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This will be Pepper's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of Arrival to MHWF:  1/14/2011
Piroska, or Pepper as she is known as, is a 13 year old Registered Dutch Hungarian Warmblood mare. Her Sire is the very well-known Ulft, her Dam is H Mercedes. She stands at an even 16 hands tall. Pepper is an accomplished dressage and trail horse. She is well-behaved and very laid back. She is good for the vet and farrier; she leads. loads, ties and all the other things a good horse should do. Pepper had a hip injury 8 years ago and that injury has now ended her dressage career. She does have some trail experience and we are able to offer her for adoption as a walk/trot trail horse. She will make someone a wonderful trail horse. She is in good shape, has been well-cared for and is a very nice mare with good looks and a personality to match. 




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Oh oh oh she is gorgeous!!  What a nice mare!!

Yousa!! She is a pretty mare. Nice build, and thick furry coat. Sweet lookin girl.
Tanya R.

Stunning looking girl!  I agree, very solid looking!

Denise S - WW
OMgosh! What a beauty!!!
MHWF, Inc.



Now that's one purty horse!!

Jodi W

Now you've gone and done it!!  I think Pepper would be the perfect horse for me........... We have the same speeds, mostly walk!!  But, alas, I'm not set up for a horse, yet.  She's gorgeous!!

Sandy K
What a beauty ! Looks like she's happy to step it up from walk trot out there romping in the pasture. That pic is great !
mel d

She sounds as if she is just my speed also! What a gorgeous girl...bought my lottery tickets...come on numbers!


Absolutely LOVE that last picture!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Wow...love her bloodlines, her looks and her accomplishments. The question. Is she breeding sound? I just lost one of my foundation mares and although i promised myself not buy another mare...this girl interests me. At her young age, i could enjoy her on the trails and maybe have a nice wb baby or two? Let me know, references, etc. available.


She does look lovely. Do you know if she is EVA negative, or can be bred at all? Val

Please make sure to read through our policies in our adoption application. MHWF does not allow adoption horses to be bred.
She is a beauty.  Have to say there are plenty of really nice WB's out there, babies, youngsters, teensm schoolmasters and sadly even they are ending up at sale barns and going to slaughter.  We don't need to make more babies, we need to adopt the ones that don't have and need good homes!

(off my soapbox now.....)
mel d

It is a good message to relate now more than ever...not a soapbox...just reality.


Thank you for the information in regard to non-breeding contracts. I understand the desire to lessen the breeding of undesirable animals. It is a shame that these bloodlines that this mare carries are not common in NA, and the opportunity for her to add to quality of the gene pool is unavailable. I have read the rules now. Would you consider giving my information to owners of registered warmblood mares that wish to give up their horses in the future, and maybe we can put some of them into excellent homes in Canada, and keep the quality genes in our good breeding programs and provide some excellent horses for Juniors and Amateurs to learn on and enjoy. I can assure you that references will be given to the mare owners, and that way maybe some of these horses can bypass going into the rescues. I am sure that that is a good thing to extend your resources in the USA. No offense taken if this is not an idea you like, but I had to offer it. I can see this particular mare being a superb mare for an owner with one or two mares, that is high end rider/coach. And I had one like that that was going to look at her. C'est la vie. I will continue to try to find quality placements for horses, as they are my avocation.

Pepper needs a *bump* and maybe some

(((((brainwaves)))) to help the perfect person find their way to the site.

Only three riding horses available right now (Pepper, Squirt, Delilah) but still quite a variety.  Three breeds, three colors, all sizes.  What will we see next?
A black Paint gelding?  A brown mule?  How about a gold gaited mare?  I'm holding out for a buckskin Lusitano gelding, myself...
Scott: MHWF

I think mentioning that she had a hip injury 8 years ago has scared most people off. It shouldn't. A horse needs to be 100% to do dressage. She will still make someone a wonderful trail horse. She's got the personality, experience and temperament for it. You don't see too many good WBs out there on the trails...they are a bit too pricey for most people's pocketbook. Here ya go....a very nice WB without the price tag.....do some trail riding.

Jodi W

It sure hasn't put me off!!  I dream about Pepper all the time!!  I really think she'd be a perfect match for me!!  I just am not set up for a horse right now, and it breaks my heart!!

Sara T.

She is my dream horse. Once I get a full time job I will be looking for a horse just like Piroska. Just to clarify she is only sound to walk trot under saddle? Or can she canter a bit but not hard stuff? I like to walk trot a lot but like a canter once in a while. Just wondering :)

Pepper (Piroska) got adopted today!  She is still with us, but her adopter will be coming for her probably next weekend.  Pepper was waiting for just the right person to come along and Kristin was the right person.  They did beautifully together and seem like a perfect match! 

We took a picture today on adoption day to share too, Sunday, 3/13/2011. 
Here are Pepper and Kristin. 

Thank you and congratulations Kristin! 

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This is going to be the longest week of work ever. I can't wait until next weekend when I can bring Pepper home...she is such a sweetheart!! Thank you!

Jenni O.

Aww, what a pretty picture!  You're so lucky, she'd be one cool horse to have.  Congrats.

mel d

Congratulations! You are sooo right, the week will seem long...but what a wonderful horse will be waiting for you!

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