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Kellie B.
Hi! Do you guys ever have anyone who comes from up your way down to the Cincinnati, OH or Lexington/Louisville KY area?? I SO wish I lived closer. I would genuinely adopt him but transport that far is a no go :-(
Hi Kellie, no we don't have anyone we know that makes that route, sorry.  
I would love to have him he's so beautiful and my type of horse, but I'm waiting until spring to get a horse.
April Williams-Ginns
Do you think Gatyr would like to live at Yorkshire Farm Riding School LLC as a school horse in the outdoor riding months and spoiled boy through the winter months? This would be a forever home. http://www.yfrs1.com for our info. Let me know.Thanks
Hi April, and thank you for thinking of adoption!  Your place and program looks wonderful!  This might be something Gatyr would love.  
Barb S
Someone is about to get very lucky
Oooohhh, is there news coming soon?!?
Yes, there is news coming soon!  ๐Ÿ˜‰  Gatyr also got trimmed on farrier day yesterday, 7/24/2018, and was a complete angel as always.  
Donna R
Gatyr has been one of my favorites.  Someone is going to be very lucky!  
Gatyr's official adoption day came last evening, 7/31/2018!  Gatyr did leave for his new home and we are thrilled for him and his adopters.  Kathryn was looking for a horse and came and met Gatyr and of course fell in love.  Kathryn and Mike both work at Stable Hands in the Wausau area, and that is where Gatyr will be living.  Who knows, maybe some day Gatyr will be brought into some therapy sessions there as well.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, and a huge congratulations to all!!  

Here are some cute adoption day pictures from last evening.  

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Name: gatyr1-caine-bomb-july31-adoption-day-IMG_4939-copy.jpg, Views: 147, Size: 330.14 KB

Name: gatyr-kathryn-husband-july31-adoption-IMG_4951-copy.jpg, Views: 145, Size: 246.82 KB

Name: gatyr3-kathryn-july31-adoption-IMG_4945-copy.jpg, Views: 148, Size: 228.04 KB

Name: gatyr4-load-july31-adoption-day-IMG_4955-copy.jpg, Views: 153, Size: 359.04 KB

Jenni O.
Donna R
Oh buddy, you lucky guy!  Congratulations to all of you on a wonderful adoption.
Aww, Gatyr โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ CONGRATULATIONS!
Hi yall! Im Kathie and Im the lucky person who adopted Gatyr!!
He is settling in so well at Stable Hands and he is already stealing hearts! ๐Ÿด๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿด
We are so greatful! Gatyr is just the best guy! ๐Ÿด
Congratulations on your adoption of Gatyr.  Glad to hear that he is settling in nicely...and making fans!
Carol Barwick
Congratulations to Kathy and Gatyr! He is one handsome boy and very mellow. I got to love on him a bit and he is stealing everyoneโ€™s heart. Kathy, you are so fortunate to adopt Gatyr! Many happy days ahead for the two of you.
Gatyr and his pasture mates at Stable Hands....

Attached Images
Name: !cid_cdd756a0-8654-4f32-b9a9-5837a3dcc069.jpg, Views: 63, Size: 155.00 KB

Jenni O.
That's quite colorful!
Jan N
And aside from the colorful clump of horses, won't we be wishing for some of that abundant green along about 5 months from now? (Do not throw things, please, just wanted to indicate how much I like all the green we have now.)
Lovely colorful pasture mates! And yes...green beats white any day!
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