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Nicola, the frogs completely rotted off and will need to regrow. Neglecting horses feet like this really causes a lot of problems.
What an amazing change one trim made in the feet!  So heartwarming to see the changes in attitude coming so quickly.  Hoping for the best with Sassy.
chloe m.
this is just pitiful!!! im only 14 but i still dont understand how someone could let it go that far!!! when you take on having horses, its not easy and there are times were you need to throw down money to keep them alive. its not like they can get up and call the vet or ferrier. this really just breaks my heart...[frown][frown][mad]  i really wish people wouldn't do this to horses. at least they are in good hands now. <3
Update 9/10/2017:  

Sassy and Bobby have now been with us at MHWF for just a couple of days over 2 weeks.  As you know, they both had their feet trimmed shortly after arrival.  Bobby is now running and really enjoying his new feet and doing great!!  He seeks out attention continually and is actually quite full of himself already, in a good way.  [smile]  We are very happy to see him using his new feet so well and the fact that he is sound on them and not having any trouble.  

Sassy of course is still considered critical because of her severe starvation state.  We are happy to report that Sassy has really gained a lot more energy and has had no bad days of any distress.  Her wounds have healed up very nicely also.  She has the cutest nicker and whinny you could ever dream to hear.  Sassy always seeks out attention as well and absolutely loves to be groomed.  She will lay her head right into your leg when you stand and pet her and pay attention to her.  She is doing very well on her re-feeding program so far, and while of course there is no significant weight gain in only 2 weeks because of the nature of re-feeding and the starvation state, we are seeing her ribs start to fill in a little.  Her attitude is one of being very, very happy and we love seeing the energy that she has gained as well.  

I snapped a bunch of pictures yesterday and want to share a few of them with you all so you can see these two little sweethearts.  It is very hard to get pictures of them when I go in there because they are constantly seeking out attention and hard to get far enough away for pictures, but here are a few....and Bobby showing off how he can run with his new feet!

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Sue J
Those pictures and update made my day! Thank you!
Yes, I can see some filling in of the ribs.  A good start.  Fingers crossed!!! [biggrin]
That's great news! They look so much better already! Clean, healthier, and happy! Must be wonderful to see it in person.
Donna R
Great update!  Bobby is such an energetic little character!  It was nice to see him running around so freely yesterday.  He is truly loving his new life!  Sassy is a sweetheart.  I hope you keep seeing her get better each day.  It is hard to imagine how relieved they both must be to have their feet trimmed, wounds taken care of, and regular access to food and water.  They are now experiencing what it is like to be loved and cared for by humans.  Life is good!
That is so incredibly awesome!!! Thank you for taking them in!!
It's great to see the improvement.  How is Sassy's eye?
Medusa, I've attached a picture closer of Sassy's face.  Her left eye is completely blind and is very shrunken.  It was very infected when we took her in 2 weeks ago, and since being treated it has cleared nicely.  We cannot do anything like remove the eye, if that will be an indication, unless she pulls through and gets strong enough to be able to handle any medical procedures.  We are really hoping with all of our might that she does pull through, and hoping also that the eye will not need to be removed.  It seems to be under control now.
I would think that the extreme amount of pain she had with the combination of her painful and infected eye, her neglected feet and the halter embedded in her skin that was severely infected (with maggots) probably was one of the factors in her poor body condition as well. 
It is really obvious how much better she feels now, and that makes us really happy.  

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Jenni O.
I love this update. It's amazing what decent care will do! They probably haven't felt this good in a long time.
Bobby has made a dramatic transformation from the fearful pony with horrible feet that we picked up.  

Bobby says WOOHOO!  Loving life!  

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What a cutie!  I predict he'll find a new home soon.
What a great update.  So nice to see both of them doing so much better.  Continued healing thoughts for Sassy....
This is a great update! Boy, that Bobby is a looker! And Sassy that sweet girl, I have a feeling she is going to pull through!!
You can see it all in his face!!!
Jodi N.
Oh, I think I am in love with Bobby!! How tall is he? Is he gentle? Wheels turning.....
What color would you say Sassy is?
Scott: MHWF
To me, she is a roan.
Tracy N
What a difference a couple of weeks make! So glad that you are able to help these 2 sweethearts. It's great that they are so friendly after their ordeal. Hope help didn't come to late for Sassy, she sounds like a fighter!
How wonderful to see them so happy and free oxox

Sandy K
Oh Sassy looks so much better than when I first saw her. That nicker of hers is just so loveable . I'm glad her wounds have healed and I hope she enjoys good days as long as she can.
How are these two doing, especially Sassy?

Bobby is doing very good and we are ready to make him available for adoption, probably after this weekend. He will need one more trim, but he is looking good, feeling good and loves to run and play now.

Sassy still has a great appetite, but we are not seeing any substantial weight gain, even with her getting a large amount of senior feed twice per day. She is happy, talks all the time, but so far, we are not seeing much improvement in her condition.
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