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This will be Quest's thread where we will keep all future updates.  Quest came to MHWF from the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for horses on 10/22/2017.  

More pictures coming soon.  


Quest is a 6 year old unhandled Appy mare. She is terrified of people and will not let you touch her, so she has to have a catch rope left on her halter until we can catch her on a regular basis. Her feet are as bad as they get as well. She is now allowing us to touch her once in a while, so that is great progress, but the second she feels any pressure at all, she is up and gone. This horse does not have a mean bone in her body and she is super smart, just needs a lot of time and work and has to learn to trust. She will be a very long term project. At least she is sound and an open book. Quest is 6 years old and stands about 14.2 hands tall. She is now safe and will learn to trust, those feet will get fixed and she will have a new life.  

Update:  Quest had her full vaccinations, feet trimmed and dewormed on 11/4/2017 on Vet Day at MHWF.  

[quest1-oct26]  [quest2-oct26]

[quest3-oct26]  [feet-quest-oct26]    


Can you tell us how she is moving now that her feet are "normal"?    Do you think she has any permanent damage from not being trimmed?

Hey Deb, Quest was pretty sore after her trim.  She was getting around okay before her trim, but obviously that hoof was a big problem.  That foot was very abnormal with the bars being completely folded in, no frog, etc.  Quest got her foot wrapped after the trim and was pretty sore the first couple of days, but she is doing much better now.  It will take growth and a few trims before that foot is normal.  We are in the process of unraveling her issues and trying to gain her trust.  She seems to have some baggage that is not simply from not being handled, and it's going to take a while to break through and try to erase that.  She is becoming more and more trusting each day.  
Barb S
Sometimes slow is fast. Learned that in my NRA training😉Either way it’s progress and that’s good news.
Scott: MHWF

Working with Quest: Day 1

Well, after weeks of trying to build some trust with Quest and trying to get a long line on her halter, we were finally able to get it on her and I was able to work with her for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. Karen has been doing the treat feeding and getting her used to people being around her, and all I had to do is sit in her stall and wait for the right opportunity to attach the long line. Once it was on, we let her out of her stall and I spent about 20 minutes working with her, teaching her to give to pressure, to not rear up as soon as she felt pressure and to come toward me when asked.

Quest is one smart cookie and in just a 20 minute session, she has the very basics down now and will stand next to me and will come to me when a little pressure is applied. So far, so good and I will continue to work with her until we know we can catch her and lead her every time. Once we get to that point, we can turn her out and work with her on things like tying and standing for the farrier.

For right now, we are just happy that we were able to get the line on her for once and actually begin to teach her.

Stay tuned.
Yay! Those challenges are tough sometimes but the rewards are great.
Great job Scott!
That is really amazing progress! You two make a great team working with her and it's all going to pay off in such a wonderful way!! Quest will be the one who benefits the most, but how rewarding for you all!!
Donna R
What a huge accomplishment!  Quest is so lucky you two are there to help her become the horse she is meant to be. 
Jenni O.
That's great news! She's going to be a lot happier too, once she gets a little trust in people. She is definitely a lucky mare, at least at this point in her life.
Scott: MHWF
Working with Quest: Day 2

Tonight after chores, Karen and I both worked with Quest. I started and Karen took over after I spent about 20 minutes with her (led her around the whole arena twice on the long line). What was really nice is that it was very clear tonight that the lessons Quest learned last night, stuck with her. Tonight she was still hard to catch, but not nearly as hard as she has been since she got here.

Tonight she instantly gave to pressure and after about 10 minutes, she was leading really well. Once her lesson was over, I unhooked the long line, leaving just the short catch rope, and she made the choice to hang out with us instead of going off to do her own thing. We were able to catch her at least 6 or 8 times before giving her a few treats and putting her back in her stall for the night.

Before I turned the lights off in the arena tonight, I went back to her stall one more time to say hello, she came right over and let me catch her again. She is really, really smart and really wants to trust.

Next step besides working more on what she has already learned, letting people touch her. She still does not want to be touched and that is our next project with her.
Fantastic progress and a wonderful beginning!  Congratulations and well done!!
I had a camera out with me today, so here are a couple of updated pictures from today, 11/25/2017.  Quest still does not want to be touched, but she is learning a lot and does like to hang out with us.  

Attached Images
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Barb S
Bet you’re glad you busted your a$$ getting the arena up. Makes it worth the long days you guys put in. Quest looks great! Nice to see her with normal hooves
Oh Barb, I can't even tell you how thankful I am for this arena.  Absolutely none of this would be possible without it.  
Wendy W - WI
She is soooo cute.  I love her split color on her beak.  
How is Quest's left front foot?  I see that it seems to have a wrap of some kind on it.  So good that she's making progress.

Scott: MHWF
After taking a few days off of working with Quest, we were curious to see how she would react to me going into her stall with her tonight to try to catch her. 

She barely lifted her head when I came in and as soon as I stopped moving, she came right to me and let me catch her and lead her out of her stall. Good girl! Looks like what she is learning is sticking and she seems to really enjoy coming out to hang out with us.  

(we have video and will share as soon as it uploads)

Attached Images
Name: quest-nov28-20171128_203356_resized.jpg, Views: 1359, Size: 161.31 KB

wow again!  She is really making progress, I'm amazed.  
It takes us forever to upload even the shortest of videos, and while it uploads it eats up our bandwidth, but I finally got a video of Quest uploaded from last night, 11/29/2017.  

Here you go.  


or click here
Now that is a beautiful sight to see!! That is major progress ❤️ Great job you guys...wow!!
Love it so much.  She is so beautiful! 
Donna R
Wow!  Great to see how Quest is coming along.  

I enjoy seeing the multiple activities happening in the comfort of the indoor arena.  There are no words to describe what a positive force it has been and will be for the MHWF program!!!
Wonderful progress with her!  And nice to see fewer pens in the indoor as the horses get out to the herds (and get adopted!).  Will you keep at least two in there until Pandora and Quest can go out?
Thank you everyone, this is such rewarding work, even as difficult as it can be working with such fearful and reactive horses.  

Donna, while we always knew the indoor would be life-changing for this program, who knew that right off the bat it would literally save lives.  [smile]  

BetC, we will keep Pandora, Quest and Calamity in the arena until they can reliably be caught, haltered and handled.  Rose will be turned out into the big herd and the two babies, Charlie and Cougar, will go by Faith for her to be aunty mare (she did a great job with Teddy).  Cougar is an orphan, and Charlie is currently being weaned from Rose.  They continually stay in separate stalls and getting used to being separated further distances.  As a matter of fact, Rose has great interest in going out to pasture.  Yesterday as she was out exercising, she snuck through the gate as Scott opened it for the 4-wheeler to get through.  Rose took 2 big hot laps around the big pasture and then came back when Charlie was calling to her.  All the horses in the pasture just stood and watched her.  LOL!  
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