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Here are some new pictures of Robin. We are so happy to have her.

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Donna R
Robin looks great Harry and Mary!  Her coat really shines too! 
Jenni O.
She looks great! I bet she's happy to have you, too.
Looking great!
Love this horse so much!
Wednesday 9-7-2016

Robin, lookin' good!

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Robin's Ole Princess, 23 year old QH mare doing good, looking good and feeling good.

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That's the kind of update we all like to hear!
Robin's Ole Princess and her adopter, Mary C.

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Love to see happy faces!
Robin's Ole Princess is doing awesome.  When I call them in at night she sometimes runs in before my 20 year old gelding. I'll get a video. Look at her mane and tail, she also has dapples. Love her.

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Shes gorgeous...thank you for loving her!!
Robins Ole Princess is doing great.  Just cleaning paddock and wanted to send a pic. 😊

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She looks so good!!

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Adopter, Mary C. and Robin's Ole Princess on a trail ride this past weekend.

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I was out checking on the horses this morning and took a few of Robin (aka Robins Ole Princess). I took them into the barn to brush them and pick out their feet, then took them back outside. She was very lovey this morning and spent some time just resting her head on my shoulder while I petted her. I stayed there and just hung out with her. I had a hard time taking a picture because she wanted to be close to me. They are my dream come true. 

- Mary

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Such a beautiful mare!
Scott: MHWF
We had Dr. Suzanne out for Robin's ole Princess. She gave shots and she floated teeth, Dr says she looks excellent, and I  agree. We are so lucky to have her.

- Mary

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Robin enjoying some grass this morning. 😉

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