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Manda L
 well as you all know Burt picked up Poco up for me. Poco got to the barn at 5:30,we got her put into her new place and LOVES IT!
 Today i went out to the barn this morning and brushed her and cleaned out her hooves,and got the saddle on her and did Grate!!!!!  after a little of riding i let Poco back out said with her friends. Two hours latter i went out and got her in the barn and brought her to the round pen and let her walk about and run and then she came to me and smiled and walked away an then started rolling all over she was so happy.I got Candi to bow for me today!
                                     I GOT SOME PHOTOS....but i cant upload them today : ( i will have them up soon!

Thanks Manda and Poco!

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mel d

Congratulations, Manda! So happy to hear you had such a good day with Poco Candi! She's bowing! Wow! Can hardly wait to see the photos. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that sweet horse.

Thank you for the great update Manda!!!  We're glad they arrived safe and sound and Candi is settling in so nicely. 
I can't wait to see some pictures! 
Thanks again Manda, talk to you soon. 

I'm so excited Candi is doing so well!! She seems like quite a girl. Keep enjoying her!

Denise S - WW
What a lucky girl that Candi is!! Everything sounds just wonderful Manda. I'm glad she is settling in !!! Thank you for the update. Looking forward to seeing pictures!!!
Carol in OC

Wow, congratulations Manda, PC is one gorgeous horse.  So glad to hear she's already settled in and doing so well!


Here are some photos of Poco Candi Chick

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You two look adorable together!  Thank you for the great pics Manda! 

Wendy W - WI

Oh those are great pictures!!!  Thanks for sharing those. 

Tammy Mn

Congrats Manda!  Thanks for sharing the pictures, you guys look great together!

Cathy K

I was wondering who had adopted Candi - we had her for three years before we brought her back to MHWLF.  Glad to see she is fitting in well to her new home.  My daughter, who is 11 now, will be happy to hear that.  My daughter used her for trail riding, camping, 4-H - just walk-trot (she was afraid to canter her), and showmanship - she had taught her to pivot on her right back leg for that.  I know you'll be fine with her - I never had any trouble with her when I rode her.  Anyway, if you have any questions about anything about her, just let me know.

Manda L

Poco is doing really well! she is starting to get into shape.
Last night i was out at the barn riding her and trying to do barrels and she is doing alot better thann she was a week ago.  I will have some new pics up soon of her.


Hi Manda!  Thanks for the wonderful report, it's great to hear that you two are doing so well together.  I look forward to new pics too.  :) 

Manda L MN

we is some photos of my and poco riding tonight out at the barn. she is doing very well!

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Denise S - WW
Oh look at you guys!! Great pics Manda! Looks like you guys make a great team! Oh big sigh...love the arena too!!!!

Looks like fun (and what a nice, huge arena!). Glad to hear Poco is doing well.


Awesome pictures Manda!  I love that third one with her beautiful forelock and face.  You guys look great together, thank you so much for the pictures!!!  :) 

Manda L

Well Poco is doing very well! Just the other day Poco and I and two other girls I'm in 4-h with went on a ride for two miles! and poco did great! I will have some photos up soon!

Denise S.-WW

Hi Manda! Really glad to hear things are going so well!! It sounds like your ride was a ton of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures!! Just as a side note, I know there are some threads about Candi already started so when you post about her do a "search" first & continue all your posts on the one thread. That way everything will be kept together & it will be easier to look back on & reminisce!!

Thanks for the great update Manda!  It sounds like that was a lot of fun!  I can't wait to see pics too.  :) 
Thanks Manda! 

(I did copy/paste your post onto this thread of Candi's so that it all stays together) 
Manda L

Hey there!
Poco is doing very well! and is amazing!
Just last week i started riding bare back! and she is doing very well, i have had two friends comeout and ride with me two people on her!, and is doing everywell. Poco and I have also being going on trail rides with two other horses.(how are also in 4-H).
I'm thinking about doing ropeing with her and seeing how she will do!

Take care!
Manda &nd Poco!

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Manda L (M.N.)

Poco is doing very well, just yesterday Poco and I went for a trail ride by ourselves. She is getitng use to being ridden by herself outside. I got Poco to lope, and trot in the out side arena.
For awhile she was trying to test me, but I put her in her place.
I'll put some photos up soon of Poco!
Thanks Manda : )

Laurie L.

Manda, it sounds like you and your mare were meant for each other.  She's an awfully nice mare, I remember seeing her on the website and thinking she was the best pick on there at one point.  Congratulations!


Thanks for the great update Manda!!!  We're so happy to hear that you and Candi are doing so great together!  I can't wait to see pictures.  :) 

Manda L-MN

 Poco is doing very good, Poco and I just started 4-H horse training yesterday, I'm trying to get her to side pass. I'll have some pics up soon!
Thanks, Manda and Poco

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