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Donna R
Jenni, he would be great company for that third horse when you and Jeremy go out riding[biggrin]
Jenni O.
He would be. But that's really pushing it with our limited space and my pocketbook. But he is CUTE!
Scott: MHWF
But he is little and does not eat much ๐Ÿ˜‰
Catherine G
I just read this whole thread on Sassy & Bobby. Karen & Scott - your dedication to these animals is unparalleled and I am so grateful to you both for what you do and the way you do it: continuously giving updates, outstanding photography, and your love and care that rehabilitates cases like these two.
Thank you Catherine!  

An amazing thing, and I'm not sure if I've posted about it or not, is that Sassy actually now plays!  She actually plays, runs around, bites at the others legs to get them going and they have a blast.  I never dreamed we would see that happen.   I have never had a camera or phone out with me when they are playing, but hopefully if the weather ever gets nice here I will capture some of this on camera and/or video.  What a cool little old lady she is.  With her being almost completely blind, she likes to hang real close when you lead her and she sticks right to you when leading her around.  She is completely blind in the one eye and can see out of the other eye, but surely impaired vision in that one.  That surely doesn't slow her down at all.  
Happy feelings!![love]
Way to go, Sassy!  That is heartwarming to hear.
Oh boy... Does Bobby have some big news?
Yayyyy for Bobby. Seeing the "tentatively adopted"  made my day. May all your days be happy ones, little Bobby.
I think it will be Bobby's weekend this coming weekend!  We will post updates soon!  

Here is a short little video clip of Sassy from this morning, 4/24/2018, and I caught Bobby and Lilly playing a bit while Sassy was in the barn eating her breakfast:  

Cute! I'm happy for Bobby and eager to learn more about his adoption.
Great videos!  So excited for Bobby!
Right now (5/4/2018), Scott is delivering Bobby to his new home.  I am staying behind with Sassy.  I will admit that while I am very happy that Bobby has found a home and will be a buddy to a horse who lost his companion, this is a bit heartbreaking, and I really hope this goes well.  Bobby and Sassy have lived together for about 20 years.  Bobby's adopters know that if Sassy does not do well, we will have to bring Bobby back.  Over time, Sassy has become very close with our little mini, Puff, and we are hoping that helps tremendously in this transition.  

Bobby loaded like a champ.  

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Scott: MHWF
Bobby is now in his new home. He got to meet his new pasture buddy, Blu today and all went pretty well. No more tiny paddock for Bobby. He how has a big green pasture and a Percheron/QH buddy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Great news for Bobby.  I hope Sassy will adjust to life without him. (Bobby's new companion is quite handsome, BTW).
We are filled with so much joy & love ๐Ÿ’• for our new family member Bobby! From that first time I set eyes on him and met him I knew he was the one. Today has been such a blessing and Blue and Bobby are doing great together. My heart is hurting though, as I think about Sassy without her friend. Thank you Scott for this special delivery today. Bobby is already so loved and he will never be unloved or neglected here! And again, thank you Karen & Scott for your big hearts, and endless love to these amazing animals. Itโ€™s 11pm and I am heading out to make sure heโ€™s ok before I go to bed.

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Hope Sassy is adjusting fine. Was wondering if she'd have a hard time. She is such a sweet little Granny pony.
I was surprised that Bobby wasn't snatched up sooner. He is such a sharp, flashy looking pony and has that spark to him that makes him more irresistible. Sounds like he ended up with the right home. Congrats to his new owner. Please keep us updated on Grandma Sassy,
How is Sassy doing without her buddy, Bobby?
Jenni O.
Congratulations, and it looks like those two hit it off. I hope Sassy adjusts quickly.
We are happy to say that Sassy seems to be her normal self and has her other mini buddies to hang with. She's a tough cookie.

Good news for Sassy, and Bobby too.
Awwww!  Sweet Sassy, I am so happy she is doing okay with this transition!  Bobby has room to stretch those cute legs and is in a great home...win-win!  Congratulations to all!
Glad things are going well for Bobby and Sassy.
Catherine G
Today is Bobbyโ€™s fifth day. Today he was running following my daughter! It was so cute! He and Blue are doing well together. They were laying out soaking up the sun together today. We hope he is happy and hope Sassys doing very well too.

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It's so great to hear the Bobby and Blue are doing so well together!  It warms my heart that Blue has a companion again, and I bet he's really happy about that.  Sassy is doing really well, and the fact that she bonded with little Puff really helped the transition tremendously.  Sassy still gets anxious and starts calling and looking whenever a trailer pulls in the driveway, but she is not frantic about it at all and she is doing very well.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  
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