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Love the color scheme!  :) 

Kristin K

I can't believe it has already been a year since adopting Piroska...time flies when your having fun with a new friend! I can't thank Scott and Karen enough for allowing me to adopt this special girl. I can't wait to see what this next year hold for us and what adventures we have =)

Lindsey N

Congrats!!  If you have any more pictures to share, I'm sure we'd all love to see them! It's amazing how much these adopted fuzzy friends light up our lives :)


Wow, it's been a year already?!!  Time sure does fly!  Happy anniversary Kristin and Piroska!  Thank you for choosing adoption! 

Kristin K

So I had to share this update because I was quite baffled after me and Piroska's ride yesterday. We have been doing lot of riding out in the woods and on trails just out by where we live. She has been doing great and has proven to be a pretty confident horse, especially for one who probably has done mostly arena work for most of her life. Well yesterday I rode with my neighbor like usual but her two boys also came along. The one boys horse just so happens to be the one that Piroska had a tizzy over last summer for a couple weeks. I knew she had a little extra energy to begin with and expected she would be energenic but I never expected the rodeo show she put on. As soon as this horse would get ahead of her she would work herself right into a fit and when I wouldn't let her go charging up the trail, the bucks would start. I would work her through them and we would get going again. This would repeat itself, she would get in a tizzy, want to get ahead of Aspen and would throw a fit when she couldn't. As soon as my neighbors son and aspen decided to head home and the rest of us kept going Piroska never once even so much as shook her head. I don't think this was an issue of having to be first as we have ridden in groups before and she normally will be fine where ever I decide to ride. And she was never the last one yesterday, my neighbor was always in the back with us yesterday to. Nothing about her tack has changed for the last year so while I will still check that, I am fairly positive that will check out fine. I am just quite baffled and was little suprised when as soon as Aspen left the group Piroska did a complete 180 and was the enjoyable ride I know she is. I don't even know what to think. So needless to say we had quite the ride yesterday and now I am scratching me head trying to figure out what set her off exactly and how to "fix" it. I am going to try and do some arena work with her this week and make sure there isn't another issue. Any thoughts anyone? Could she really just not "like" Aspen that much?


Is Aspen gray or predominantly white by any chance? 

Kristin K

Aspen is almost completely white, with only a little like flea-bitten gray on her rump.

Ah, that was a shot in the dark, but interesting that the horse is white. 

The reason I asked is because I've/we've seen this happen with horses out on rides and there are a few theories on it.  In a personal instance, our Belgian mare, Sierra (RIP), could not stand being around gray, white or predominantly white horses out on a trail ride.  She was an excellent trail horse and great baby-sitter for anyone, but the white horse thing.  The main theory on this comes from the thinking that in some horses this is carried through from the wild and herd mentality, and that the gray/white horse is the one who would be spotted by predators and no one wants to be around that one out there!  :)  Sometimes there are even pasture behaviors of prejudice against the gray/white ones, but we don't tend to see that, but have seen this lots of times when it comes time to hit the trails.  Funny thing with our Sierra is that she was pastured with gray and white horses and had no issues in the pasture, but boy oh boy, out on a trail ride was another story.  After all the miles logged with other gray and white horses, this eventually just turned into "please keep your white/gray horse away from Sierra's back end because a hoof may fly your way", but she behaved otherwise.  (I'm the lucky one who rides a gray horse out on the trails by the way.) 

This may or may not be what is going on with Piroska, but it is a possibility from the sounds of it. 
John B.

"Holly flying Batman Karen:" never heard that but amazing you may have called that one.  Very interesting theory...

Interesting...you know, there's one horse at 4J's that can't stand Haze. She could care less about any other horse and is fine with Haze when in the arena, but as soon as we're on a trail, if we're behind her, we have to stay way back, because she will try to kick him if he gets anywhere close (except when there are water hazards, she lets him stay close then...must be insecurity). Could be the white theory is a valid argument! Haze is the only predominantly white horse I have seen her with...
I should mention, I am not the one who made up the theory about the white or predominantly white horse theory....it is a somewhat common thing.  I guess it is not super common in everday chit chat, but definitely something we've seen a time or two and definitely heard of.  :) 
I don't know if this is what Piroska's issue was, but it is food for thought. 
I have heard that about gray/white horses and have seen it in pastures where the white/gray horse was like the "Odd man out". I didn't think of it on the trails but that would certainly make sense because out on the trails they are more susceptible to predators and wouldn't want to stand out as the light horses do. good call on that one Karen. I'll bet you are right.
Kristin K

I never would have thought of that Karen! My friend commented that it seemed like Piroska really really wanted to be good and listen but whatever was going on would just suddenly boil over and she couldn't take it anymore. Good thing I sat in super glue before we rode =)


Kristin, I bet that is what the problem was.  It sounds so out of character for her, and she was trying for you but just freaked out....then the problem went away when that horse went away.  Just a drive inside of her that she probably didn't fully understand.  To ease your mind, as time went on out on the trails with Sierra and white horses, things did get better.  :) 

Kristin K

Was able to get out today and try out the new saddle I got at the Midwest Horse Fair. Piroska did very well. We worked in the pasture on just some simple things, bending, transitions and just over all working on her response to cues and starting to build up her muscle again. I'll post a couple pictures from today. Benji had the camera so they are not the best but there are a couple of us riding and one of her showing off her new saddle. I will have to try to teach him how to take some better pictures next time :)

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 Nice! But what the heck is wrong with Benji's camera skills? LOL.


The saddle looked great when I saw it at the fair and looks ever better on such a gorgeous horse!  Thanks for sharing Kristin! 

Kristin K

Benji did a little better with the photo taking this time, except he seemed to use the zoom more! Piroska is doing great. I am really enjoying her and am so glad that summer is finally here to stay. We are in the process of finding a trailer so I am hoping we can find the perfect one and we can start getting out and about on the trails but until then we are working in the arena and doing short rides through our woods, which she seems to enjoy (as long as my neighbors white horse is no where in sight :)

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Jenni O.

Very nice photos!  You two look great together.  Good luck in your search for a trailer.

 You guys are looking great together. And Benji really did do good wirk with the camera this time :) I was admiring your saddle in the photos too. Is it a dressage saddle? It looks nice and looks comfy too. I have been tossing around the idea of getting an english saddle but I don't know a thing about them.
Have fun trailer shopping.
Jane Liess

Beautiful pictures, Kristin!  It looks like both you AND Piroska are enjoying your rides.  Great!

Denise From MN
Wow, what a beauty!
Kristin K
Jurita-yep my saddle is a dressage saddle. I think it is very comfy, it's all I ride in. I think they are definitely worth a try!
I don't know how I missed the new post and pictures, but just seeing them now. That must be the saddle you got at the fair, it looks great and Benji did great with the pics. You two are looking great!
Kristin K
Piroska is doing great. She is enjoying a bit of a vacation, although all my horses get a vacation over winter. But since I found out I was pregnant she hasn't been riden to much. Since she still can get a little flustered when we are out on the trails (still working on getting her more relaxed with horses she isn't with daily) I have decided that working through this isn't what I want to do during this time! I still ride her at home but haven't taken her any where. So even though "winter lay off" came a little earlier, she is seeing great and I really enjoy just hanging out with her. I will work on getting some recent pictures of her.
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