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Jodi N.
A shot in the dark, but could that hole be packed with bone cement? Would keep debris out of the sinus cavity....
Scott: MHWF
Funny you should mention that because I asked about that.....because of how active the tissue around the hole is, this would actually cause more problems than it would solve and would be unsuccessful.
Thank you for doing so much for Squeak.  I'm sure it will  not be an easy week caring for her while she recovers and then seeing how she does out on pasture.
I'm sad it's not better news, but realistic to know some times it just isn't good.   A good horse brought down by not having routine care definitely bites.  Lessons for all of us. 
Definitely wish the outcome for Squeak had been better but at least you know you tried all you could.  Routine vet care can prevent SO much and is actually very cheap in relation to how much you spend when something very wrong happens.  So sad this was the case with this mare [frown]
So sorry to hear that the surgery on Squeak did not go as we had all hoped.  Wishing her the best with healing and pain, and that she heals as well as possible.
How's Squeak doing now?
Scott: MHWF
So far, so good.
Good to hear.

Update: 8-7-2017

Prima Atlantis had her surgery on May 18th and sadly, the surgery did not work and there is little more we can do for her, except hope. She has a large and permanent hole in her mouth where a massive molar got infected and ate through bone and soft tissue. This hole will always be there and she will occasionally pack her hay, grass or feed up unto the hole, all the way up into her nasal cavity. We have not made her available because we assumed that this would get infected from time to time and eventually force us to have her put down. It has been almost 3 months and she is doing better than we ever imagined, with no major infections popping up so far and no treatments being needed. While we cannot promise anything 100% for her future, it seems a shame to let such a good horse simply sit here and not at least give someone the opportunity to adopt her. She is sound, well broke and has always been a really fun, versatile horse to ride. Of course, anyone considering adopting her should know that she may need to have that hole flushed out from time to time and might even need a course of antibiotics from time to time as well, but so far, we have had no issues with this at all. She is an easy keeper, well broke, easy to handle and ride, willing, smart, good looking and a very experienced trail and arena horse.  

Lisa B.
That is so encouraging to hear that Squeak is doing well. I hope someone out there is willing to take a chance on her.
Yay Squeak!
Cody B.
Any further complications after surgery? How is she doing?
Squeak is actually doing well, other than she is a bit overweight right now.  She's a very easy keeper.  She has had to have her mouth cleaned out with getting the impacted debris out of that hole and is due for another cleaning on November 4th, our big vet day with dentals coming up.  Squeak will have a full dental exam on that date as well.  We were hoping someone would consider Squeak for adoption since she is such a nice horse in every way, and this problem would be kind of like having a horse who needs a little more attention to their dental exams than the once a year that is usual, and maybe a course of antibiotics now and again.  I really don't consider her high maintenance since she is an easy keeper, so what you save in the feed bill can go towards the extra dental exams.  

Update: 11-5-2017

Yesterday (11-4-2017) was MHWF Vet Day and as happy as we were that so much work got done, it came with an unexpected twist and some sadness. Prima Atlantis was pulled from the pasture to get a new look in her mouth to see how that giant hole was progressing. The news was not good. It had not gotten any smaller, her nasal cavity was plugged with rancid hay and she had an infection going on. It also quickly became clear that she also had a lot of other issues going on in her mouth, dental decay and multiple teeth that would need to be removed surgically. We honestly did the best we could for Squeak all these months, but after some discussion with all 4 vets that were here, along with MHWF staff and volunteers, there really was only one direction all this bad news could lead us to. In the end, Prima Atlantis was laid to rest. She was an amazing horse who always behaved and you could do anything with. She will be greatly missed and hopefully her fate will be a lesson to people who feel that good dental work for their horse is not that important. Left untreated long enough, even a small cavity can become a life and death situation. It is just too bad it had to be with such a good horse. It is with some anger and frustration that we share this bad news with you. Rest in peace Squeak.

Barb S
My condolences. I know how hard MHWF works to give every horse a fighting chance no matter what issues they have. RIP Squeak😢
It always saddens me when I hear that lack of care brings an ending in this way.  So frustrating and a lot of anger here, to hear what the outcome had to be.  As always a hard, but a right decision was made, before she had to suffer and endure any discomfort and pain.  Tried as you could, it was iffy at best that she could have an almost normal life.  So, so sorry about the news. 
I'm so sorry to see this, but the options for Squeak were exhausted. Poor girl!
Sorry to hear about Squeak. Thank you so much for being there for her and giving her every chance.
Sue J
I am so sorry to hear this news.You all did the best for her right up to the end and she will no longer be in pain. RIP Squeak
Kate G
Sad to see her go. But for the best. 
Wendy W - WI
I'm so sorry you had to deal with this and thank you for everything you did for her.  RIP sweet girl.
Don and Marianna
We are so sorry to hear this about Squeak.   Having to make a heartbreaking call is the hardest thing to have to do when a horse ( or any other pet ) is involved.   Even though we realize it was the right decision to make , it don't make it any easier.  Just know you did your best.
I am so sorry guys! I remember grooming her a couple of years ago; she was such a nice mare. You tried everything you could and I'm so sorry it had to end this way. Hugs
I'm so sorry to hear this.  As much as I have learned about various and sundry horse health problems by reading this forum, it's too bad the horses have to suffer in order to provide the lessons.  Hats off to you for the care you gave Squeak.  May she rest in peace.
Donna R
I'm so sorry to hear about Squeak.  Thank you for all that you did for her.  You always do what is best.  Rest peacefully sweet horse.
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