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Mary Early Zuhn
Squeek (Prima) is doing great.  She and Bekka have been doing a lot of "just getting to know you" things.  Squeek seems a bit on the anxious side when she is in the barn, so Bekka has been working to make her more comfortable.....lots of checking out corners, letting her sniff everything, walking in and out of stalls, little snacks when she comes in.
  We had a couple of little incidences last week.  We usually tie her up using the Clip ( it's a device developed by our barn owner to help relieve pressure for horses that pull back), but Bekka forgot to put it on and just tied with a quick-release knot.  Squeek got her head under the rope, freaked and snapped the rope.........once she was free she was fine.......won't be forgetting the Clip again [smile] 
   Yesterday Classy and I took Bekka and Squeek on their first trail ride at Woodloch....down the field road and off through the woods.  Classy spent the entire time showing Squeek all the scary things that exist on the property..........Squeek's only response was "Classy, you are such a dork!!!"  Bekka and I haven't had that much fun on a ride in a very long time. 
 We are going to ride out later this week, I'll have to remember to take some pictures.
  Have a great day everyone!

Mary Z


Interesting update.  Hopefully you are having some good times like the trail ride too!  I'm glad the trail ride went well, sounds like fun! 

Mary Early Zuhn
  Bekka is so in love with this little horse!  It makes me very happy to see her work so hard at making Squeek (Prima) feel at home.  Woodloch is a fairly large boarding stable (180 horses or so).  It's also pretty busy most of the time.  That's a lot for any new horse to get used to.  She's fine with the 6-wheeler, bobcat, tractors, bailer.....even kids riding bicycles.  She just seems a bit uncomfortable inside the barn.
   Squeek lives outside in the pasture.....she officially stall-shares with Classy, though.   We've had her stalled overnight a few times to make sure she is fine with it....she just prefers to be outside most of the time.  She did get a new blanket last week so she can stay toasty warm when it gets colder.
  Bekka also spends a great deal of time grooming her.  Squeek has got to be the cleanest horse in the entire barn!  Mostly Bekka has been riding her bareback, but I figured we'd better get a jump on figuring out a saddle and pad combination that works.  Wouldn't you know, the pad that little stinker liked best was my friend's $200 Reinsman!!  At least she has great taste :o

Mary Z

Jenni O.

Figures, they always want the pricey name brands, just like teenagers.  Mary, I have a mare who dislikes eating inside the three-sided shed.  She drags the hay outside to eat.  My guess is that she likes being able to see and hear what's going on out there better.  Maybe Squeek is the same, or maybe she dislikes the busyness of the barn.


I think it's nice when they let you know something isn't working for them too, like she did with the saddle pad.  Better that than the horse who puts up with it and ends up with a horrible sore.  Leave it to the mares to let us know how they feel!  Glad you and Bekka are having so much fun with her.

Prima Atlantis is coming back to MHWF this weekend, as her adopter has gone off to college and just does not have the time for her any more.  We will be sure to get new pictures and update what Prima has been up to over the past 5 years.  Someone will be very lucky to have this wonderful mare, and just in time for spring!  
She's back!  I guess this was right at her 5 year mark, so we will have some updating to do on what Prima/Squeak has been up to, but I'll add a couple of pics from today and then add her updates later.  

UPDATE 2/21/2016:  

Prima Atlantis (Squeek) - 17 yrs.

$500 - Primia Altantis, or Squeek as she is called, is a 17 year old Paint mare. She is sound, healthy and stands at 14.1 hands tall. Prima/Squeek was adopted just about 5 years ago, but her adopter had to move out of state to go to school and decided that the best thing to do for her is to bring her back so that someone else could enjoy her. She is very well broke to saddle and has been ridden 3 to 4 times per week over these past years. She has been ridden both English and Western, out on the trails, in the arena and even bareback. She is not a horse for a brand new and green rider, but is the dream horse for a smaller rider who likes to do a little of this and a little of that. Prima Atlantis is a sweet little mare, sound, healthy and experienced.

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Update on Prima Atlantis, 4/5/2016:  

Vet Day took place on 4/2/2016.  The only other real issue we ran into during all the vet work on Vet Day was with Prima Atlantis (Squeak). When she came in she had a little drainage and a foul infected smell coming from her nose (one nostril).  We suspected a bad tooth and planned to get it resolved on Vet Day, so Squeak was a priority for us.  Our suspicions turned out to be correct.  She had a badly abscessed tooth that backed up into her nasal passage and caused the infection.  When they went to clean it out, there was a lot of food packed up into it and by the time it all got flushed out, she was losing a lot of blood.  Dental x-rays were done on Squeak as well.  There were absolutely some concerned faces about her condition, but in the end, the vets got the blood to clot and we were able to turn her back out.  The only drawback to finding this out is that the tooth needs to come out and it is one of the largest teeth in her mouth, plus the tooth is still very much alive and has a good strong root.  This is going to need dental extraction surgery and we will be scheduling that with Dr. Johnson at Corriente soon.  For now, we cannot let Squeak go.  Once her tooth extraction is done and she has had the aftercare she will need, we will then be able to offer her back up for adoption.  

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Name: vet-day-april2-squeak3-IMG_6333-copy.jpg, Views: 1947, Size: 304.60 KB

Name: vet-day-april2-squeak-xray-IMG_6344-copy.jpg, Views: 1916, Size: 279.68 KB

I saw some of the food packed in there that the vets removed which was quite a lot and some pieces that looked downright painful. Hopefully Prima will be feeling better soon. She is probably already feeling some relief I think?!!?
Squeak did feel immediate relief from getting that abscess drained, no different than when a person has that happen.  Unfortunately, this area is going to pack back up with food again and turn back into an infection going to the sinus tract just like it was previously though, until we get that tooth pulled.  Getting that tooth pulled is going to be the answer and we will get that done soon.  
Squeek is doing great and loving life.  Her tooth extraction is scheduled at the vet clinic for June 2nd, so that is coming up soon.  We look forward to having that over with so some lucky person can adopt this wonderful mare.  

Here is a pic of Squeek with her buddy Clansye from last evening out having some fun in the pasture.  5/19/2016

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Name: clansye-prima-squeek-may19-IMG_8131-copy.jpg, Views: 1690, Size: 207.93 KB

Today, 6/2/2016, was the day that Squeak (Prima) had her tooth pulled.  We hauled Squeak up to Corriente Veterinary Services in Plover for the procedure this morning.  It was a long day and we arrived home around 3:30 this afternoon with Squeak.  

As we knew, a deep pocket was found adjacent to tooth #206 (which is a big tooth), and this kept getting feed packed into it.  This was found in April on Vet Day but was too big of a job to tackle taking the tooth out that day.  It was cleaned out on Vet Day and then we set the surgery to happen later.  This big tooth was removed today.  It took quite a while and that pocket was huge.  This is something that has been going on in Squeak's mouth for some time (we noticed the foul smelling discharge from her nasal cavity immediately upon her arrival back to MHWF).  Squeak also needed to have a small hole drilled into the front of her face to insert a catheter so that we can keep draining out the maxillary sinus cavity while this giant pocket and the pocket from the tooth being removed can heal.  She also had to have a "plug" put in the hole so that it doesn't pack with food during the healing process.  You can't put a horse on a liquid diet....she will be eating soaked hay and no feed for a while (she is an easy keeper and doesn't eat feed anyway).  

For now Squeak will be living in a stall while we care for her.  She will be getting bute for about 6 days.  She will be getting antibiotics orally for at least 10 days (we will assess before stopping them).  She will be getting her sinus flushed daily with sterile saline through the catheter and then infused 20-30 cc of PPG into the catheter after the flush.  She has a bandage around her head to keep the catheter in place (which is plugged on the end and tucked in the bandage when not in use).  The most important thing will be monitoring to be sure that plug stays in.  It is highly possible it comes out, and if it does, we will have to haul her back to the vet to have a new plug put in.  That plug will need to be replaced with a smaller plug every 2-3 weeks as the hole closes.  

We very much look forward to Squeak having an uneventful recovery from this and hope she heals up fast.  She was a very good girl for everything and handled it all like a champ.  

Here are a few pictures from today.  Please send your good healing vibes Squeak's way.  [smile]  

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Name: squeak3-prima-vet-sedated-june2.jpg, Views: 1587, Size: 245.19 KB

Name: squeak4-prima-vet-catheter-june2.jpg, Views: 1551, Size: 249.42 KB

Name: squeak5-prima-vet-catheter2-june2.jpg, Views: 1536, Size: 294.71 KB

Name: squeak6-prima-vet-stall-after-june2.jpg, Views: 1525, Size: 258.77 KB

Thank you for taking such good care of her. What would these horses do without you? Thanks for all the long hours, physical & emotional drain, and just the daily grind day in and day out in taking care of these horses and the ones that need the extra care. It has to be exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy W - WI
Wow, just wow.  What another journey you are on and I am always thankful that you share these with us so we can learn too.  I hope that everything goes smoothly and hope that the plug stays in.  

I am definitely sending all my healing thoughts to you Squeak, you are a trooper.  I cannot believe how much stuff was impacted in there!  Poor baby. 

Donna M
What a lucky mare Squeak is to have landed in your care. With your dedication and support, she will recover in no time and be on her way to her forever home. 

Many questions come to mind but the one that is foremost is this. How does one safely transport a groggy, bandaged mare with a drainage tube in her head? 
Yikes and Yuck [frown]  That does not look like fun.  Hope she heals fast.  
Thanks for all you do
Donna, good question.  We had to wait until Squeak was awake enough to haul her back home. She had local anesthetic injected for the drilling of the hole, and then was knocked out a bit more than what you would see for tooth floating.  The bandaging on her head keeps the drainage tube tucked underneath it, and that is a sticky type of dressing that stays in place very well.  Squeak is a good hauler too, so no problem.  

Speaking of tooth floating, this is just a good time for a reminder to be sure that your vet is doing a good thorough exam of your horse's mouth at least once a year.  Also, be sure that they are using a speculum when they examine your horse's teeth and that they are really getting a good thorough examination to look for any tooth issue even way in back.  If your vet is not using a speculum to examine teeth, there is no way they can even examine everything in their mouth and you will need to find another vet to examine your horse's teeth who will use a speculum.  
Lots of healing thoughts for Squeak.   So glad it is behind her and you guys, too!

UPDATE: 7-7-2016

Yesterday began the next step in Squeak's aftercare and treatment. We finally were able to remove the catheter from the hole that was drilled into her nasal cavity. That means no more bandages wrapped around her head and no more daily flushings and antibiotics. She is as happy about this as we are and with a little luck, we are hoping to turn her back out with the herd in a few days. This is also by far the most risky and crucial part of her rehab. There is a much increased risk of infection now that the hole will be closing back up and now that we will not be able to flush her sinus cavity like we have been doing. We still have a plug in the hole left by the infected tooth in her mouth to try to keep food from getting into the nasal cavity. Now she needs time and some luck and hopefully there are no complications.

Lisa B.
Fingers crossed!
Thank you for the continued good wishes with Squeak.  I want to add to Scott's update that Squeak has been such a trooper for all of this.  Do you know many horses who would so compliantly have someone flush out their nasal cavity twice a day, have bandages changed, have the wound where the catheter goes in cleaned out and bandage changed twice a day and not put up a fuss about it?!  She blows me away with how well she has done with all of this.  Squeak has also had a vet visit in between that we did not update about where she had a new plug put in and had everything examined.  I gave Squeak a full bath yesterday and she also did great with that.  I will also mention that Squeak has another vet appointment coming up on the 11th of this month to have a new, smaller plug put in the hole and see how everything is doing in there.
What a good girl Squeak is!!  So proud of her...and big ATTA BOYS and THANK YOU's to Karen and Scott for sticking with it through this long process.  Hope for continued progress day by day.

Wow!  She is such a good girl!  So happy she found her way to you guys so she could have the best chance at a future she deserves!! 

Squeak had a vet visit today.  She was anesthetized and had the old plug pulled out, the tissue around the hole debrided a little bit and a new plug put back in and then flushed the nasal cavity (which was very clear).  She is still sleeping off her sedation, but she did very well.  We can all keep our fingers crossed this plug stays in and that more healing commences.  This is a long haul with Squeak and she is handling it like a trooper.  The vet and tech took a couple of pictures of the big hole in her mouth that I will share when they send that over so you can see what this looks like in there.  

Thank you all for your continued well wishes for Squeak!  

ACK! I just cannot even fathom how I would handle this happening to my face!  What a testament to her character to deal with this and still be sweet. 

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