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Thanks so much for the update and pictures!! Erin was thrilled to see Popcorn getting all the attention and love from her girls. I love how her ear is cocked back " listening" to her little groomer. Miss you Pops !!!
Popcorn - 17 yrs.

$400 - Popcorn is a 17 year old pony mare. She stands at 43 inches tall has been well-cared for and is well broke. She is current on all of her shots, wormers and trims. Not only has Popcorn been ridden by kids, but she also drives, has been on lots of trail rides and has done parades as well. This is one of those rare ponies that always behaves and is a very safe, reliable trail horse. She is the kind of pony that you can let the kids climb all over her, under her, take her out alone and do whatever the kids need to do with no worries. This is really a special little girl and is going to make some other little girl or boy their perfect dream horse. If you have thought about getting the kids a pony, this is the pony you want. We cannot say enough good things about her. She was donated because her kid, Erin, has moved up to a full sized horse now.

Popcorn must be kept on a dry lot at all times, no grain. She has foundered a couple of times in the past from getting overweight, so this is key to keeping her sound and kid ready. Each time is was caught right away and we properly treated, so it is no longer a major concern as long as she is dry-lotted.


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I had a day off today from working Sunday, so Jurita came over to help out with the horses again.  We got Popcorn out and Jurita took her for a little ride to see how she would do.  It wasn't a real long ride or anything and Jurita is light enough that Popcorn could handle this.  Of course, Popcorn did just wonderful.  This is one nice little pony here!  It is very common to have to keep ponies dry-lotted so that they do not gain too much weight and founder (the wonderful pony named Sammy that everyone was interested in just recently also needed to be dry-lotted).  Here is a super, super nice pony people!  Go ahead and start calling on this little girl before she's gone.  

In case anyone has missed it earlier in this thread, Popcorn drives as well.  A pony who rides and drives...what more does anyone want?  [smile]  

Here are a few pics from today, 7/14/2015.  Thank you Jurita!

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Wendy W - WI
What a good girl!!!  
Thank you Wendy. Or did you mean the pony?!?!?
Wendy W - WI
Uhm..........you, yes yes, you.  [rofl]
Funny, I was about to agree, and also say what a good girl Popcorn is too [smile]  LOL!
Doesn't seeing her ridden make the round pen seem huge?

What a gem. (both of them!)
Kristin K
She would be the perfect pony for Colton and would be great company for my dry-lotted foundered gelding. Now to just convince the husband that Colton needs a pony!
Jenni O.
Lol! And of course Colton needs a pony.
Two Socks left for his new home today, and Popcorn pony went along with him.  Bobbie and Robin came to meet Two Socks, Bobbie worked with him and he was what she was looking for.  Bobbie has trained a BLM Mustang before as well, and she will be doing the training on Two Socks and getting this boy riding.  Bobbie's son needed a pony he can dote on and care for, and Popcorn really fit the bill for him too!  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures when they were here, it was a really busy day that day with multiple people here and we didn't think to do any pictures, thinking they'd be coming back to pick up the horses.  They have a trailer but not the truck to haul it, so they hired our friend Dean to come and pick up the horses today.  

We very much look forward to the updates on both Two Socks and Popcorn and wish everyone well!  Two Socks is on his new journey now, and we wish everyone the best!  We are really looking forward to some cute pictures of Popcorn in her new home with her new friends!  
So happy Popcorn has found her new kid. He is going to be a lucky boy!! Please post pictures. Erin will love seeing her "Pops" with her new family.
Great news for Popcorn. Hopefully the adopters post photos.
Kara B.
I'm so happy for Popcorn [smile]
Congratulations to Popcorn & his new family.
From Bobbie:

Popcorn is doing a wonderful job entertaining Darian as you can see in the picture. All the work he is having her do, she should slim down some by the end of August.

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Jenni O.
Cute! Although I see a small flaw in the diet plan, lol.
Donna R
Cute!  The fun they will have together!
What a charming photo of Darian and Popcorn!  I love the little legs that don't reach the stirrups!
Wendy W - WI
So cute!
ADORABLE.. *Popcorn* and this little boy, will be BESTIES for sure. Great photo, and love the up update. 

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He looks so cute, even sloshing thru the mud and the muck!
Darian loves riding his little pony!

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Love it
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