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Love the picture of Rose racing around the pasture!
The progress Quest is making is amazing.  Great job, guys.   
12/4/2017 update:  I would put this on my top 10 list of best feelings/situations/emotions.  I was able to touch Quest tonight, and pet her neck (not head or face).  Huge breakthrough!!  
Wendy W - WI


I think I'm a little giddy here.  So awesome!


 Wonderful! Happy for you both!
Donna R
YES!!!  That is AMAZING Karen!!!  Super exciting news!
Barb S
Jenni O.
So cool! Really is remarkable when you think about where she started.
That is a VERY big deal...wonderful ๐Ÿ’–
12/6/2017 update:  

I was able to pet Quest's whole neck on both sides tonight, started on her "bad" side tonight (which is her left side).  Quest came in to smell my breath also.  She does not want her face touched, but she did allow me to run my hand down the front of her face tonight when my hand came from between her ears first.  She really dislikes the sides of her face touched.  Tonight she let Scott pet her neck and he was able to pet her neck and down her side to the middle of her back almost to her back end.  Quest seems to enjoy our company.
Donna R
Hooray!!!  Quest is so lucky to be there in your care.  She has come a long way since that first day with round pen panels having to be used to get her to move anywhere.  Thank you for all you are doing for her.  Once again you are working your magic.
Jenni O.
She's really coming along! It's going to be neat to see where she is at in 3 months, 6, a year.
I recorded a couple of very quick videos, kept them very short for ease of upload.  Quest has come leaps and bounds in her trust in us.  

Here are a couple of short videos for you.  12/7/2017.  

or click here

or click here
Donna R
Watching videos made me tear up.  Amazing what 6 weeks there has done for Quest.  Good girl!
Wendy W - WI
I'm with Donna about the tearing up.  You two are amazing and she is a good girl!  
I absolutely love this. You guys are so incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a honor to help your organization as I am able.
Wow...thanks for sharing the videos and thanks for all your hard work with Quest.
Jenni O.
She looks pretty relaxed. Great job, as always! I love seeing the progress made on all of these horses.

I am kind of using Quest's thread to document things that I may forget about in the future that I just want to look back on.  

Now when I go to Quest's stall and I offer my hand to her, she leans in and puts the side of her face/cheek into my hand.  Yes, I melt....every.single.time  
She is so smart.  I have been working very hard at being able to touch the sides of her face, because she was so extremely head shy.  Now she does this. 
I can now pet her whole face also.  She can still be a little jumpy about that, but it is a world of difference.  

Donna R
[smile].  So very rewarding.  Thank you for sharing this.  It is like a feel good Christmas story.
Wendy W - WI
I am loving everything you post.  
I bet you do melt, such amazing progress!!! Keep the updates coming ๐Ÿ˜
That kinda got me teary eyed....
I am going to post the same update on Pandora's and Quest's threads, since these two girls were the last ones living in the arena together.  

The babies, Charlie and Rose, have made their transition out to pasture with Faith, Mac and Bella (the TWH from the 1-day event).  The babies are doing great, and I will update their threads as well.  Pandora was very unhappy when we turned those babies out for the first couple of days and she seemed very worried about them.  

We have been working with both Pandora and Quest while they have been in the arena.  Quest has come leaps and bounds and we can touch her everywhere now, and she is easily catchable.  She will be getting her feet trimmed again soon as well.  Quest's one front foot that had the horrible long hoof on it that hadn't broken off like the others is rather crooked, and we don't doubt that foot will probably always be crooked, but we'll see how much it straightens with more hoof growth and trimming.  

Pandora is not coming along as quickly as Quest did.  Pandora is very reactive and has a very high flight response that kicks in very easily.  We can pet Pandora now, all over her face, down her back and down her legs.  She will come up to the front of her pen for attention, and she will follow me at liberty in the arena.  Pandora does not seem to understand giving to pressure applied to the halter, but I have been working on this as well and she has made progress there...but that progress tends to go out the window when she is startled by anything, and it can be things that you wouldn't even notice, such as a noise she thinks she hears.  

With all of the other horses being out, and Pandora seeming to be at a standstill in her progress, we thought it best to turn them out and let them live normally for now and see if this helps Pandora.  

On Christmas Day, we turned Pandora and Quest out into the pasture.  As many of you Wisconsinites know, we are in a cold snap and temps have dipped below zero.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day in a lot of respects.  Pandora and Quest finally went through the gate to the pasture and out to freedom.  They met all of the horses in the pasture, and Pandora found Babs fairly quickly (Babs is Pandoraโ€™s mother) and they picked up where they left off (whether that is a good thing or not for Pan and her training is yet to be seen).  The girls both ran around for a while, running from the eating spot at the hay bale, over to behind the tree line by the shelters, and meeting everyone in the herd.  It all went extremely well, and it was exciting to see Quest be able to run like a normal horse.  They did well all day and settled in nicely.  In the evening, I went in the pasture to see if I could catch Pan and Quest and they both came up to me immediately to greet me, which made me very happy and was a great Christmas present to me.  [smile]  

Now another new journey begins, and we will continue working with them both after giving them a little time to just live in the herd.  

Here are some pictures from Christmas Day for Pandora and Quest, 12/25/2017:  

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Oh my...that picture of Quest running through the snow is just gorgeous!  Wonderful update.
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