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Barb S
Boom! Another amazing turn around!
Guess who had a very bad heart murmur when she arrived (grade 4) and now it is not detectable and was able to have sedation and get her teeth done today?  That little Sassy pony!  [smile]  
Super news!  Sassy's prognosis must be much improved (more rears, bucks and general 
Donna R
That is fantastic news!!!  You gave her a chance and look what happened!  I was thinking of you today regarding vet day.  Can't wait to hear how everyone did!
Sassy has gained so much strength that she actually almost knocked over volunteer, Karin H., today.  LOL!  She has improved so much.  Sassy is very old, but her prognosis is much better now.  Her body has regenerated a lot of muscle, and her heart is so much stronger than it was.  Sassy is very much a talker and I am going to have to do a short video clip of her telling us about how slow we are getting her breakfast to her in the morning.  [wink]  
Barb S
Lol amazing news! Look forward to the video!
Wendy W - WI
Yay little peanut!  Looking forward to the video too.
Wow that's amazing news! Can't wait to see the video!

Update: 11-5-2017

Yesterday (11-4-2017) was MHWF Vet Day , an event we have each spring and fall. Sassy was finally feeling strong enough to handle sedation, shots, etc. So, yesterday was a very big day in Sassy's recovery. She got vaccinated, her teeth floated, de-wormed and the best part, her massive heart murmur that we thought would eventually end her life, is now undetectable. Now that Sassy is eating good and gaining weight, it appears that her heart is repairing itself and with that diagnosis, most of our worries about Sassy's future were washed away. Way to go Sassy....tough little stinker.

Jenni O.
πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Hooray for Sassy!
Such an adorable little peanut! And a strong Sassy one at that... That's my favorite part πŸ˜‰
Oh what a strong girl she looks much better ☺️
I noticed the helpers/vet students smiling as Sassy had her teeth worked on.  She's that cute and appealing, right?
Kate G
Sassy Pants!
Medusa, yes, she is that cute and appealing.  She makes everyone smile who meets her now, rather than feel sorry for her when they see her as was the case when she first arrived.  

Attached Images
Name: 7-vet-day-sassy-teeth.jpg, Views: 636, Size: 277.73 KB

Sassy says hi!  

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Name: sassy-nov8.jpg, Views: 586, Size: 369.00 KB

Looks like she's ready for winter in her warm woolies [smile]
Donna R
Just look at that little sweetheart.  She DOES make you smile, even at her photo[smile]  What a remarkable rehab she has had!  Thank you for believing in her and giving her a chance to mend!
Loving all the great news for Sassy!!  Now, may she continue to live up to her name...LOL
Sandy K
Sassy looks wonderful compared to when she first came in . That cute little whinny just tugged at my heart strings the first time I heard it . I was really hoping and praying you would be able to provide her with some good days . I am so happy she rallied around .
Sassy just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank you all for helping her.  Sassy has gained even more weight since vet day on 11/4/2017 and having her teeth floated.  Here are a couple of pictures of Sassy.  

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Name: sassy-face-nov24-IMG_0092-copy.jpg, Views: 413, Size: 228.47 KB

Name: SASSY-BEFORE-AND-AFTER-NOV24.jpg, Views: 412, Size: 412.32 KB

Name: sassy-before-and-after2-nov24.jpg, Views: 421, Size: 414.18 KB

Name: sassy-august-before-IMG_8246-copy.jpg, Views: 412, Size: 395.23 KB

Name: sassy-after-nov24-IMG_0058-copy.jpg, Views: 417, Size: 342.94 KB

Name: sassy-august-before-IMG_8260.jpg, Views: 419, Size: 411.12 KB

Name: SASSY-NOV24-IMG_0071-copy.jpg, Views: 407, Size: 264.23 KB

She looks great.  Love her topknot.
Sue J
She looks great! Even her expression looks so much better! There is hope in her eyes and not the look of despair. Thank you so much for all that you guys do.
Sooo much better. That first photo threw me off a moment. I thought she had a goat like beard and I almost threw my clippers into my Jeep and came over. LOL. She’s a cute little Sassy,
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