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I'm not entirely sure how I missed this! This is really awesome! I'm so appreciative of the group of dedicated people ensuring that this horse flourishes and is able to live the life she deserves! Karen, Scott, Dr. Suzanne, and Mike...Thank you!
This is totally awesome!
How is Quest doing lately?
I'm sorry I missed the question until now about Quest.  

Quest is one of the happiest horses I've met.  I dreamed that one day I could say those words, and that has become a reality.  She is happy in her herd, she is happy to see people, she is happy and living her best life.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Quest has made best friends with my mare, Diva.  Diva has a personality larger than life and enough confidence for 5 horses, who loves people as much as she loves to eat...which has been perfect for Quest, with Quest having learned a ton from Diva.  

Here are a couple of pics I snapped yesterday.  

First one is Quest and Diva having a good run in the pasture, and the second one is Quest making a funny face while she is eating some of the loose mineral that we keep out.  😉  (yes, puddles there because we can never dry out around here with all the rain we constantly get!)

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So good to hear
Great that Quest is doing so well! How is her foot, and is training in her future?
Quest has been able to stay "pasture sound" for the most part, but we are still unsure what harder work may do such as in training.  She will continue to train to be a good citizen and do all of the things she needs to do to be properly cared for, such as foot trimming, deworming, vaccinations and vetting, and will sort out if she will be able to do light riding some time down the road.  
Quest has come so amazingly far.  Well done.

BREAKING NEWS!  (sorry, couldn't help it)

This is just so exciting!  Quest had all 4 feet trimmed today with no sedation!  While it wasn't completely perfect, it was beautiful!  This is such a huge milestone for her.  Everyone knows how deep-seated her trust issues have been and how long it's taken for her to turn from the horse who ran away as soon as she saw people to coming up and actually loving attention and being petted, so you understand what a big deal this was for her to be trimmed with no sedation at all now.  Picking up feet and handling them is one thing, but then having someone who is pretty much a "stranger" come and have equipment and tools and actually trim is another story.  She has finally broken through to allow this to happen, and we know that this is going to continue to get better every single day.  

Tomorrow I'm going to snap a pic of her "deformed" trimmed hoof to show you the difference from what it looked like when she first came in and after the first trims to what it looks like now.  I got one picture of farrier Mike Kissack (what a gem!) spending a few minutes with Quest that I'll share below, but I was the handler for Quest and didn't get any other pics today of trimming.  

Been on cloud 9 all day with this breakthrough!

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Thank you so much for giving her a chance at a better life. She has come a long way from her surrender date.
This is just the best update ever! ❤️❤️❤️
This is such excellent news.  This can be an great example of how much patience is required for some horses in some situations.  Also, how sensitive some (most) horses are.  As always, great job and thank you MHWF.
Donna R
Almost two years to the day at MHWF and look at her now!  From seeing Quest that first day to seeing her at the most recent vet day, I can attest that the consistent hard work that has been done to gain her trust is simply amazing! 

Thank you Scott and Karen, Dr. Suzanne, Mike, and the village of people that have worked with Quest to get her to where she is today.  This truly is a milestone with Mike's recent farrier visit!


Here is a flash back of Quest... with that left front never breaking off much, it has made her foot "crooked", but it is better now than it has been.  

Here is some probably never seen before video footage of the day of rescue for Quest, and below are some pics of her feet from previous and some from current.  


or click here

Here are a few pictures, old and new.  

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Wendy W - WI
What a difference.  She is one of the fortunate ones that found a safe and caring place to land.  Thank you for seeing her for what she was and knowing she desperately needed the right touch to get her to where she is now.   
Jenni O.
The hoof looks so good! And, just as important, she has mentally come leaps and bounds. She sure lucked out landing with you guys.
What an incredible transformation both physically and mentally! 
Yes I second what Christine said.  An incredible transformation physically and mentally.  
Any updates on Quest? 
It looks like I've really slacked on the Quest updates, and I think a couple of them accidentally got added into other threads on the forum.  

Quest continues to do great and she is now ready to go to training.  While that foot and ankle will always be a bit crooked because of the neglect, she has been sound running with the herd and never shows any lameness.  Mentally, she is ready to head to training and we are hoping she will be going into training very soon.  
Now that's an exciting update!!! Quest in training ❤️!!
Lisa B.
That is such exciting news! 
Wendy W - WI
How exciting!!  Thanks for taking her in.  She needed the right people to understand and care for her properly.  
Thank you for the update! Let us know how it goes 😉 
Barb S
Oh WOW! This is going to be GREAT!!! She’s come such a longways.
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