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Sassy and Muffin Family
Sassy and Muffin just wanted to say hello to everyone! They are doing great and are so happy that the weather has been a bit cooler. We caught them being extra playful today, chasing one another around the paddock. We didn't know Sassy could move that fast. Sassy is such a talker and always greets us with a little nicker. We're trying out some fly masks from our neighbor and so far both girls seem happy with them. 😊🐎🐴

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Love these updates!! So glad these 2 ended up in such a great home!
Here's Claire with Sassy and Paige with Muffin.  I'm washing their fly masks right now so thought it was a good time to snap a photo.  Sassy's eye actually looks much better.  The fly mask is really helping.

We all agree that Sassy seems to be getting younger by the day.  She seems more energetic and just loves the girls, especially Claire.  They seem to have really bonded.  Muffin is quite hard on Sassy at times, and we wish that Sassy would put her in her place, but she seems to just put up with her.
Both girls with the help of our neighbor, have been working on some level 1 Parelli with Muffin.  The girls have been lunging her and hope to show her one day.  First we have to burn off her "Muffin top."  She has such a big belly.
- Kristin

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Bobby is doing well in his new home as well 😉

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Jamie M
This story sure is a heart string puller.   Love that these two cuties each have their own human cutie to love and be loved!  Lots of great life lessons for these girls 😉
Bobby being goofy 😉

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Kristin W.
Oh my, when I first saw this picture of Bobby I thought it was Sassy! Our family adopted Sassy and Muffin last month. I often wonder if Sassy misses Bobby. He is so dang cute! 😊
What a kissable nose!!
Here are a few recent photos. You can see how good Sassy's eye looks now that the flies are gone. We live on a small lake that has a ton of geese on it and goose season must have opened this past weekend because it sounded like the civil war here. The shooting didn't phase Sassy at all but Muffin was spooked a bit, but got used to it. They are getting their winter fuzzies now.
We just adore these ponies. Sassy has such spunk yet is so sweet. She's so talkative and let's me know when her breakfast is late! Muffin never made a peep until the last few weeks. She has the lowest and softest sounding nicker. She's finally feeling at home here, but is still the boss mare. I can't wait for the day when Sassy fights back.
Thanks for everything.

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Sassy and her girl.

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Jamie M
This is one of my favorite stories!  It just warms my heart to see these two ponies loved by two adorable girls. 
Jenni O.
This is just one of the sweetest things ever. I love these updates/photos.
Sassy gets her feet trimmed and her teeth looked at 😉

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Wonderful pics and update
Sassy and Muffin are doing great! They had a bit of "spring fever" today.  It was in the mid 40's and just gorgeous.  We saw Muffin chasing Sassy around the paddock and Sassy would buck and rear, it was so funny.  They are slowly becoming better friends.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for these sweet ponies and I think they are thankful for us too. 😊

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They both look so good...and wicked cute!
Today is Muffin's 6th birthday.  We celebrated with carrots and apples and Sassy even gave Muffin a little loving nuzzle.

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Donna R
I love your posts!  I'm so happy for these two sweet ponies and their girls.  Thank you for sharing.  Happy Birthday Muffin!
Jan N
Make that Two who say "Love your posts" like Donna! Your adoptions and your family's energy for/with these ponies is simply wonderful.
The look Sassy gave us when we told her she couldn't ride to school with the kids. 😂

- Kristin W.

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Heike B
Aw come on!  She'd totally fit in that van.
Kristin W.
Haha. She totally would fit in the van and would absolutely go in it if we let her. 😉
You are just so mean...just SO mean!!  wink wink....
Well, it IS a Mini van!
Jan N
Jutita, you crack me up!
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