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It's official, Bobby has left for his new home!  Keep in mind that Bobby and Sassy are still sharing the same thread here on the forum because we never started their own, and Sassy is still in the same wonderful home - they were adopted out to different homes to begin with.  Bobby got adopted back in May of 2018 to a wonderful home, and sadly his adopter is going through some life changes that made it impossible to keep Bobby, so of course he came back here to MHWF to find himself a new wonderful home.  

We're so happy to announce that MHWF's very own Dr. Jan adopted Mr. Bobby!  You all know Dr. Jan if you come to any of the MHWF events...and as a matter of fact on her trips up here to meet Bobby and now to come back and pick him up, she has brought so many nice things that were to be for the Soup & Pie Social and for the Horse Fair, which had to be canceled, but that's another subject...   Sadly, Jan lost her adopted horse Stanza back in December, and it seemed like the right time now to add another lovely equine to her family.  Bobby was the perfect guy for the job - the job of having a most wonderful home and being loved on.  

Thank you Dr. Jan for your continued support over the years and for believing in adoption.  A big congratulations to Jan and to Bobby!  

We have a lovely official adoption day picture to share too!  [love]  We're so happy that Bobby found such a great home.  

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Jan N
Bobby rode well and came off the trailer cool and curious. He and I walked fence first while Spirit waited inside, then Bobby ate in the stall next to Spirit. He was mostly not too concerned. She on the other hand was excited and mildly pissed he didn't think her very interesting. I decided to let them figure it out by turning her loose in barn with doors to arena and pasture open. They visited through stall door mesh, she went outdoors and ate hay, came back in and visited some more, etc, etc.

I had to put the trailer away, so moved her outdoors and him into the arena and they got the rest all discussed over the door. Spirit is in heat so squeal-ish and fussy. Bobby is every bit a gelding, sniffs most piles of poop, decides which ones need taste-testing, and then rolls in the "best" of then. When I got back down to the arena he was calmly doing his thing, frequently circled over to say a few words to her, then wandered off again.

I let her inside and they played follow-the-leader for a while then each just went about their business. Quite a yawner as far as introductions go...how sweet is that? I'm so proud of how Bobby handled himself - he could've been all reactive, but no, not interested. What a great little guy!!

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I think you've got it made, Bobby!  Congratulations all around.
Heike B
AWWWW!  I'm kinda jealous!  
Awesome news!!
Jan N
Got some images of Spirit and Bobby this morning.
First the two of them.
Then Bobby wanted individual attention.
And seemed to say, "Kiss my beaks, I can tell you want to!"

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Scott and Karen: MHWF
Jenni O.
He is adorable and they make quite a pair. Congratulations!
This is just so wonderful... and adorable!!
Jan N.

Bobby is doing great! He and Spirit are a good match and happily he is independent enough to live his own life in the pasture. I am glad to see him avoid becoming simply her tag-along. He is learning *physical distancing* LOL pretty well so far and actually has begun stepping back from the feed pan without prompting when I get close enough to put hay pellets in it. Learning respect for my personal space has been maybe a bit harder for him than for some since he is so adorably social, but I'm happy with this ongoing work in progress. He especially appreciates a good stiff rubbing-fingernail-tip-scrubbing mane workout all along from poll to withers. 

 - Jan

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MHWF, Inc.
Sassy, Muffin and Mickey 😉

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Sassy is loving summer and is as fit as a fiddle.

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It's good she h to see Sassy doing well.  That's quite the mane she has.
She is super cute with that fly mask on
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