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Jane Liess
Shayna, you forgot to mention how darn cute he is, too!

So wonderful to see these updates!
Shayna W.
Update on Riley! I had my baby 11/6. Riley had a two week break. When I went back to the barn he got a REALLY good brushing and first post baby workout! He was wonderful. He didn't forget any of his previous groundwork and let me pick up his feet. (I hadn't tried previously due to being pregnant). He really likes treats and constantly checks my pocket for them. ❤️

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Jan N
Kellie + Scott plus Rachel plus Shayna + family: following up after MHWF's original intrepid managment of the Lucky 13 = WONDERFUL FUTURE for Riley. I am so impressed. I am sooo thankful. Nearly every day, just by visiting this forum, I see and appreciate the hard work and the donations and the countless (many of them unwitnessed) volunteer hours of this *outstanding* group of people. YOU ALL ROCK !!!
Jane Liess
Shayna, I can't believe that you didn't even mention your baby's sex and name!  I'm glad that Riley is doing well, but we want to know about your family, too (at least I do).
Shayna W.
I had a beautiful baby boy, Anthony Michael. ☺️
Jane Liess
Congratulations on both your additions to your family!
Congratulations on your little man!
Shayna W.
I've really been enjoying my days out of the house. My 6 year old son, Oliver, likes to go to the barn with me. Oliver walked Riley around by himself today. Riley was such a gentleman that he kept his head low so it was easier for Oliver to lead. We spent a lot of time rubbing a small saddle all over Riley's body. He didn't move a bit! We absolutely LOVE this horse!

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Kellie M.
Shayna, I'm so glad you, baby and Riley are doing well. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Shayna W.
We were playing while waiting for the ferrier. He follows me with his eyes while practicing ground tying. He always wants to know where I am. It's amazing how well he stood for the ferrier. You would've thought he was an old pro! We also got the saddle on this week! I will post more progress to come...

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l love that!  He knows who he loves and trusts.
Shayna W.
It was a great day today for Mr Riley. I went out to the barn by myself today and was determined to get the saddle on. I was able to *almost* completely ground tie him while saddling up. We had to work slowly to fasten the cinch (I didn't want to take steps back), but once he was relaxed I was able to tighten it up. We then had our normal workout. I was SO proud of him. All of the effort #team Riley has put into him is REALLY starting to show. Congrats to everyone that loves and has helped with this horse. We love him so much and I'm just SO excited to keep working with him.

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Jane Liess
Looking good.  He's SO cute.
Shayna W.
Happy Valentine's Day! Kiss a horse.

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Riley looks really nice and calm under saddle...and has a very kissable beak!! Happy Valentine's Day.
Shayna W.
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a child" Riley and my 6 year old.

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Love it!
Jenni O.
Aww!! So cute.
Shayna W.
Mr. Riley is doing great. We are really enjoying the nice weather.

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Scott: MHWF
He's so damn cute 😉
Jan N
The kid or the horse, Scott?  LOL (gotcha, maybe!!)
Jenni O.
Such a pretty head!
Such a pretty guy!
Shayna W.
It's been a while! Quick update on our wonderful Riley..he keeps stealing my heart! We have been doing A LOT of ground work. I am taking my time because I'm really in no rush. He's doing great with saddeling. He'll actually just stand bad let me throw it on his back while ground tied. We are still not riding, but next on our list is long lining! We have our first horse show in August. Depending upon how he handles ALL the horses we may even do halter and/or showmanship! What a lucky fella.

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