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Robins Ole Princes - 20 yrs.

$350- Robins Ole Princes is a 20 year old registered APHA Paint mare. She is 15.1 hands tall,  sound, healthy and looks about 1/2 her age. She is very easy to get along with and is a nice horse to look at as well. Her ground manners are very good, she leads, loads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. Robin is also current on all her shots and wormers and is ready to hit the trails. Robin is also broke to ride and has a lot of experience under saddle. 

Gorgeous mare....love that eye!
Lovely!  How tall is she?  What special care needed after the foundering?  She doesn't need to be dry lotted does she?  Just care on spring grass - maybe muzzled?  Or was her founder not food oriented?  Thanks
Wow...what a beautiful girl!!
Kara W.
Oh man is she pretty! :)
Love the blue eye contrast against the dark. Does she only have one blue eye?

PS. If you want me to preserve my marriage never bring in a black horse with blue eyes.
Andrea B
My she is pretty! :)
Jenni O.
I'm not normally a fan of blue eyes, but this one I like! She sounds like a great trail partner.
also have to add....20 is not old!
Athens S
Is she okay with bits? Does she prefer western or English better? Or does that not matter? Does she like treats? Is she ok with loud noises? is she okay with wipes (not saying that I use one)? does she like face masks?it would be a pleasure if you would answer these questions because I'm very interested in her.
thank you!
Hello Athens, thank you for your inquiry.  I will answers your questions to the best of my ability (I will put my answers in red next to your questions).  

Is she okay with bits?  Yes, she was ridden with a bit.  Does she prefer western or English better?  Robin has been ridden Western, but we have found that most horses do not care one way or the other if you switch up the tack.  Or does that not matter? Does she like treats?  Yes.  Is she ok with loud noises?  I'm not sure how to answer that, not knowing what kind of loud noises you are talking about.  The loud traffic going by on the highway by us sure doesn't seem to bother her.  is she okay with wipes (not saying that I use one)?  I don't know what you mean by wipes.  If you are talking about wiping on fly repellent, Robin does great getting sprayed, so I am sure she'd have no problem with a wipe either.  does she like face masks?  Robin will have to answer that question.  it would be a pleasure if you would answer these questions because I'm very interested in her. 
thank you!
Have a few questions as well.  How tall is she?  Was the founder issue food oriented or otherwise. Does she need to be dry lotted or muzzled?
Thank you
Robin does not need to be on a dry lot or muzzled. She does not have any problems from the founder and is sound. 
Bump, pretty nice mare here to not have anyone looking at her this weekend!
Shocker!  I say again, 20 is NOT old.  ...such progress in recent years with dental care, senior feeds, supplements etc.  a well cared for horse often lives to 30.  I hope someone takes a look and adopts soon.
20 definitely is not old! I just rode my 31 year old on a short ride last week.  This mare is gorgeous!

Update 8/10/2014

We finally had the time to get Robin out and give her a test ride. If ever a horse was perfect under saddle and for being tacked up, it was Robin. She is a really nice horse. She moves well, stand still for tacking and mounting, never questioned a single cue, walk, trot, canter and back down, stop, back and was very responsive and laid back. She is also a sweetheart, loves people, loves attention and gets along really well with her pasture mates. Robin had no special needs, no health or soundness issues and is a very nice horse to look at too!

Please see above update, I am a little late coming in with a few pictures on that update of Robin doing walk, trot, canter like a pro (a little too busy lately).  I do not have much to add to that, other than Robin is a real gem and sweetheart and someone will be very lucky to call this girl their own.  Robin was responding to seat and leg cues as well.  Thank you, Holly, for riding Robin!!  

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Robin was an absolute blast to ride! She was such a sweetie, and had wonderful manners. If it were possible I'd adopt her in a heartbeat. Someone is sure going to be lucky! [smile]
mel d
She is definitely ALL THAT! Now that people can see her in action I hope she'll find a home quickly!
Thank you for riding Robin, Holly. She is a sweet girl. One of the coolest things about her is how muc h she enjoys being with people. If she is at the far end if the pasture and she hears the gate she will gallop all the way up. Its so cool to see and a plus, is she definitely is not hard to catch!
We are so happy to announce that Robin has found her new home!  Robin found a home with someone who has met her a couple of times at the MHWF farm already, and on official adoption day yesterday there was no question that she was "the one".  [smile]  We look forward to hearing of Robin's new adventures with Kristen!  A big thank-you and congratulations to Kristen!  
Here are a couple of pics from official adoption day yesterday, 8/16/2014:  

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Wendy W - WI
Congrats on a beautiful horse!  The best riding weather is yet to come.  
Congratulations to Robin and Kristen!
Jenni O.
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