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Jodi N.
A shot in the dark, but could that hole be packed with bone cement? Would keep debris out of the sinus cavity....
Scott: MHWF
Funny you should mention that because I asked about that.....because of how active the tissue around the hole is, this would actually cause more problems than it would solve and would be unsuccessful.
Thank you for doing so much for Squeak.  I'm sure it will  not be an easy week caring for her while she recovers and then seeing how she does out on pasture.
I'm sad it's not better news, but realistic to know some times it just isn't good.   A good horse brought down by not having routine care definitely bites.  Lessons for all of us. 
Definitely wish the outcome for Squeak had been better but at least you know you tried all you could.  Routine vet care can prevent SO much and is actually very cheap in relation to how much you spend when something very wrong happens.  So sad this was the case with this mare [frown]
So sorry to hear that the surgery on Squeak did not go as we had all hoped.  Wishing her the best with healing and pain, and that she heals as well as possible.
How's Squeak doing now?
Scott: MHWF
So far, so good.
Good to hear.
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