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Manda L-MN

Hello! the last five days Poco and I have been at the Hubbard County fair.
Poco and I ran barrels, polls and key racing and showmanship... Poco and I have only ran through them once before the fair.  Poco and I got all red ribbons.
Poco's stall was decorated with John Deer : )
Before the fair Poco and I walked in the 4th of July parade with the 4-H riders.

Manda L

Hey guys! Poco has been put inside for inside boarding for the winter! and she loves it!
Poco is going training for a month! On Jan 9, the lady that is training Poco had trained my grandma Olson's horse... So i cant wait to see Poco after!
I will put some photos and a video up here soon!  
Happy Holidays
Manda and Poco! 


Thanks Manda!  I hope Candi does great in school!  :) 

Denise S - WW
Hi Manda, glad to hear Poco is doing well!! Looking forward to some pics!!!
Manda L MN

Hey everyone Poco is doing amazing! we are running barrels and we are doing flags at the Park Rapids rodeo!


That sounds like a lot of fun Manda! 

MHWF, Inc.

Poco Candi Chic- 23 yrs.

Free to the right home

Candi  is a 23 year old Paint Stock mare that has been part of MHWF for most of her life. We have known her for many, many years. Candi has always been a very well-behaved and well-broke trail horse. She is now 23 years old and has been in retirement for a while now, do to some mild arthritis and occasional issues with dust and allergens. She can still be used for very light riding though, riding around the yard and pony rides for the kids. Poco Candi Chic is current on everything, in good shape for her age and is always easy to deal with and be around. She is very laid back and super sweet. There will be no adoption fee for the right person and home.

Candi is back at MHWF after all these years because her adopter had to get out of horses completely. They were excellent adopters and took very good care of the horses they had. Thank you Brad and Kim for giving MHWF the chance to find them great new homes!

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Brad and Kim, what a wonderful gift of love and great care you gave these 3 beauties all of these years. Thank you and you are still caring for them by giving them the gift of a new home. All the best to you! Karen and Scott, once again thank you for the safety net you provide.
Betty F.
Were does this horse live?
Hello Betty, 

Poco Candi Chick lives here at the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation in Pittsville, Wisconsin.  

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