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Jane Liess
Yeah!  A pair of gorgeous girls!  Congrats.
Oh Horray!  Great looking pair!

Robin's Ole Princess - 20 yrs.


$350 - Robin's Ole Princess is a 20 year old registered APHA mare. 15.1 hands tall, very well behaved and well cared for. She is sound, healthy, very well broke and is a horse that comes as close to an anyone can ride kind of horse as they come. Robin came to MHWF last year and was adopted out very quickly. She is only now back at MHWF because her adopters needed a horse with a little bit more get up and go to keep up with their other horse out on the trails. They only have space for two, so Robin is back looking for her forever home.

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Jenni O.
She's not afraid of chickens!
Love her blue eye. I love dark horses with blue eyes. thank goodness she only has one because I am not going to be in the 2015 video. 
Gee, wouldn't she be cute with Jett?

HA HA Jurita that is exactly what I thought! I too love the blue eye.  She is just as striking today as the first time I saw her.
Oops...sorry...that is exactly what I was thinking Jenni O...about the chickens.
Scott: MHWF
Only one appointment today, but it was a good one. Robin got adopted today and she will be headed to the Dells area in the next week or so. Congratulations to  Harold and Mary C. for giving Robin a great home....really nice people.

Thank you to their friend Scott for coming along and for the recommendation as well!

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Jenni O.
Wendy W - WI
Great picture and Congratulations!!
Congratulations to Robin, Harold and Mary!
Barb S
Robin's new mom and dad
Hi, I am so happy my husband is getting Robin, he lost his other horse due to joint issues and it is so sad to lose a dearly loved friend. We take pride in taking care of our animals and making sure they have the best care they need. I am looking forward to many great years with Robin. Thanks to you all for all you do to make this possible.
Wendy W - WI
I am smiling so big and have goosebumps.  You sound like the perfect home for any horse and I'm so happy Robin is with you.  Happy trails and I, for one, am so looking forward to updates and pictures!
 *Robin Ole Princess* should be a great addition to your family.. Hope you have plenty of updates and photos... Congratulations and have a great time on the trails...[biggrin]
Jenni O.
I'm sorry about your other horse. Robin is a lucky girl.
Congrats on your new horse. Robin is so pretty and I hear she is a really good girl.  It is hard losing a horse but hopefully Robin with help you out there and she gets a great home too.
What a sweet match, congratulations!  
So excited!  Robin will be sharing a pasture with my two geldings and I cannot wait to meet her!  Having been a long time fan of MHWF, I find myself lurking on these discussion boards quite often.  Now I feel like I'm actually getting to be a part of things.  Woo hoo!  Robin couldn't ask for a better home with better people.  She's going to be loved to pieces!
Congrats!! Robin is a real sweetheart and will literally run up to the gate from the pasture once she bonds wIth you. Thank you for giving her a good home!
I get to come with Harry and Mary tomorrow to pick up Robin!  Can't wait!  Will definitely be posting pictures and updates.
Jenni O.
What time?  Maybe I will see you guys there.
I know it's going to be early as they are picking me up around 8:30am.  Guessing we'll be there around 9:30 am or so.
Jenni O.
We might see you then!  Have a safe, uneventful trip.
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