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Please call in on Monday (or after) and donate a bag or bags of senior, get $2.00 off, plus MHWF gets an additional $8.00 for every bag donated/sold over the phone!

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This starts tomorrow!!!!! 

November 5th - 17th.......please call in your donation of feed and get $2.00 off per bag, plus an additional $8.00 to MHWF horses for every bag sold.

Not only that, but you get entered to win $100.00!

This starts today!!!!!

November 5th - 17th.......please call in your donation of feed and get $2.00 off per bag, plus an additional $8.00 to MHWF horses for every bag sold.

Not only that, but you get entered to win $100.00!

Are any MHWF supporters calling in?
Jan N
So jumping in here to enlarge a bit on the specifics.

Like last year, Country Store in Marshfield is again doing a promotion as part of their (corporate wide) Purina Checkerboard Days Event/sale. In addition Country Store is doing a promotion to push sales of the two equine pelleted feed products MHWF tends to use - that is the $2.00/bag price discount - PLUS they are donating a buck to MHWF for every bag of these sold during the sale! Sweet.

Like last year any customer buying a bag of these feeds to take home and feed their horse(s) gets the sale price and causes a $1.00 donation for the Foundation horses.

What's *extra* *special* is three things:

1) Like last year, I have pledged a $5.00 donation for every bag which is ordered by phone and donated (by purchaser) to the MHWF horses.

2) Unlike last year, two more donors have joined with me and each pledged another $1.00 per every phoned/donated bag.

This is how the $8 comes about. YOU call Country Store and buy a bag or bags to donate to FEED the horses at MHWF, which triggers 4 donations ($1 + $5 + $1 + $1) to help care for them.

3) When you donate a bag, you have two chances to win $100. How's that for slick? There are two prizes (merchandise gift cards) valued at a hundred bucks each, both from MHWF donors who want to see all the horses fat and happy.

What could be easier? Do I hear people out there dialing Country Store to buy a bag for the horses? Hope so !!

P.S. Scott, is it possible to update the count every 2 or 3 days for the forum? I think last year my pledge amounted to about $400 after all was said and done. That would have been around 80 bags.... Sure would be **Great** if MHWF supporters could increase it to a hundred or more bags this time!
Just a few of the faces that you are helping out, and they are forever grateful to all of you!!  

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Keeping everyone updated as to how many bags have been donated so far might not be possible since we do not really have access to that info on a regular basis.

Here is what we do know so far, yesterday was the start of the feed drive and there were only two people who called in when I checked at the end of the day.
Carla (Wis)
First, I voted!
Then I called in an order of equine senior pellets!
We did get an update tonight....

So far 25 bags have been donated.
Sandy K
10 bags of Senior Active coming your way.
As of yesterday at 3 pm.....47 bags.
As of noon today......53 bags. 
As of this morning we are up to 101 bags donated! This is great, please keep them coming!
The Purina Checkerboard? MHWF Feed Drive was a huge success this year and that is thanks to a bunch of you super supporters out there.

Last year we managed to get 80 bags of feed donated. The drive ended this past Saturday and this year you helped us get 126 bags of Purina Senior donated! On top of that, with the matching funds challenges, it also brought in $1008.00!

126 bags of donated feed and over $1000.00 is huge for a program like MHWF this time of the year and we have our supporters to thank for that. We do not have to worry about grain for the next couple months and that is a huge deal.

If you were one of the generous people who called in, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. We could not be more happy and thankful for your kindness and generosity.

There was also a drawing attached to the feed drive and every bag that was purchased and donated over the the phone earned one ticket in the drawing.....the winners were drawn at the Country Store today and those winners are: 
$100.00 gift certificate to the Country Store: (Liz B.)
$100.00 gift certificate to The Diamond Center: (Rita S.)

Thank you everyone for making this feed drive a smashing success this year!
That is awesome!!!
Yesterday the pallets of feed were delivered for the Purina Checkerboard Feed Drive with MHWF, and we have quite a few people to thank for making this possible. The feed drive is a huge boost, especially this time of the year.

We want to thank Purina of course, and Taylor, our local Purina rep. 

We also want to thank The Provision Partners Country Store and all their employees for taking the calls, getting the info and making it all work.

We want to thank the good folks at the Diamond Center for their donation of the gift card for $100.00.

We also really want to thank Dr. Jan N. for being the point person who put this all together and got the funding together to put up the matching funds.....that was huge.

Last but not least, each and every person who called in to donate bags of feed.....we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and you are all the true heroes. Thank you!

Thank you to all of you!

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Jan N
What a great photo!  Two dudes with the new stash o' goods!
How wonderful!! Between Purina, Taylor, Provision Partners Country Store and their team, the Diamond Center, and super supporter Dr. Jan, as well as all of those who called in and donated, this is really cool!!!
Scott: MHWF
I wanted to bring this post back up to remind everyone what a wonderful thing the fall Purina Feed Drive is. This started out as a neat idea and turned into something that ended up making a huge difference to this program and the horses in it. If you look at the photo and see all the grain that was donated through the drive, it becomes obvious very quickly.

Tonight when we went out to do chores, I was reminded how nice it has been to have all this feed here since November, no trips to town to pick up feed, and have it all paid for. We still have one full pallet left and that should take us near the end of February.

To say this feed drive makes a big difference is a HUGE understatement. Not only did it give the horses all this feed, but the monetary donations as well. This seemed like a neat idea at first and in only its second year has grown to be our 3rd largest function of the year, only behind the Raffle and the Hay Drive.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the Purina Feed Drive. It has been a major help in a lot of ways and a huge financial relief for a program like ours that often struggles in the cold of winter.

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