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This will be Prima's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  8/13/2011
$400- Prima is a registered 13 year old paint mare. She stands at 14.1 hands tall and is sound and healthy. She is broke to ride although she has not been ridden much the past 3 years or so. She has been out on the trails and ridden in the arena. Prima is put together nicely and is very respectful of her handler. Her feet look good and we will get her fully vaccinated before she leaves for her new home. She leads, loads, ties and is very well behaved, plus is a nice looking mare.

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Prima did beautifully today under saddle.  She could use a bit of work on her ground manners and attention, but when it comes time for riding she was all business and did great at walk, trot, canter. 

Here are a few photos from Prima being ridden today, 8/21/2011: 

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mel d

Very nice! She's pretty and really knows her stuff, can't imagine she will be around your place for very long!

Well, Prima sure has been ridden a lot lately, and really has seemed to enjoy it.  She also got adopted last night! 

A very big thank-you and congratulations to Mary Z. and her daughter Bekka!  Many of you will remember Mary who adopted Classy (STB) about 7 years ago.  Prima will be Bekka's horse and going to live with Classy!  Bekka and Prima did fantastic together!!!  Prima will be here with us until a ride is set up and we will do adoption photos on the day of adoption, but here is a pic of Bekka and Prima from last night (8/22/2011). 

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mel d

Congratulations Mary Z. and Bekka! How exciting for both of you...happy riding:)

Wendy W - WI

WOO HOO!  A big congrats from me!  Bekka, you and Prima look great together and I am so looking forward to updates.  Be sure to get mom and Classy in some pictures too. 

Congrats!! That sure didn't take long :)

Jenni O.

Congrats!  They look good together.


They do look good together...congrats to both!

Today was the big day, Bekka and Mary came to pick up Prima.  They even brought Classy with them (the horse that Mary adopted 7 years ago from MWHF), and there may even be a surprise pic on the Adoption Horse Photo of the Day coming up.  :)  It was really nice to see Classy, she grew probably a full hand since Mary adopted her!  What a big beautiful girl.  I'm sorry, back to Prima here, just a little excited to see an alumni. 
Bekka and Prima are going to have a lot of fun together, with Bekka having fun fine tuning Prima's riding skills and I think Mary working on the ground work (Prima's ground manners need a little fine tuning as well).  They make a great mother-daughter team!  We look forward to hearing and seeing updates from Bekka and Prima!  Another big thank-you and congratulations to Bekka, Mary and Prima! 

Here is a pic of Bekka and Prima on adoption day (8/28/2011). 

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Jenni O.

Beautiful pphotos, as always.  Congratulations!

Jane Liess

You can see the bond already!  Congratulations, Bekka!


This turned out to be one heck of a weekend for everybody. Congratulations and I sure hope you share your experiences and fun times on this forum. Will you change or keep her name, or give her a nickname?

Mary Early Zuhn
   Well, we got to the barn just fine.  Scott and Karen, you were right, Prima (or Squeek, as Bekka is going to call her) doesn't like being trailered :)   We also discovered that she doesn't back off a trailer either.  (These are all things that Bekka help her get better about.)  Once off the trailer, however, she relaxed very nicely and was curious about her new home. 
   She and Classy seem to get along fairly well.   Right now, the girls are in the
"quarantine" area of our boarding stable in pens right next to each other.  In a couple of days we will put them together and then a few days later both girls will go into the big pasture with all the rest of the mares. 
   Thank you so much for letting us adopt this great little mare.  I'm sure Bekka will have me up at the crack of dawn so we can head out to the barn and she can play with her new friend:)

Again, thanks!!
Mary Z

Denise S - WW
Beautiful!! Congrats to Prima & her new family!! I bet it was awesome to see Classy too!!
Wendy W - WI

Great picture!  You guys look wonderful together and it certainly sounds like there will be lots of mother/daughter/horse bonding going on.  Congrats again!

Mary Z.
Just thought I'd give you all a quick update on Bekka and Squeek (Prima).
Her quarantine is over and she is now out with the rest of the mares. While she is in the bottom of the pecking order, she isn't getting picked on too much and gets to eat off the round bale with everyone else. Bekka is giving her extra treats (a small amount of pelleted feed and some carrots) whenever she comes in and Squeek really appreciates thoses :)
Bekka rode her bareback today for the first time and it went very, very well. Squeek has got the sweetest temperament!! She is such a love bug :)
I've been meaning to get some pictures, but I forgot my camera again today. It's a good thing Dave had his phone with him......here are a couple of photos from this afternoon.

(photos resized for poster)

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Jamie M

Love the peek a boo shot...and oh to be young and limber to be able to pop up bareback!  it is such a sight to see me try to do that anymore, it has to be a patient horse to let me scramble up there.  Glad Prima is out with the rest of the herd and happy.   Happy trails this fall!

Jenni O.

Cute photos!  I can only hop on bareback bc I have short horses.  Here's to more nice weather for riding, and more good rides on Squeek.

Jamie M

How did you come up with the name Squeek?  it's cute.

Mary Early Zuhn
  My daughter has been doing a lot of reading about cutting and reining horses.  One of the books she was looking at had several chapters on specific horses and their lineage.....somewhere in those chapters, Bekka found a horse named Squeak Toy and fell in love with the name :)  The rest is history, as they say.  LOL!!!
mel d
Really enjoy seeing all these photos, sounds as if all is wonderful! Hooray! Love the name and yes, how did you come up that one?


I would love to hear an update on Prima!  :) 


I would too.  It seems it's been a while since the last update and we are all wondering how she is doing in her new home. 


We've been watching her thread patiently waiting to see an update and how she is doing. 

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