
I love the photos from out west, they're beautiful. 😉 
I’m so glad you two found each other and it is the whole reason I donated instead of selling him. I wanted a good home for him and it looks like he got a great one. I’m really thankful you continue to give updates on the two of you, it warms my heart!! I hope you guys have many more years of adventures together!!
Mary D.
Hey everyone! Just another update on Winchester I know it has been a while but we are quickly approaching 5 years together at the end of the month! I am still absolutely head over heels for this boy and am so blessed for the miles we have traveled together. We moved up to my uncles beef farm this spring and he is living the good life on 100 acres of rotating pastures, watching over the cows and calf’s with his girlfriend Beauty and the donkey. This boy has just taken everything in stride and we started team and breakaway roping a year or so ago, and just like everything else he picked it up super quick! He is definitely super competitive in everything we do and always gives all. We recently came back from another trip to Medora, ND and are gearing up again to go back in a couple weeks! (Highly recommend for all you trail riders out there) We definitely love our morning sunrise rides checking on the cows and calf’s even in just a halter and lead rope. We’re just living the good life together and am still absolutely blessed that he will forever be with me!
Wow! Beautiful pics and Phoenix/Winchester looks awesome!! He is living the life.
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