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Rescued Ponies - Sassy and Bobby

Not Currently Available - In Rehab

On Thursday MHWF received a call from Wood County authorities that they needed our help in a neglect/abuse case involving two ponies. Of course, we hooked up and headed over ASAP and we now have two ponies here that need a lot of TLC. There is a pony gelding named Bobby who we are told is 20 years old (we will age him today, he does not appear to be that old). His feet are as bad as we have ever seen. He needs everything, Coggins, de-wormers, vaccinations, dental work and obviously some serious hoof work.

Along with Bobby, we took in Sassy, a mid-twenties mini mare, skin and bones. Sassy has not been trimmed since 2012 and will also need dental work, Coggins, vaccinations, farrier work, de-wormers and sadly some antibiotics and who knows what else. Sassy is in very rough shape. Besides being terribly thin, she has one eye that is shrunken up and infected. Her halter was growing into her neck when we first saw her and the smell of infection was unbearable to say the least. When we removed the ingrown halter, we found that the infection was full of live maggots. The halter is now removed and the wound cleaned.

We will share updates and photos are these two ponies get better, feel better and look better, but in the meantime, we could use your help in the form of donations to help get these two back into shape and feeling good. This is not going to be an overnight rehab. If you can help by pitching in a few dollars, MHWF and these two poor ponies would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your support and thank you to Wood County for taking action in this case.

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Horrible!  At least the Wood County authorities stepped in.  A check is on the way.
Sue J
Those poor babies. Sending $ now.Thank you for being there and giving them a place where they will not be deprived of food, shelter, care and love.
Carla (Wis)
Good grief!  I will put my check in the Monday mail.
Just so sad. I am glad there was intervention and they are now with you. Looking forward to seeing them heal and flourish 💜
Debbie M.
It is always sad to see pics like that of abuse and neglect. They are safe and happy now being at the rescue, and will look forward to finding their forever homes when they are ready. Sadie (Lady) and Phoenix told me to send some money, and I will be soon. They know the new guys are on the trail now to happiness and love.
Wendy W - WI
Just no words.   Well, I have many that can't be posted here.  Sending a donation on Monday.  Thank you for taking these itty's in.  
Barb S
People Suck😡Thank goodness not all people. Reminder to all that want to donate. Instead of sending a check you can go to the donate buttons on the website. It's much faster and less chance of forgetting well meant intentions. Thanks Scott & Karen again you guys rock!!! 💕To you both.
So incredibly sad and unbelievable. Thank you for rescuing these poor ponies. Sending a donation for their care via paypal.
I  know it's too early to expect an update on the ponies, but the condition of Bobby's hooves made me wonder why it seems that it's usually the front hooves that get really overgrown. Any answers? Speculation? Guesses?
Bobby and Sassy are stable and will be getting medical attention tomorrow (Monday, 8/28/2017).  Their back feet are very overgrown as well, and we have seen some pretty nasty back feet on horses that have had their feet neglected for a long time.  The shape of the hooves from front to back is different and the weight load is different (back legs holding more weight), and each hoof may grow differently depending upon how the equine is walking and bearing weight, as well as their diet and the ground they are walking on can effect things.  You will notice that Sassy's hooves, while just as neglected and bad as Bobby's, don't have the curl upwards, so they must have broken off at times.  Neither of them have had their feet trimmed in years.  It's the roll of the dice as to how they grow, how they break and how much damage it does.  We were told that Bobby's had grown and curled all the way to touch his legs, but some of it has broken off.  
So sad.  Thank you for taking them in.
Julie S
oh dear Lord, sending my donation out today
Thank you all so much for your support and helping us help horses like Bobby and Sassy!  

Bobby and Sassy got their feet trimmed today and I believe the vet just pulled in the driveway as well.  I will update more later, but here is a quick before and after picture of Bobby's front feet.  It will take some growth and trims to get his feet to normal, but he is feeling so much better already.  There wasn't a frog to be found on any of their feet, all rotted off.  

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Jodi Nielsen
Were Sassy's feet as bad as Bobby's? I can not imagine how anyone could look at those feet and not realize that they desperately needed attention, not to mention an infected eye and festering wound.  Bless you for taking these two in!!!
I know they have to feel so much better now!
Scott: MHWF
Besides getting their feet trimmed today, Sassy and Bobby got their first vet appointment in who knows how long.....years. Bobby is doing good now that his feet are trimmed. He already follows us around begging for treats (he came in hard to catch and jumpy). He seems to move normal, is healthy, sound and with another trim or two, will be back to 100% in no time. He got his Coggins done today and will get de-wormed and vaccinated in the next couple of days as well. Bobby got aged at between 18 and 20 years old today.

Sassy also got her feet trimmed this morning and had a work up done by the vet today, new Coggins, and sadly, that was as far as we could go for now. She is thin, weak and has a very bad heart murmur. She was given about a 10% chance of survival. Her heart is simply too far gone. Her lack of nutrition has forced her body to eat up even heart muscle. We are going to give her a little time to see if she can pull through all this, but until she is stronger, it is not safe for us to sedate her for any dental work, de-worm her or vaccinate her. Only time will tell if she is able to bounce back or not. Right now her chances are not good, but she is a tough little thing and seems very happy right now, so we will keep trying and hope all goes well. The vet did age her at around 30 when he was here today.
Awe, hang in there sweet girl! You are in the right place to heal 💜
Thank you so much for taking these 2 on!! I said it before, I'll say it again. You guys are AWESOME!!!!
I am glad Scott wrote that update...that is not news we wanted to hear about Sassy, but I will say that she sure is a happy little girl, nickering to us whenever she sees us.  We will give her some time and be sure that she is not in distress.  I am happy to say that her wounds are healing very, very fast!  Her eye is already almost cleared up too.  

As far as their feet, neither pony has any frog at all in any of their feet, so their feet need to heal and grow frog.  Their initial trims put them on the road to recovery.  

Here are some pictures of Bobby and Sassy through the trims and after their trims.

Attached Images
Name: bobby-feet-front-after-august28-IMG_8281-copy.jpg, Views: 1763, Size: 415.03 KB

Name: bobby-feet-front-august25-IMG_8010-copy.jpg, Views: 1716, Size: 397.43 KB

Name: bobby-trim-saw-august28-IMG_8220-copy.jpg, Views: 1717, Size: 303.57 KB

Name: sassy-after-trim-august28-IMG_8273-copy.jpg, Views: 1715, Size: 377.22 KB

Name: sassy-and-bobby-feet-after-trim-august28-IMG_8284-copy.jpg, Views: 1696, Size: 376.44 KB

Name: sassy-back-foot-before-trim-august28-IMG_8198-copy.jpg, Views: 1675, Size: 342.81 KB

Name: sassy-back-foot-before-trim-august28-IMG_8199-copy.jpg, Views: 1675, Size: 324.99 KB

Name: sassy-foot-farrier-august28-IMG_8189-copy.jpg, Views: 1653, Size: 192.92 KB

I'm sorry to read about Sassy's poor prognosis, though if anyone can help her it's MHWF.  I have so many questions--how did two animals in the same place end up in such different condition?  How long was Sassy starving?  What combination of ignorance, obliviousness, stupidity or cruelty would let two animals suffer like this?

I'm glad Sassy is feeling better and that she will be cared for and comfortable, whatever her outcome.

Scott: MHWF
There are a ton of things that play into why one horse would be in better shape than another and it is usually a combination of things.

Sassy's heart issues may have always been there and simply got worse as she got older. She is quite a bit older than Bobby as well. Horse's teeth all grow at different speeds and some teeth are much harder than others. Our guess is that her really poor condition is a combination of all of these things.  Bobby could have pushed her off of the food that was available as well, we just don't know.  
We also want to take a moment to thank everyone who has shared their concern for these two ponies and the people who have made donations toward their care.

The fact is, that without our supporters and donors, we could not help horses like Sassy and Bobby. You, the donors, have the hard part, paying the bill. All we have to do is be here and do the chores. Our donors deserve any credit that comes from rehabbing horses and we mean that. The more supporters and donors we have, the more horses we can help. It is really that simple and we thank each and every person who came to the rescue so far for these little ponies.
Julie C.
Makes me cry seeing these abused and neglected horses. So happy Wood County stepped in. I will being donating. I operate a cat rescue, and it saddens me to see what people are capable of.
Thank you so much for everything you do for horses like Bobby and Sassy. It always helps to restore my faith in humanity.
After I looked up what frog is (being foreign and all that) I'm wondering how there can't be any. Like is it overgrown? Does it recede?
I have been very lucky that the only horses I have closely dealt with had good feet so seeing how awful some hooves get off horses you take in has just boggled my mind.
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