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Scott: MHWF
Got done with work a little earlier than normal today and made this to auction off at the raffle party coming up in a few weeks.....

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Such a cool item! Nice work Scott!!
Wendy W - WI
Excellent!!  You really got the hang of making these welded horse shoes.  So much talent and very artsy.  
Scott: MHWF
Why I say......I say.....thank ya ladies!

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Lisa B.
Love it!
Very nicely done!
And one more......

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Love it!!
Wendy W - WI
Damn, that is so cool.  
Ok that's cool.
Cool. Someone's been busy.
Jenni O.
Someone discovered a hidden talent! Nice work!
Awesome works!
Wow...they both look great.
These are awesome.  You sure do have a talent for this type of stuff.  Maybe something like this could find its way to an on-line auction some day??
Scott: MHWF
Dr. Jan had a cool idea, a thread where people can share photos and info on items they are bringing to the raffle party auction.....so, for a start....here goes!

Here are three kinds of eating crammed into one auction basket -- healthy, gluten free, delicious!! Oh, and there is the drinkable part too 😄

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The Popup Book of Phobias

Gently used - no tears or injuries. Every one of the giant pop ups works perfectly. Snakes, anyone?? Image for an example:

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Two (2) size medium lime green stretch neck/head hoods. They are very lightly used; both look and work great, launder easily. Stanza models her pink one:

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Giraffe fans unite!  In a nice hand woven basket are two fair-trade carved wooden giraffes, a list-sized pad of Mr Ellie-Poo's elephant dung paper (supports elephant conservation) and an AKC branded dog squeaky for your dog or kid. The paper does. not. smell. Honest! 

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Large hand made quilt, made special for the raffle party auction by Lori S.  

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Another wonderful handmade quilt by Lori S. This one is 9 x 30 and is titled "Sing and Dance Like Nobody is Watching".

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Leslie V
Lori your quilts are gorgeous - I especially love the 2nd one pictured!

Like new Wintec western saddle: 17"

Bighorn western saddle, like new: 15"

Leather and Cordura western saddle: 14"

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Brand new Brinkmann smoker/grill with cover, never used.

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Brand new Resistol George Strait Hat: Size 7 & 1/4

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