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Just a quick update.  Sassy continues to nicker and be happy as can be, and not sure if we are seeing much weight gain, but her appetite is great.  Since she seems to be stable, we have started her on a deworming protocol now and will continue caring for her and watching her status.  

Bobby continues to do great and got his feet trimmed again this morning.  He has great circulation to his feet now and with him using them and walking on a flat surface on them is helping tremendously.  Just a couple of quick cell phone pics of Bobby getting his feet trimmed this morning.  He is being a very good boy for his trimmings!  (two farriers are always here at the same time and both participate)

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Good to hear how well Bobby is doing.  I hope the parasite treatment helps Sassy.  I've  been wondering if and how her heart condition might be affecting her recovery.
We are very concerned that her heart condition may be playing a role in her rehab, but then again we had to be so careful about what she could eat for a while with concerns about re-feeding syndrome, so she truly has not been eating that much until about the last 2 weeks now.  Hopeful and watchful.  We will not let her suffer or be in distress, and we are hoping she can pull through from her severe neglect situation.  
We can now make Bobby available for adoption!
I'm in no position to adopt a horse, otherwise I'd be tempted to snap up Bobby and spoil him rotten.  Probably lucky for Bobby.[wink]
Medusa, I don't think Bobby would have any objections to that at all.  

I do believe we are starting to see a little weight gain on Sassy!  Surely nothing drastic, but there is a little gain going on.  [smile]  
Scott: MHWF
Karen and I both finally agree and over the past few days, it has become obvious that Sassy is gaining weight. I would certainly hope so too, because she is eating about 12 pounds of Purina Senior Active per day!

Update: 10-16-2017

Finally we can see Sassy putting on some weight and with that, we feel like we can now de-worm her with a full dose and in another week or two, vaccinate her. If she continues to improve, we will feel fairly safe sedating her for her much needed dental work. She is now past the most crucial stage in re-feeding and is improving a tiny bit every day. At her age, nothing is certain, but we no longer go out for chores in the morning expecting to find her down or worse.

Great news!
Well this is good news!
Donna R
Great news about Sassy!  I hope those plans all fall into place and she continues to improve.
This is wonderful news.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for her full recovery.
Great news on Sassy!
Good news for the sweet little Grandma pony!
I snapped a couple of cell phone pics of Sassy getting her feet trimmed yesterday (10/17/2017).  Her little tootsies are doing great, growing nice frog and everything.  It was interesting because Sassy actually reared a little when first getting trimmed, and that was unexpected and yet kind of a nice thing to see.  Not that anyone wants to see bad behavior, and she was absolutely fine after that little incident, but kind of a nice thing to see because when she first got here and in the weeks following her arrival, she wouldn't have even been able to do that.  Sassy has really gained strength and energy, and she is now really shedding out her unhealthy hair as well.  This is one sweet little mare, and we are absolutely thrilled that she is doing so well.  

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What a great update!  What a tiny little thing she is.  How tall is she?
Sassy is just a little mite, I'm not sure on exact height (not good with those guesses), but I will actually pay attention to that and figure that out.  If I was going to guess, I'd say 34 inches.  Now we'll see how far off I am when I measure her.  [smile]  

Sassy's ribs have really filled in over the last 2 weeks and those hip bones are not such sharp points any more.  She literally had nothing left to give in that tiny body, there was nothing left but hide and bone when she came in.  
Sassy looks so much better!  Well done!
Sue J
She looks so much better. Glad this girl did not give up and so glad you were all there for her to give her a chance.
Wendy W - WI
Yay for a rear!!  Ahem.......I mean naughty girl.  [rofl]

She looks so much better!  Can't wait to meet her.  
As much as I hate to be the pessimist, we do not want to celebrate too early. I have seen it happen before, a horse named Zorro, way back in 2003. The day we decided he was looking good and we could make him available, he died of heart failure. Kind of the same situation, skinny, broken down, finally putting on weight and starting to look better. His heart just could not take it and he dropped right in front of me as I was dumping a scoop of grain into his bucket. He was dead before he hit the ground.

We truly hope this is not the case with Sassy, but know that this could be what takes her in the end. Having said that, she is doing good and we are very happy with her progress.
Aww, she's so sweet! Looking good little lady!
It's official, and it feels so good to say this, Sassy is gaining weight like crazy now!  Her ribs are all filled in and she is working away on that neck, top line and those pokey-looking hip bones.  She is such a happy and sweet little girl.

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Kara B.
What great news!
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