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Rainbow Gate Prophet (Gatyr) - 12 yrs. 

Gatyr arrived to MHWF on 3/24/2018.  We will keep updates here.  

$500 - Rainbow Gate Prophet has been nicknamed Gatyr. He is a 12 year old registered APHA gelding. He stands at 15.1 hands tall and is very sound and healthy. He is broke to ride and has always been ridden Western. He has been in the same home since he was a yearling and has always had good care and training. Gatyr was born deaf, but even his owners did not notice it until years later. He has been used as a trail horse and has been ground driven as well. Because he is deaf, he cannot hear voice commands, but he is very in tune to his cues. In the pasture as well as out on the trails, Gatyr needs a buddy to be his ears for him and will panic if left alone. He is good for the vet and farrier, leads, loads and is a very curious and likable horse. We have more information on Gatyr that we will be happy to share with any potential adopter.

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Heike B
He just looks like he wants to please! Love the eyeliner 😉
Oh my!!  Gorgeous gorgeous boy!
Here is a short video of Gatyr on his first ride here at MHWF.  He was in the arena alone, with none of his buddies along.  We found there is one advantage to a deaf horse...no scary sounds for them.  Our arena is not finished yet and we had a few gusty winds that would flap the back of the arena and make noise, and no spooks.  : )  


Big thank you to Chloe and Deb for coming and helping out with the horses and helping them get adopted!  
Chloe rode Gatyr and they did great together.  Gatyr settled in fairly quickly and he did have a lot of energy under saddle.  We look forward to getting more rides on Gatyr soon, and look forward to people coming to meet him!  He has done great here settling into the herd and now he doesn't completely rely on Kai any more and has made other friends in the herd.  As a matter of fact, Gatyr was playing with Inigo today and that was really fun to watch.  I would classify Gatyr for an intermediate rider, not a complete beginner.  He is a wonderful horse with a super sweet personality and has a lot of trail riding and even camping overnight under his belt!  

Here are some pictures of Gatyr being ridden as well, 4/7/2018.

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Lovely boy!  Looking good under saddle!
Jess R V.
Very interested in him
Hi Jess, we got your message via our Facebook page this morning, and I've replied there.  Hope to talk to you soon!  
Donna R
Gatyr is a really sweet horse!  I'll bet he won't be there long.
5/16/2018:  I just wanted to give a quick update on the Gatyr.  He is such a good boy, we absolutely love having this polite boy around here.  Gatyr has settled in so well and gets along just great in the herd.  He doesn't mind at all when we take him away from the herd and into the arena or out of the pasture.  

Gatyr was started on some feed when he came in as we wanted to see his weight up just a tad, and he still gets a little bit just once a day now, though not a hard keeper.  Gatyr had all of his vet work done on Vet Day on 4/14/2018, and with that had his teeth floated as well.  His teeth are good.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Gatyr from today, 5/16/2018.  Sometimes he holds his front foot up when getting his grain.  I wanted to show you how beautifully he has shed out and such a beautiful and shiny gold!  I put a fly mask with a nose piece on it for him so that his nose doesn't sunburn, and he doesn't mind that at all, and says he's man enough to wear pink!  (nose piece flips up while he's getting his grain).  

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Sue J
He looks great. I love seeing the newbies shed out from the winter coat they came in with and show us their true colors.
Wow, he looks beautiful! Someone will be lucky to adopt him. I like the mask with the nose piece!
Donna R
Gatyr looks spectacular all shed out.  I met him on vet day and was really drawn to him.  He has a great, calm demeanor. 
His coloring is so beautiful....what a good boy he is!
Gatyr is such a great guy, I'm surprised the phone isn't ringing off the hook for this boy.  

Today was garbage day, and the garbage man was so impressed that Gatyr wasn't afraid of his big truck and all the noise that truck makes (other horses generally tend to run off when he's picking up the garbage).  We explained that Gatyr is deaf, so the noises don't bother him.  The big truck didn't bother Gatyr either.  Gatyr is so easy going and gets along with everyone.  

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What a good boy.
Man, I don't get it. He really is a great horse and while it is unfortunate that he is deaf, it certainly isn't a negative! His people are coming soon!! Right people?!? 😍
Donna R
I agree with you Christine.  I love this guy!
Barb S
This guy is a complete sweetheart! Someone is going to be extremely lucky. He is a total Lovebug!
Donna M
He is beautiful. Love that leg lift while he's eating grain. Looks like he wants to shovel it in faster! Raindancer does that too and it's cute to watch. 
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