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Scott: MHWF
Thanks for the pics Alicia!

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Wonderful photos... What a wonderful Labor Day at your place. Wow! Thanx 4 sharing.
Donna, that cracked me up.  :) 

There is even more of a little twist to this one.  The person that donated Lakota (Doc's Fancy Blackburn) is a friend of the person who donated this Raven, and had suggested to her that she donate Raven to MHWF when she needed to find a home for him. 

Thanks so much for the pics and the update Alicia!  It looks like they are settling in just great together already, and what a beautiful herd you have! 

Looks like he made it through the night and won their favor!


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Awesome picture!!  Raven sure is a beauty!!
mel d
Ah, beautiful!
Wow, beautiful picture.  I looks like a postcard. 
Raven has received some notoriety in town. I work at Scheels and they hang pictures of their employees and their passion in the office areas of the store. This year Raven and I made the wall.

- Alicia A.

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Jenni O.
I might be biased, but your photo is the best.
I second, beautiful!!
Wow...really cool!  Great pic!
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