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Well, *Pepper* did find that special person. What great news this is. The photo of *Pepper* and Kristin says it ALL.. Kristin, I hope you find that outstanding bond with her, cuz Spring is here, and all of the fun you both will have together. Good luck, and I hope that you have time to post all of your adventures etc.
Wendy W - WI
Goosebumps and smiles here!  I bet it's going to be a long week for you Kristin.  I'm so happy you found each other and a big Congratulations!!

Congratulations Kristin!  You two make a lovely pair and I'm sure looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing updates on your lovely girl!

WOO HOO!!!  Yippee for Pepper & Kristin!  Congrats to you both...grin...


Yay!  Congrats to you both!  I look forward to updates and pictures- she really seems special.


Just wanted to let you know Piroska was a perfect lady on the trip home, trailering like the pro she is. She is out in the pasture munching on hay while occasionally going over to say hello to my gelding who is smitten by this pretty girl. I will send some pictures once the rain stops and will sends many updates!

Scott & Karen: MHWF

Thank you Kristin!!

mel d

Huge smile here! Glad you are home safe and all is well with the pretty lady.

Smitten!! Well, this sounds like you will have some good times with * Pepper* and your gelding. Isn't that cute!
MHWF, Inc.
Recieved today from Kristin in regard to Piroska (Pepper)
Thank you Kristin!

Hey guys!
Well we all survived this winter storm. Piroska has settled right in here with us. Her and Ghirardelli hit it off right away and I can tell she is getting more comfortable here. The first day she wasn't quite sure about all us new people but she decided we were not that bad and is now the first to meet me at the gate when I go out there. I attached a picture of her and G from this afternoon (G in blue, Piroska in maroon). She is even helping me out with G's diet, when she decides he has had enough hay, he's done :)
Hope you and the herd are doing well in your neck of the woods and thank you again for letting this girl come into mine and G's life!!


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Today the farrier came out and Piroska was a complete doll and won over my farrier (he doesn't offer compliments much and today could not say nicer things about Piroska)! After a little bit of initially testing on Pepper's part she settled right down and let him work on her. We have a little work to do on her front feet as her heal bulbs are "cracking" although he said he has been seeing a lot of this since its been sooo wet in the area. So let the treatment begin :) But other than that he said he hasn't seen healthier hooves in quite some time :) When we let her back out in the pasture she decided to just run like crazy which meant my gelding had to run like crazy and needless to say his farrier work did not get done since they are still just enjoying themselves. Luckily my farrier is understanding and will be back next Friday and will make sure her front hooves are not getting any worse.
Otherwise Prisca has settled right in here. I am just waiting for the ground to dry out so I have better footing for riding and working with her. We live on the Wolf River and it is at flooding levels so I have a feeling we won't have decent footing for a bit yet. But I have been doing some groundwork with her and she responds amazingly....she definitely knows her stuff!! I am extremely excited for summer to get here so we can really start the fun!

Hi Kristin, thanks for the update!  Our farrier loved Piroska/Pepper and her feet too.  :)  She really does have nice feet.  I'm sorry to hear the bulbs are starting to crack.  Hopefully this stupid weather we are having will finally clear up and we all dry out some.  I'm so happy to hear her and G are getting along so well!  :) 

Kristin K
I guess it has been a little while since a Piroska update. She is doing well. She is finally settling down after her week of panic over our neighbors new horse. She is basically back to her mellow self. Other than that she has broken out of her shell in the last month or so. My neighbor even commented on it. She is now the first to meet you at the gate, she calls to me as soon as I step out the back door and even calls to my neighbor when she is out with her horses. Piroska is a joy to have around and my gelding in a much happier horse now that he has her as a friend. Today we went for a short ride. It was long over due! She did great. She is very responsive and listens to her rider well. And it makes me happy to that she doesn't seem to be the least bit buddy sour...she had no issue leaving Ghirardelli. She is going to make a great trail horse! I am going to try and attach some pictures from our ride today-hope I can figure out how :)


Kristin, I'm so glad that Piroska got over that little tizzy she was having over the neighbor's new horse.  It's so nice to hear that her personality is coming out and she is really feeling settled and at home.  I'm also really happy to hear she did so great for the ride too!  Thanks so much for the update Kristin, we truly appreciate it! 

Jenni O.

Can't wait to see some pictures!  Glad to hear she has settled in so quickly, and gotten over her crush on the neighbor's horse.

Kristin K

Here are some pictures of Piroska and I from the other day. She did wonderful and I can't wait to ride some more!

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I think she looks really good. Reminds me of a horse I once had. Glad you had a good ride.
Kristin K

Piroska is doing great. Now that the weather is a little cooler and the bugs are starting to away we have been riding a lot more. July was a very busy month so unfortunately there wasn't much riding going on and with Piroska you can tell. She (as well as the other two) have plumped right up. They are now in the diet pasture and hopefully with us riding more she will be back down to what I would consider her normal weight! Other than that the farrier was out last night and I was surprised to have Piroska being a little snot. I wouldn't say it was anything horribly bad but with her hind legs she was bound and determined to not hold them up and just didn't want to fully cooperate. So we will have to work with her on that and hopefully she was just in a bad mood yesterday as normally she stands great. Of course this happens when we had a new farrier out and I just had told him they are all pretty easy to get done (insert foot in mouth now:)

Thanks so much for the update Kristin, I somehow missed the pics from earlier on.  You guys look great together!  It sounds like Piroska is doing just great with you guys.  That is funny about her being like that with the farrier, I remember us talking about what an angel she is for the farrier and how both your farrier and ours commented on her good behavior and what great feet she has.  She must have just had a bad day or something.  :) 
July was incredibly busy, wasn't it?  The weather wasn't exactly what I like either, but now it's becoming much better riding weather. 
Kristin K.

The last couple nights we have been doing some work on our shed which involves hammering and sawing of steel. Piroska, Rebel and Ghirardelli have been exercising themselves becasue of the "monsters" taking over their shed. No matter how hard they stare at it they just can't get brave enough to walk in there!

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Kristin K

Wow! What a beautiful weekend!! This weather is amazing. Piroska is doing very well. We rode Saturday and I was very happy to discover she has absolutely no problem going out on her own. No one was around to ride with so me and Piroska went out by ourselves. She was a little nervous but never hesitated with anything I asked her to do. This was nice to find out since my older gelding would pull every trick in the book if I tried to take him out alone and it would make for a miserable ride. Today Benj and I took her and Rebel out and again they were both perfect. Piroska really is a doll and I couldn't ask for a more perfect horse to have joined our herd. I hope this weather continues so we can get some more rides in!

Kristin K

So Karen I had to update since I know you were as suprised as I was when Piroska was snotty for the farrier last time. But he was out today for trims and Piroska was back to being her sweet self. Stood like a statue and let him do his job. She must have just been having a bad day last time but I am happy she was good today :)

Now that is some good news!  I'm happy to hear that Kristin and thank you so much for the update.  :) 
Kristin K.

I will just post this on Piroska's thread but Rebel will be included too! Both are doing wonderful. Just thought I would share some pictures of them all ready for hunting season! Our other gelding G is the third horse in the picture.


(photos resized for poster)



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Nice photos, and it is wonderful to see that you got their BRIGHT ORANGE vests on...

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