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Raven - 9 yrs.

$600 - Raven is a 9 year old Morab gelding. He is sound, healthy, well broke and current on all his shots and wormers. He stands at 15 hands tall and is jet black most of the year. He is a little faded from the sun right now. Raven was trained by Lalo Govea, not only a friend, but as good of a trainer as they get, so we know Raven was taught the right way. He is very good looking, has been on endless trail rides and group rides. He loads, leads, ties and is excellent for the vet and farrier. This is an exceptional horse that was only donated because his owner simply cannot afford to pay his board anymore. On our first ride here at MHWF, raven did not question a single cue. He did walk, trot, canter, backed up and stood nice to be tacked up and mounted. If you are looking for a solid and reliable trail horse, here he is. We also have some friends and one Board member who has known this horse for a long time and has ridden beside him on many group trail rides. Raven is not only good looking and has excellent training, but he is very sweet and likable as well. Someone out there is going to get a real treat when they adopt this boy!

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I think I may have to go write an essay on why I cannot possibly have another horse right now.

Raven is one of two horses I would take home from MHWF if I could.
I love him!  So beautiful!
Jenni O.
Jurita, maybe we can do joint custody. Then you won't have to write that essay. I bet I know who the other horse is, too :).

It's a good thing I live too far away to come try him out. The temptation would be so strong. Please, someone hurry and adopt him.
He is absolutely stunning!!  
Deb M.
After being horseless for the last 5 years, I'm searching for my next best friend.  I have been looking high and low for a nice Arab or Arab Cross to do competitive trail and maybe endurance riding with someday.  I LOVE the morab cross.  I wonder if he would be  a good fit for me!! 

My application is on file but it's quite old - probably 7 or 8 years ago. Can I inquire on him?
Such a gorgeous horse!  WOW!!!!!
Hello Deb, applications are good for 5 years. It has been a good 9 or 10 years since your application was received so we will need you to submit a new one.

Thank you.
mel d
Phone ringing off the hook with this boy?
Jenni, it is also probably a good thing we don't live near each other too. We'd probably talk each other into getting more horses. Go ahead and guess who you think the other horse is. Bet you don't know ;)

I can't imagine being in Karen's shoes seeing all the nice horses come in all the time and wanting so many of them.

Raven is gorgeous and a perfect age.
You can add this guy to my list as well.  I am very, very impressed with him.  Of course he is one of the first to greet you in the pasture too.  We buddied him up with Hope since they came in right about the same time, and they are both doing great out here. 
Evie H.
I absolutely love, love, love this guy! Now, if I would just learn how to ride.
Morabs are great. Such a beautiful horse - sure to get adopted quickly. 
Today is Raven's official adoption day! (Labor Day, Sept. 2nd)  We are waiting for his adopter to arrive and I will post an adoption day photo as soon as that happens.  :) 
Hey, I am missing something here. Didn't *Raven* and *Sugar Bear* do a little bit of PONYING just the other day? I thought *Raven* was already adopted when I saw the two just hanging out and grazing. And the adopted was talking about all of the NOISE and 4 wheelers going on and *Raven* didn't even flinch? Are there 2 *Raven's* here, or are they the SAME horse? And someone mentioned *Raven's* speckley nose? OMG, I am totally confused now...there must be 2 *Raven's* then, huh?

Boy, you're going to be really confused after my next post on this adoption! 

There are two Raven's, although technically there is only one Raven, THIS Raven, who is a Morab gelding.  The other horse who is referred to as Raven is really named Lakota, an appy cross mare adopted by Donna M. and still with Donna, along with SugarBear. 

Raven had his official adoption day today!  Alicia and her family came to pick up Raven today and they are headed home now.  Here comes the confusing part.  Raven gets to live with another adoption horse named Lakota, who Alicia adopted about 4 years ago.  Lakota's registered name is Doc's Fancy Blackburn, and I am going to post a link to his thread right here so you can have a look, and you can see how much MacKenzie has grown since they adopted Lakota. 
That is MacKenzie riding Lakota in the pics on that thread. 

We are happy that Raven has found such a great home and we look forward to hearing how he does in his new home. 
Thank you, and congratulations Alicia! 

Here is an adoption day photo of Raven with Alicia and MacKenzie from today, 9/2/2013. 

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Yes Char, there are two horses named Raven. Donna with Sugar Bear had adopted a Raven that is part Appy (Specked nose) and this is another Raven (Morab).

BYW: I think there are about 3 or 4 "Lakotas" from MHWF.
Congratulations to Raven and his new family!  MacKenzie, you have grown just a little bit..smile...
As USUAL you ALWAYS tell it the way it is.. And I am ready for the MENTAL WARD... Nope, just kidding. I remember reading that Donna M was ponying *Sugar Bear* & *Raven* was following. Then today I read that *Raven* will be leaving today... That is where I was RACKING my brain over *Raven*. Alicia/MacKenzie picked up *Raven* the morab today.. Morgan/Arabian mix... Donna M. has the other *Raven* (Appy/Qh)... see, it might take me a few minutes, then I thought like you did the other day, *she is messin with me*..You always have your DUCKS in a row, but sometimes on this end, it can be a tongue twister. Hope all went well today... Now, I am going to take a TYLENOL. ha ha
Donna M
Yep, confusing for sure!
I'm the Donna M. who has Lakota a.k.a. Raven and even I had to piece it together slowly. ;-)

Congratulations to THIS Raven and his new family.
LOL!  Karen I think I posted at the same time you did. I don't even know if I realized "raven" was one of the Lakotas. I just recall seeing a lot of Lakotas on here and had just been thinking about that.

I believe we have 5 Lakota's.  For ease in being able to distinguish when looking for old pictures, I started naming the pics like "Lakota buckskin", etc.  LOL! 

Scott: MHWF
So to sum this all up, we now have two adopters that each have two adopted horses, each one having a horse named Raven and each one having a horse named Lakota. Now that we have that all clear....let's talk about all the Bucks and Sugars :)
Well, we made it home safe & sound. Raven has been properly introduced to his new friends. Whinnie the Shetland could care less, Snickers the big pony is in LOVE, Lakota is indifferent at best, and the two thoroughbred mares, Trendy & Ellie are showing him who is in charge! I have plenty of pics but will have to send to Scott to post. Stay tuned:)
Donna M
Oh my, Scott. I have a Lakota a.k.a. Raven and a Sugar. Give me time to wrap my head around that. If I inquire about adopting a "Buck", please deny me. I'm sure it would be a moment of utter confusion.
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