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Congratulations Kristin and Piroska!  What a wonderful outcome for both of you.
Kristin K
Just a quick update one Piroska. She has settled in and has taken over as herd leader. All is well and we are enjoying having her home with us.

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I just had to share...Lady and Piroska have really bonded. Where one is the other normally isn’t far  behind! With all the rain we have had our main pasture is a mud hole and their easy going personalities have made it so easy to set up temporary pastures, and have them respect that fence (can’t say the same for my gelding and pony 🤨) and get them out of the mud! The picture is them enjoying a dry place to lay!

- Kristin

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Kristin K
Piroska and Lady are just saying hi and to stay warm. Everyone is doing good over here. I did break down and put blankets on after I noticed Piroska and scooter shivering a little. Otherwise everyone is warm and happy!

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Jane L.
Another colorful herd!  Love it.
Such a cute frosty nose!
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