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cindy s
I wanted Popcorn so badly for my granddaughter but this just makes my day. She will be so wonderful for these little girls and they are perfect for her. I am happy for them all...happier than if I had gotten her! What a happy ending!
Love it. Miss Popcorn gets two little girls now.
Jodi N
We are so very happy to see that Popcorn has found such a special home. While we will always have a special place for her in our hearts, I feel somehow she was destined to make another little girls dreams come true. Even all much better that she has two girls!! What a wonderful program to allow this to happen.

Mae continues to be a wonderful horse for Erin to transition to. She has been perfect in all that we have asked. She has settled in like she has lived here all her life. We will post more pictures soon.

Karen, the pictures you took of Popcorn and her girls takes my breath away and tears to my eyes. Thank you.
Donna R

I'm so happy for Popcorn and her new family!  Karen and Scott, you managed again to find just the right fit. 

Jenni O.
Ditto what everyone said. This is very awesome, and I bet Popcorn will get tons of attention and be very loved. I too really liked the picture of the whole herd visiting. They don't do that when I come there!
Cortney D
Congrats to the little girls and Popcorn. Many memories ahead. :)
We got a call from Nancy and she said the girls played with Popcorn all evening and even rode her.  Popcorn is settling in really well and the girls are enjoying her like crazy already!  :) 
mel d
What a great update...can just picture all the loving that was going on :)
*Popcorn* was the PERFECT match, and it couldn't of happened any BETTER way... Wow, that has to make one feel SUPBERB... imagine all the LOVE and GOOD that will come from this match.... UNBELIEVEABLE...
Congrats on the adoption of Popcorn. She looks like she will be a perfect partner for Alyssa and Haley!!
This is absolutely adorable. It really couldn't get any better then this. The girls are happy, Popcorn is happy, it's a win-win situation. Congrats to everyone involved in this and I love the idea of the halters!! :)
Sandy K
Darn ! Here I thought I commented on Popcorn but it was a pic on the Website on Facebook . Congrats to Rick and Nancy on their adoption . Absolutely beautiful photos of Popcorn and the grandkids . What a happy day ! Those gorgeous photos brought a big smile to my face .
Nancy helping her granddaughter on Popcorn.

Nancy helping her granddaughter on Popcorn.

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Awesome! Love the little boots too.
Adorable! and those are the best riding boots I've seen yet! I want a pair!
Jodi N
Soooo happy to see Popcorn with her new girl !! Erin will be delighted to see this picture. She had a weepy spell the other night and was really missing Popcorn : (    I'm sure this will help.  Thanks for posting the update!!

Can't get enough of these pics.  This is one of those adoptions ya just know is so perfect.
I am sure Popcorn is adoring those girl's attention and visa versa.

Jodi N.
Any updates on Popcorn this summer? As Erin was getting Mae ready for the next fun day she asked if I had heard anything about Miss Popcorn...we sure miss her!!

Scott: MHWF
I do have some new photos to share, but have not been able to find the time to post them. I will get that done ASAP!

Scott: MHWF
Popcorn and the grandkids!

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great photos. Looks like that pony is well loved and sure the donor is going to love seeing these
Great shots!  Not sure who is luckier...the pony or the girls!
Jenni O.
Those are adorable. I can't believe all the cute pony photos on the forum lately.
Popcorn, I kind of forgot about you (I still think that is such a great name for a lil one)  Grand kids look great with lil Pop.
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