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I just taped him on Saturday. I know he has grown, the blue halter that he came here in will not fit him anymore. He is 15 hands and taped at 1050 lbs.


The last week or so we have had Riley up by the barn getting acquainted with everyone. It’s gone great. There isn’t a lot of room for him up there like he’s used to but he’s doing well. He goes in the scary barn all on his own and checks it out and shares the water tank with everyone. I found out he’s getting pretty fond of his fellow ponies. Having Riley up front, it gave us the opportunity to put everyone else out in the pen he was in, so we could do some manure clean up in their run in, put out a round bale, etc. Well, everyone was taken out but him and he didn’t think that was a good idea. He got a bit stirred up, so I thought well, might as well see what happens….

So I took Riley out, he was a bit excited, got a little rambunctious and in my space, so we had a talk and some circles. As soon as he could see them, he was fine. Walked like a gentleman. He was a bit hesitant but went in with everyone. So, I wanted to send a few pics from yesterday. We have successfully mixed Riley in with the herd. There was a bit of picking but for the most part it was quiet. No one had bite marks or was overly aggressive. He’s still a bit skittish of course, and I admit I have 2 that I figured would be $#)% heads, and they showed true to form and they gave chase a couple times, but not far and Riley wandered back. So we’ll do this a few times again before we put him in with them full time. He’s done well one on one with a couple of the geldings in with him. And of course, our older mare seems to like the new face, she showed him her hinder quite a bit over the fence when they went back up to the barn but he didn’t care she was even there.

And I truly believe he has grown. I didn’t measure him when he got here, but his blue halter went to the barn, it’s way too small. He taped at 15 hands and 1050 lbs yesterday. He’s an eating machine!

So Happy Thanksgiving from Riley to you all!(and me too) Have a great Holiday!

- Kellie M.

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Jan N
This is fabulous news! So happy for Riley! Thanks for the consistent, deliberate, respectful work and effort it is obvious you have given him.
Congratulations!!  This has been a long time coming and you have worked really hard to get Riley to this point.  Good job...so happy for everyone!
Breakfast inside this morning 😉

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So a pre- Christmas Riley update: We’ve made some good progress in the last weeks. Riley  has met our farrier, and has had his feet trimmed! I was so excited! He did well, considering he’s still learning. Well, 3 of them. We are still having issues with him holding up the right rear foot, so we are going to see if it’s a balance issue or maybe a chiropractic issue. So if anyone knows of a good pony chiro in the northeast Madison area, let me know. I unfortunately wasn’t there on trim day, but Scott says he did pretty well. Thanks to Kevin S., he does a great job with them.

He’s pretty vocal as I may have mentioned. He is usually the first to greet us when we come out of the house. He started this funny whinny he does that sounds just like Scooby Doo. So I think he has found a nickname. I’ve taken to calling him Scooby now and then and it suits his easy-going self.

We’ve integrated him with the herd here and there, and it was going pretty well. And then it wasn’t. Unfortunately the bully in the herd and his followers got through the gate that had them separated and Riley headed for the hills. All ended well, Scott was able to catch him  on the loose (he doesn’t have a halter on usually anymore, because he’s so easy to catch in the pen) so that was good, (didn’t use grain even) and get things back to normal. And we’ll be putting a new set up for the latch on the gate. The frost shifted the post and it wasn’t caught in the latch. All’s well that ends well. No one was hurt and nothing was destroyed, just had to straighten some fence. So we may have to  take a few steps back in that department.

Since it was a beautiful day on Sunday and my Bestie, Jackie B. was visiting, we spent some Riley time. I am very pleased to say the he reacted to her really well working with him. He’d never met her before and picked up new things quick. We tried the long lines a bit to see how that would go and it went fantastic. He took to it no problem. He did left and right with a snaffle, easy as can be. I hadn’t done a lot with lunging him, but within 5 minutes he was  going in circles for her. He has become much more accepting and trusting of new people.

The biggest triumph though, was to be able to get on. I couldn’t be more pleased with his unconcerned demeanor. I got on and sat, got off, got on and sat, got off, and got on. He wasn’t sure about it all, but with 3 passes around the pen, he was all ok with it. He relaxed by the 2nd round and was more concerned with the dogs antics than us. He’d done so well we left it at that, and so the whole time spent with him was positive. I’m so proud of him. I am so looking forward to riding him and continuing this journey. I don’t think I have ever done anything that is this rewarding.

I just wish mother nature would give us good weather, Or Santa can bring me an indoor arena!!! LOL 

Merry Christmas to all from Riley (Scooby) and from us. Have a wonderful and happy New Year!

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Heike B
Fantastic update, and great pictures.  Scooby/Riley looks happy and relaxed!
Wow!! That is one heck of an update! Congratulations and enjoy the journey ❤️
Michelle Krusing is a good equine chiropractor and not very far. She does travel, or you can save the farm call and take him to her.


You're making great strides with Riley!
Wonderful update, such major strides and such great success!  Love the pic of him in the long lines, he looks so relaxed and comfortable.  Nice work!
Riley and his mother, Faith.

Just to be clear, this is a 7 year old photo. Riley is all grown up now 😉

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What a great photo!  
Jenni O.
All I can say is, "AWWWW!!" 
What are Riley’s disciplines? He is such a cutie😘
If you read Riley's description and thread posts, he is not only not yet available for adoption, but is also not yet broke to ride. So, his disciplines are eating and drinking I guess.  He has come a long way from being unhandled and not even halter trained.  
Jenni O.
Funny, those are the disciplines Pea excels in! And pooping.
Carina p
My mini excells at eating treats and looking cute. She will be a year old this month and we have started some groundwork in the hopes of her someday jumping in hand and pulling a cart. She also excells at being patient with small children.
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