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That has to be a very exciting time, and today I bet is just DRAGGING along. Once you get onto the highway, you probably won't be able to get to MHWF fast enough... Soooo exciting .. *Robin* is a pretty mare...
Oh, happy day!!!!!
Well, its 12:44pm Saturday, so most likely *Robins Princes* has been picked up, and is on her way home. WOW, what an exciting time.. Good Luck and have a very SAFE trip home...congratulations to you.and your new family member.
Harry and Mary
Well we picked up Robin and had a safe uneventful ride home. She rode great and settled into her new paddock. We will be sending some pictures we took today soon.
Harry and Mary
Here are a couple of pictures of our new girl. We are so lucky and happy to have her. Harry is very happy, since the loss of his last one, this is a great "pick me up".

She is doing well.


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The smile [biggrin] on Harry's face says it ALLLLL... what a great day, and even the weather played right along for you today... the photos are really nice.  Thanks for sharing your eventful day... HAPPINESS all around.
Great pictures!  Love the big smile [smile]
Sandy K
Congratulations . Great pictures ! Robin , Mary and Harry look very happy together .
Harry and Mary
Here are some pictures from today. Not a very nice day to ride, but we did a little bit. Robin was great, love her. She looks more relaxed and comfortable today. Harry is bonding well with her.
Thanks for all you do,
Harry and Mary

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Looks like Harry is really bonding already with *Robin*, and she looks sooooo laid back. The trails will be alot of fun once they dry up.. your updates and photos are always nice and interesting. Thanx for sharing.
Gotta say it was a banner weekend!  Not only did I finally get to visit the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation [biggrin], but I also got to take a little spin on Robin (that last picture proves it)[love].  Harry and Mary are thrilled, and I am beyond happy for them.  Robin is one cool girl!   Thanks so much to Scott and Karen for everything you do!!
Jenni O.
Everybody looks pretty happy! Woo hoo! Happy riding!
Awesome update!  Enjoy your horse!
It was really great to see you here at the farm Julie and Scott!  Hope to see you all at the fair this weekend too.  

I am absolutely loving the updates and pics here with Robin, really warms the heart!  
Mary and Harry
HI, We had a great day, took Robin out for a little ride around the farm. She was so relaxed, and she looked happy [smile]. We will be out again tomorrow, we want to get Robin back in shape for summer. Skipped the Midwest horse fair to go riding. We LOVE it.
Robins mom and dad
HI, Just checking in, we went on a trail ride last weekend with some friends. It was great, Robin was good, and loves the attention. She is putting on some weight and is getting some spark in her. She knows the routine here. The barn owners mama goat had baby goats last week and Robin was observing and nickering at mama. It was like she was supporting her all the way.  Robin is such a honey, we are very happy with our new horse.
Happy trails to all, be safe.
Scott & Karen: MHWF
Sounds like LIFE IS GOOD for *Robin*... love the update.... PRECIOUS. Thanks for sharing.
HI Scott and Karen,

Just an update on Robin. We did get her teeth floated. She is doing very well. She is very happy and comes up to let us hug her, and love on her when we are out picking manure.
I will be sending pictures soon. Have a great weekend.
So happy to hear Robin is settling in and every one is bonding. She's a good ole gal and deserves a happy, relaxing home. Thank you for opening your hearts and adopting her. She loves attention so hope she gets lots of kisses. I look forward to more pics!
We got to see Robin and her wonderful people at the MHWF fall trail ride at Ukarydee, and I must have forgotten to add those pictures I took here to Robin's thread.  Mary sent me these gorgeous pictures of Robin yesterday and I just have to share them with you all.  
Robin is doing so great, and it is so heartwarming to see.  Thank you Mary!  

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Jenni O.
I saw Robin at Ukaydee. She looked great, and seemed very calm-the perfect horse!
She is definitely a great horse.  Robin is boarded with my horses so I've been lucky enough to get to know her.  Actually, my gelding "fell in love" with her - which maybe doesn't sound strange, but he is pretty hostile towards most other horses.  When she went into heat he was just beside himself!  This is the first time in the 8 years I've owned him that I've ever seen him behave this way.  Luckily Mary has a good sense of humor and didn't mind fending him off.  Darn those hormones!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Robin had a great summer with Harry and Mary.  She seems genuinely happy and is definitely showing that little spark that makes her so special.  Her coat shines, her eyes are bright, and she is alert and eager out on the trails. I love to watch her come running to the gate at night.  Definitely a wonderful girl!
Robin and Harry

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Jenni O.
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