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Here is a picture from just a few minutes ago.  When Pan and Quest heard and saw me, they came up looking for goodies.  [smile]  
It is below zero here in central Wisconsin today.  You can see the frostiness.  

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Kara B.
This is so cool [smile]
This is a wonderful Christmas present for them and for you guys!!! Well, me too since I found such joy in this as well 😍
Wendy W - WI
Love the update and pictures!
Donna R
Great update and perfect Christmas present!  They are really showing their trust in you. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful  new photos.  
Last night at around 7:30 pm I was doing a pasture check, just to be sure everyone was doing well (and everyone was).  Quest and Pandora saw me and came up to greet me.  I'm sure they were probably looking for some goodies.  I stood there talking to them and Quest came in to me and turned her head slightly and offered me her cheek to pet.  As frigid cold as it was outside, that warmed from my heart all the way through my whole body.  Quest is so smart.  This was what she first did when she decided to allow us to touch her.  That offering was one of the sweetest things I've ever experienced.  
How sweet!  Happy for you both (the thought of being outside at 7:30 PM makes me shiver).
Aww. To me this shows how she (and others like her) want very much to trust. She sounds like a special horse Karen. It is really awesome you are there for her.
Jenni O.
😁😁😀😀 Love hearing things like this. It makes all that hard work worthwhile, I bet.
awww...that is so touching...Quest has come so far.
Cassandra PS
How is Quest doing?
Quest is doing well, but she has passed on the message to Scott that she misses me since I severely sprained my ankle and I'm not able to go out there with the boot I need to wear quite yet because of the problems with the snow and ice.  (I am to the point of being off of crutches now though, so that is great!)  
Cassandra PS

Well, something will just have to be rigged up to fix that and get you out there. Ski lift? Team of driving mini horses? Cain hooked up to a sled? Someone should be able to come up with something. Karen/Quest moments are too precious to be missing out on. [wink] Get well soon!

It's funny you mention the Caine/sled combo, because that went from a thought to a consideration at one point.  I am healing quickly, even though I was fairly certain that the confinement was going to kill me at some point.  I will be out there very, very soon.  Probably will take cell phone with for a few pics and maybe even a video of Quest too.  Thank you for the well wishes too!  
Just saying...


There she goes...dumping me out of the skidsteer bucket!!  Some friends!  
Nobody said anything about dumping....gently placing is our goal 😉
LOL...I can just see that now!!
I wish I lived closer. I would help as much as possible if I did. I am nearly 3 hours away. Karen would get sick of me!!!!  My daughter and sisiter and I came out just one time to look at a horse that we thought would work for my daughter. 
It was really nice to see all the care and time Karen and Scott take in their passion. We have 2 horses to care for in the winter months now and that's enough. If I could adopt every dog and horse I see I would be in the poor house! 
So, keep up all the good work. It's awesome to see the updates and we will help monetarily when we can.
With the Challenge horses going off to their new digs, and the Lucky 13 settling in, maybe things will be a tad less hectic and you will have time for a Quest update?  We haven't heard from her in a while.

Definitely time for a Quest update!  

Quest has been doing well.  I just shot a quick video out there with her this morning, even though I'm not good at the selfie thing, but at least you can see Quest.  She still doesn't let just anyone walk up and pet her and handle her (she trusts me the most), but she is coming along.  She is in a great daily routine and benefiting from coming in the paddock daily in that routine.  

Scott: MHWF
Today was a pretty big day for us and especially for Pandora, Quest and Serenity. These three horses are the ones that are the most difficult to get caught, handled, de-wormed, trimmed, Coggins tested, vaccinated, etc. 

Normally we do this kind of thing during vet day, which was two weeks ago, but with tons of people here, the horses can sometimes get worked up and know something is up, so we do not always get the opportunity to get the things done with Serenity, Quest and Pandora during Vet day like we would like to. 

Today was a day that we planned a while back, have the vet and farrier here and the entire day to get these three caught, sedated and get all their shots, blood work and dental work done with no crowds or time constraints.

We are very happy to say that all three got their feet trimmed, their teeth floated, their shots, de-wormers and new Coggins tests done today....and it went pretty darn well with no drama and nobody got hurt.

A huge thank you to our Dr. Suzanne and our farrier Mike K. for clearing out their schedules to get this all done with us today. It was fun, it was productive and always good company. 

Congrats to Pandora, Quest and Serenity too!  

I put a picture last of Quest's one foot that was so bad and grown over and completely twisted when we first took her in.  While this has left residual effect to the bones, this is looking much better than we ever anticipated it would.  

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Suzanne McKichan
Today was so fun!  It was so satisfying to get these three horses completely taken care of and I couldn't ask for better people to work with.  Plus I've known each of these three horses since they came into the program so I feel a connection to each one.  I am excited to see them get a step closer toward training and a good future.
Donna R
That is very exciting news!  Thank you to everyone involved!!!  It has to be so rewarding to see their progress.

Update: 4-30-2019

Quest came to MHWF with some severe trust issues and we could not get anywhere near her for quite some time. Now that she has been here with us for some time, her personality has changed quite dramatically and she is now one of the horses that always seems to be up, looking for scratches, and attention. She has learned to assert herself and can boss around just about any other horse in the pasture if she feels the need. She has a bunch of pasture buddies and has turned intio a real social butterfly, very active, loves to play and is well on her way to being past her issues. She still has a way to go, but her progress has been nothing short of amazing recently.

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