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Congratulations, Kristin!! How exciting for you...smile...
Jenni O.
Congratulations, and I'm sure Piroska will happily wait for you!
Congratulations from all of us at MHWF, Kristin and Benji! 
Congratulations!!!  Such great news!
Kristin K
I can't believe it's already been 2 years since Piroska came home to us! She has been the perfect addition to our herd and she really enjoys being the queen of the pasture. I can't wait for nicer weather so we can get out riding again....it has been far to long! I will have to make my way out to the barn and get some new pics of her!
Happy 2 year Anniversary Piroska and Kristin!  Wow, that time really did fly by, didn't it?!!! 

When sharing pics, please share one of that beautiful baby too!  :) 
Jenni O.
Happy Anniversary!
Kristin K
Here are some pictures of Piroska in all her spring glory. She may be he queen of the 3 boys but she sure isn't afraid of getting dirty. She has some dreadlocks going right now because she likes to lay in the muddiest place and really going that mud into here mane and neck. I can't wait for a little warmer weather so she can get a good pampering. Also attached is the newest future adopter...Colton was born March 1. He may need a pony in a couple years :-)

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Kara W.
Thats one adorable lil baby :)

Such a gorgeous horse and what a beautiful and precious baby! 

What do you mean; "Colton may need a pony in a few years?!"  With a great name like that...
Jenni O.
Aaaawwww!  Cuteness!!!  Piroska looks great too.
HA HA HA...Jenni took the words right out of my mouth...grin...he is beautiful!
mel d
Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! She looks great...and what a cutie patootie, Colton! He's the kind of hijack we all love to see :)

Piroska - 15 yrs.
Click here for video of Piroska being ridden.

$400 - Piroska is a 15 year old Dutch Hungarian Warmblood mare. She stands at 16 hands tall and is well broke, both English and Western. She has done a little of everything, some showing, jumping, trail riding, Dressage, you name it. Piroska suffered a mild left side hip injury and had to retire from Dressage, but has been doing very good as a walk-trot trail horse for a handful of years now. She is well-behaved, has no special needs and is a very flashy ride. Piroska has been in the same adoptive home for the past couple of years and only came back to us because her adoptive family just had a baby and between the pregnancy and now a newborn, there has been little time left for riding. So Piroska had been sitting around and not working for the past year or so. We test rode her the day she came back to MHWF and she did very well for being off of any work or real exercise for the past year or so. She is not a horse for a complete beginner rider, but will do well with anyone who has had at least a little time in the saddle. Piroska is also a very easy going, likable mare with good manners who gets along very well with her pasture mates.

Click here for video of Piroska being ridden.

Please keep in mind that while we are video taping these horses being ridden, we are also evaluating them, some of them for the very first time. In this video, Piroska is being ridden for the first time in over a year. These videos are not edited or polished up and the riders are not professional riders. We want to show the horses for what they really are and what they really are like, so we are not looking for perfect videos, but rather are looking to show potential adopters how the horses act and perform as they come into MHWF.

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Jane Liess
I'm so sorry, Kristin, but the reality of caring for Colton and your family comes first.  I'm sure Piroska will find a wonderful home where she'll appreciate getting more attention.  We'd love to see more pictures of that cute baby of yours!  And nice job riding her, Karin.  You never get in the way of the horses you ride, and I'm sure your consistency calms them.  Beautiful mare. 
Beautiful lady!!!
Such a beautiful mare.  I know that had to have been a very hard decision for Kristin.  I cant seem to get either video link to work this morning but I am sure she is as gorgeous as ever under saddle.
She was an absolute GEM!! I am 32 weeks pregnant now and had to sneak on her lol. When I rode her yesterday, I could hardly tell at first that she had not been worked with in a while. I didn't ask much out of her because I was just to excited to ride her lol. I had never ridden a Warmblood before and was super excited :) Plus I have a thing for very tall horses :) But she did wonderful. It was nice to spend time with her also. The male peacock felt the need to show off to everything and anything, and she was not effected by him being fanned out and shaking what his momma gave him lol. She did wonderful for me. for not being ridden in a year, she did great!! She took very good care of me and my big ole belly!!
Kristin K
This decision was one of the hardest ones I've had to make in awhile, I struggled with it for along time but in the end I know she deserves a home where she will be used more than I would be able to. My husband is a beginner rider and just was never comfortable riding her so it was hard having a horse where the only person riding her suddenly had a lot less time. She is a great horse who really seems to enjoy being worked with and whoever adopts her will not be disappointed.
Nicole it made me smile when I saw the picture of you riding her....I had a feeling they wouldn't keep you off her! :-)
Piroska did wonderful under saddle!  I loved how easily she picked up her canter, and then maintained it without issue at all. She sure is a lovely mover!
Jenni O.
Kristin, I know it must have been hard.  But better for her to find a home where she can be used (not that the horses care, but she looks much too nice to just sit in a pasture) and where someone can really enjoy her. 

Just to clarify, she was used mostly as a walk/trot horse, but she is sound to canter?  She looks like she has a nice canter in the arena.
Kristin K
When we trail ride we mostly just walk/trot, but if I rode at home we would canter. Her donor had told me the fewer circles the better for her due to her past injury but I never had her come up sore after being ridden. I didn't ride every day so not sure how she would feel if she were worked in an arena with lots of transitions, circles, etc often. We were the weekend warriors and never really rode during the week. That's just my experience with her, never had a problem with her but also never pushed her.
Lindsey N
She is stunning...I hope she is still there when we come to visit so I can meet her!  I love horses with a good work ethic and she seems to have great focus.  I'm sure she will find an amazing home that will manage her limitations, whatever they may be.
Kristin... i'm glad you've caught on to how I roll hahahaha I have never ridden a warmblood and I was not going to let her get adopted and loose my chance to ride one lol. I could have been in labor and would have tried my hardest to get on hehe :) She was really sweet and just awesome. I LOVEEEEEE her trot!! It was so smooth and just... I can't even describe it lol. I might have to bat my eye lashes at my husband a few times ;) well more like 7-9 months worth of eye lash batting haha.
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