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The younger Filly should be called Silvia, (sil V ah) or Candice (cause the older filly sounds like Candy to me!)
Kristin W.
Muffin and Sassy's girls suggest the following names for little F24: Sprinkles, Cookie or Sugar. They must have Christmas baking on their minds. 😉 Their brother Owen, suggests Sundae (he loves ice cream).😊
Mistletoe and Celebrate or Noel and Angle.
Or  in keeping with Thanksgiving, Joy and Bliss
Khandi already has a name and that will stay.....so we will just be renaming the younger filly and not both.
Jan N
I kind of like the suggested name Sundae. Or Sugar. Sundae's Sugar Khane???
Do we know their parentage?  How about  Renascence? (definition: new beginning, rebirth)  Could call her Ren for short.
Ideally, we get registration papers on both of these girls.  It would also help in naming F24 when knowing her sire and dam's names too.  😉  From some chatter I've heard, F24's dam's name may be Song.  
I have always liked Lyric for a filly with a musical reference.
I love the name Lyric also, but I know SO many of them.  lol  
Melody, Chorus or   Carol  ?   Aria  would be pretty.
How about Melody?
Leslie V
Aaralyn (American name meaning with Song), Aika (Love Song), Avalee (Strength;Desired;Persian-Voice;Song;Sound)
Glad to hear there is improvement already in these babies...way to go!  And the name game, always so fun...LOL
Carina P.
Canta, Debra, leelo, liran. All names related to song. Just for more ideas
When I came out and saw the little honeys I was calling the little one treasure.. her ears even perked up a little when she came and took a lick off a carrot... so for names my vote is treasure
Wendy W - WI

It kinda sounds like Ohnia.  The link below is where I found it.

Becky H.
Any health updates on the babies?

I'm keeping notes on the babies and their health issues and progress.  I will share a brief update.  

I think I've mentioned that we got their feet trimmed.  The thrush is healing and they are starting to develop the frogs in their feet that were rotted.  Quite a lot needed to be trimmed from their hooves and it really helped straighten their legs quite a bit.  

The skin conditions that are directly related to their poor immune systems from lack of proper nutrition as well as lack of shelter from the elements is an ongoing battle, but the babies are getting much better.  We are seeing weight gain and strength gain in both of them.  F23 gained strength faster than F24, but now at this point, finally, F24 (the younger one) has gained the strength that has given her the balance and coordination to even actually trot around a bit now!  She could not do that previously and that was so sad.  Besides battling the lice, ringworm has also been an issue for the both of them and we are getting that under control as well.  I think I've mentioned, the rain rot is as bad as it gets...from the tips of the ears, the whole body and down the legs.  It's not just spots here and there, it's the whole body from ear to toe.  We are gaining ground on that as they get stronger with the proper nutrition.  We continue to handle them daily and they truly enjoy seeing us coming, and whether that be because they know we are bringing them food or not, doesn't matter...their much brighter attitude is so great to see!  

Here are a few pictures to go along with the things I've described, and I will share more pictures soon.  

Attached Images
Name: F23-EATING-SKIN-FORUM-20181120_120230-copy.jpg, Views: 407, Size: 334.73 KB

Name: F23-FEET-TRIM-FORUM-20181109_113131-copy.jpg, Views: 405, Size: 332.77 KB

Name: F23-FORUM-NOV15-20181115_115433-copy.jpg, Views: 400, Size: 343.73 KB

Name: F24-FORUM-IMGL3804.jpg, Views: 404, Size: 241.88 KB

Name: F24-MANE-SKIN-FORUM-20181120_120346-copy.jpg, Views: 406, Size: 281.67 KB

I'm glad there's progress and hope that by next spring we'll see them filled out and shiny-coated.

Jenni O.
They are extremely lucky to have come to you when they did. So sad that in their short lives they've had so little care and such a lack of food. They are going to be such nice-looking horses once they are in good condition.
How are the babies doing?
Both are doing very well and have put on considerable weight. Now, trying to get some healthy looking coats in the dead of winter, that is a different story.
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