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It's so wonderful to see her blossoming in your care.
Awe she looks so good! What a cutie!
Jenni O.
She looks so much better, and looks like she feels so much better. What a cutie.
Scott: MHWF
Yeah, when she first arrived, she was a pretty sick, hurting little gal. She is now very energetic, never stops talking and is looking and feeling great, probably better than she has in 20 years.

So sweet!!
She looks wonderful.  The look in her eyes has changed so much.
Just felt like bumping this up to see how these sweet two are doing in the deep freeze?   
Bobby and Sassy are both doing great!  We thought about turning Bobby out into the big herd for winter, but with the deep freeze/polar vortex we have going on with the below zero temps for so long, we left things as is.  They have a very nice sheltered area with their paddock adjacent to the barn and have the big stall they can go in and out of at-will.  The sun shines on their side of the barn, so they have had zero issues with the weather, no blankets needed either.  They both look great and feel great!  
That is awesome!
I've been thinking about those two, especially Sassy.  Great to know they're doing well.
What is nice with Sassy is that she is finally not so much in that "Oh my goodness I'm starving" mode any more.  Of course she is always calling to us and extremely excited at feeding time, but not as frantic as she was for a while after she got to feeling better.  It's nice to see her cute little personality coming out.  Bobby is such a sweetheart as well, and has become such a well behaved boy.  
Mary , Robin's mom
You guys are so awesome, you are angels to these horses. They look so great after you took them in. You are amazing! Thank you so much for all you do! Robin is doing great. She looks so darn good. We are lucky to have her!

Jodi N.
Any new pictures of Sassy and Bobby? Their feet were so awful and Sassy so thin, it's hard to imagine that they would ever be even close to normal again...
Bobby and Sassy continue to do great.  Bobby is wondering why no one has come to meet him or think about adopting him though, and I'm running out of reasons to tell him, but assure him that the right person for him is right around the corner.  

Here are a couple of cell phone pictures that Scott took recently that he posted on another thread...we forgot to put them here.  Sassy actually has a butt now!  

Attached Images
Name: sassy february.jpg, Views: 297, Size: 121.25 KB

Name: bobby february1.jpg, Views: 297, Size: 171.20 KB

Name: bobby february2.jpg, Views: 305, Size: 149.93 KB

It's good to see those two looking so well.  Has Bobby had any kind of training? And just how do you train a pony that is too small for accomplished child rider an adult rider?  There can't be too many accomplished child riders to take on the job.
Donna R
Sassy and Bobby look great!  The photos of Bobby really capture his adorable personality.  We just had this conversation "If only".  "But we do".   It looks like we will not be in any future adoption horse videos. So glad these two found their way to you! 
What a Transformation. You need to do side by side photos of Sassy at arrival and Sassy now.
What a Transformation. You need to do side by side photos of Sassy at arrival and Sassy now.
Anon E Moose
Has Jurita been drinking again, double posting? Maybe if she's had enough to drink she will adopt another one. I think they are both adorable (the ponies, not Jurita's double posts).
Bob's face....the spunk just radiates out of his eyes and posture.  So darn cute!  Sassy is look so nice and round  wow.  She looks pretty darned pleased with life. 
They both look so great! Everyone should have a mini or two 😉
They both look so good!!  Great job!
I did not realize that I had not done separate threads for Bobby and Sassy yet, and I need to get on that!  

So, who was the perfect pony for the farrier today?  Bobby!  He is such a good boy, has come such a long way and is truly ready for a family to call his own.  
Way to go Bobby!  Stinkin cute and stinkin good!!

Jenni O.
If Jeremy didn't want a third horse at some point I would have taken him home by now. I think he is super cute.
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