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Squeak's plug came out over the weekend, so she has a vet visit today to get another one put back in.  [frown]
Pictures of her mouth and the hole sent off to Texas A&M for opinions.  The hole is not getting any smaller and it is a huge hole, so likely not going to close.  Looking at a possible surgery and skin flap.
Oh no. Poor Squeak. Good luck.
Awww, poor girl [frown]  I hope she heals up and its not too invasive.

Update 8-1-2016

The gaping hole in Squeak's mouth is not closing and is just as big as it was several months ago. The hole is large enough to get two fingers into it, not good. The vets have been coming out weekly to replace the plug, flush her sinuses and keep food from packing up into the sinuses and causing an infection. Poor Squeak is getting pretty sick of being poked and prodded and we are slowly losing hope. There is only one other option left at this point and that is to cut a skin flap from her cheek, stitch it over the hole and hope scar tissue builds up fast enough and strong enough to hold. As of right now, this is the tentative plan.

Ugh that sucks, she came through the surgery so great I was really hoping the healing process would be smooth as well.  Hang in there Squeak. xoxo
Lisa B.
Boy...you're just full of good news today... First Zany and now Squeak.
It sounds like you aren't crazy or hopeful about this plan. I really hope it works out. She seems like such a sweet horse and nicely qualified as well.
Scott: MHWF
If the hole were not quite so big we would be more optimistic about the new plan, but even the vets have their doubts. The vets have a call into Texas A&M to get their thoughts and we should know if it is doable in a day or two.
Oh poor Squeak! You guys just can't catch a break can you? We all know that you'll make the right decision. I hope it all works out for her.
Squeak has a vet appointment tomorrow (8/3/2016) for another x-ray to be absolutely sure there is no bone infection and as preoperative workup for her possible surgery.  There is a surgeon doing the preoperative and operative planning, and the surgery will take place at Corriente Veterinary Services if she does have the surgery.  We will keep you updated on the progress.  Thank you all for the well wishes!
Carla (Wis)
What does Squeak eat?  Especially if she does have a flap of skin sewn over that hole, would rough hay scratch and irritate that transplanted flap of skin?  Would a soaked pellet diet be used til the flap healed?  What a deal! 
During Squeak's recovery with the catheter in her sinus passage and flushing that twice a day, she was stalled and let into the round pen alternating, ate soaked hay and soaked pellets (we used a lot of what is called "hydration hay").  She has maintained her weight well (even a bit on the chubby side).  Now Squeak is out to pasture and our pastures are so nice this year that we are not supplementing with hay at this point.  Carla, you are correct and with this skin flap, if this is the route that we have to go (which is likely), Squeak will not be able to eat hay during the healing time of that skin flap.  She would be able to be on pasture, but the problem is that we start supplementing with hay beginning of September, so at that point she will have to be stalled again and special diet until that heals.  She will not be thrilled about that, but we will have to do what we have to do and she will be eating mash meals again.
Good luck with all the pre-op procedures.  Keeping fingers crossed that there will be a good outcome for Squeak.
Squeaky had her x-rays today (8/3/2016) and we will update as the plan progresses.  
I'm so sorry to read this about Squeak! You have my best thoughts, prayers, vibes, whatever, going out to all of you.
How is Squeak doing?  Any status update to share?
Squeak is doing well with no infections popping back up to date.  The hole in her face has completely closed up and healed.  We are waiting for the vets to plan out the surgery for us, while Squeak is loving living in the pasture with her buddies.  Unfortunately, that hole was just so large that it is not going to close up, still hasn't, so we patiently await the surgery to get set up.  I'm not sure if I updated that she did have the vet out to do the x-rays as part of preoperative workup, and those are clear with no bone infection or anything odd in there causing issues, so she is good to go for the surgery.  
Sandy K
I am so glad that not only the irrigation site is now healed but also that there is no infection in the bone. She is such a nice mare . I will be glad when this is all behind her .
We just received the estimate for the surgery for Squeak.  It will run between $1100.00 and $1800.00.  Ouch.  Not that we didn't realize that.....  I think we may have to start a Squeak Fund.  
linda b
im in  she seems like such a good girl!  Will do the Paypal thing
I do not think that with the Hay Drive going on and winter coming on soon, that we have much choice but to start fundraising for Squeak's surgery. $1100-$1800, plus all the money we have spent on dental work, multiple regimes of antibiotics and numerous follow up vet calls, we sadly have to ask for some help with this one.

Don and Marianna A. have got the ball rolling with a very generous donation of $125.00 to get us started. Thank you both very, very much! 
Leela B.
This poor girl has went through way to much. Come on God do your work for one of your beautiful horses. She is such a good girl for you because you are trying to help her. I hope things turn around for this beautiful girl. I hate seeing any animal or person going through so much. Love everything you do for these beautiful animals, but I would feel this being an animal lover.
Am I missing something while reading? Is there a price anywhere in the description?
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