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 Rogan (Levi) - 13 yrs.


$500 - Rogan, or Levi as he is known as, is a 13 year old registered Norweigian Fjord gelding. Levi is sound, healthy and well broke, having been a trail riding horse for some time now. He is laid back, very polite, respectful and of course, stunning to look at. He stands at 14.2 hands tall and has always had excellent care. Levi was donated to MHWF because he recently bucked his donor off and she has had some pretty serious horse accidents over the years, so her confidence and trust in Levi was a bit shaken. Knowing this, we wanted to be able to have a little time to spend with him and test ride him a couple of times to get a feel for anything we might need to share about him. So far, all we have seen is that if he gets bored or wants to get your attention, he will occasionally nip, but that is an easy enough fix and not a real concern in our eyes.
Many of you have probably already noticed that Jurita L. has been making the trip over quite a bit lately, helping us test ride some of the new arrivals and putting some rides on some of the horses here that need to be ridden from time to time to keep them fresh. Jurita was here doing just that the day Levi came in and boy did that time pay off for her! While Jurita was not specifically looking for a horse, she did fall in love with Levi and will be adopting him. We were not sure how to share and list Levi, knowing that there would be more than a few people unhappy with the fact that he was listed and adopted at the same time. The honest and open way was the only choice for us when it came to listing Levi for adoption. In the end, we know that Levi is getting a great home with someone who was willing to help us out and make the trip over to work and test ride some of the horses for MHWF, so although we know this might not be seen as "fair", we feel good about the home Levi is getting and that not only it is a good match, but it is with an adopter who has been there for us and the horses time and time again.

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Thank you for helping with all the horses and putting the rides on that they needed Jurita, and congratulations!!!  I am sure you will enjoy many wonderful trial rides together!! 
Jenni O.
What???!! You didn't say anything the other day, you sneaky little...!!! Congratulations! Looks like we need to plan another ride soon. Looks like Travis is going to have to ride more often, too.

And while I can see how this is disappointing for some people, I still think it's fair. Jurita obviously knew about him first, and liked him right away. I think I saw a smile in the photos.
Congratulations Levi & Jurita!!  I think he will look awesome next to Mandy...LOL...those haircuts are going to be so cute together!  I appreciate all the help you give MHWF..thank you!
Harley and Gypsy's Mom
Congratulations!  You two look great together!  Seems to me like it was meant to be [smile]

Wow!  Congrats Jurita - I was going to say something about the Donna's but passed on that one.

Many happy adventures between you and Levi - is that a smile I see???

Congratulations to Levi and Jurita! A great match and Levi will be getting a great home - a plus for Jurita's help!Glad to see you will be in the 2015 adoption video again this year
Kara B.
That's awesome! Congrats!!!
Congratulations! Looks like a perfect match!
Wendy W - WI
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You look great on him and he's the perfect size for you.  Oh how I love Fjords.  I am so looking forward to your updates and photos.  
Donna R
Wow! Congratulations Jurita!  What a stunning horse!  14.2 hands high makes the quick mounts and dismounts on the trail so much easier too.  Levi is lucky to go to such a great home.  Can't wait to hear how everyone does together.
Barb S.
Congrats!!! One would hope people wouldn't be mean-hearted about it. To me it's totally fair. Scott and Karen you handled this adoption honestly and professionally. Bravo to all involved! Outcome is what it should be. Levi has a happy home and is going to be well cared for!
Thank you for the nice comments and for congratulating me on this adoption. I have a strong feeling it will be a great match. For those who understand and accept how this adoption took place I also say "thank you."  If there are people that are upset I hope that they can be mature about it and get over it.  I too have called on horses in the past and missed out on them because they went to someone else. It is disappointing at the time but watch the website and wait a bit and another great horse will come along.

I love this program and I have been doing what I can to help support it since I first found out about it 5 or 6 years ago. I will continue to give and help in the ways that I m able to. I do this because I believe in what this program is all about. 

Heike B
YAY Jurita and Levi!  Looks like you are already having a blast together.

I don't think the adoption selection stepped outside of the bounds of fairness here at all.  We've been up to look at horses before and have ridden horses that just came in and were not posted yet - it would be ridiculous to tell a potential adopter that they can't see/test ride a new horse because it hasn't been posted on the website yet.
I can't see anyone being upset with this horse finding a great home. That's what it's all about.

I had my camera out with me this morning assessing the storm damage, and I couldn't help but notice Levi and Hope in a major grooming session together, so snapped a couple of pics.  
Levi was kept alone for a bit and he is super happy to be with other horses again.  

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I think it's wonderful news.  He would have been snapped up by a pre-approved adopter in a heartbeat anyway, so there were bound to be disappointed people.  I wouldn't have been surprised it it had been Karin or any of the other test riders/frequent volunteers.  Seems like it's a rarely used perk of being pre-approved and a volunteer; you may get first sight of the newbies.  And I have no problem with that.

Except I thought Jurita's next one would be a draft since she has all the other sizes. [tongue]
Still, a great match.
You wouldn't believe how often our test riders would love to adopt the horses that they come and volunteer their time to ride for MHWF.  Karin H. has had a couple of struggles in the last year with wanting to adopt a couple of the horses that came through and figuring out time and resources, etc., but just couldn't wind up doing it.  It is nice when it is able to happen for them.  
Lisa B
Jurita, you little stinker!  You never mentioned that you were adopting another horse when we were riding on Friday.  Congratulations!!!!
I think for the most part, things happen for a reason with animal / people matches.
I could have had an amazing horse, "Bravo", 8 years ago, heck I could have bought him and sold him for 3x the price but it is not a money thing when it comes to animals.  This horse would have taught me nothing as he was just too good and well trained.  If I had acquired Bravo then who knows, Jett might still be rambling around MHWF causing Scott grief or the special needs girl that did get Bravo would not have had that opportunity to shine.

I gather a few are disappointed about not getting Levi, I would be too as he looks great but there will be others and you will be glad when your equine does come about, there will be a reason that is not apparent yet.
Cathy G
Congratulations Jurita! He's a handsome boy!

Fjords are so cool and versatile! 

You guys look great. 
Cindy S
Fair...schmair!  The important thing is that a horse is getting a wonderful home!  Congratulations to all!
Kelly S
Well I don't think this is fair.  Jurita, didn't you also adopt that pretty grulla?  No, not fair at all that you are adopting and providing a wonderful home for all of my dream colored horses while I am totally not in the market for another horse because we are full. [biggrin] I am jealous of your pretty herd! 

And I remembered your name because it was unique with Lobo, I'm not stalking you. lol 

Congrats on the new addition!!!!
Denise S - WW
BIG CONGRATS to Rogan & Jurita!! Can't begin to tell you how this put a smile on my face. Rogan is one lucky horse, not to mention extremely adorable to boot!! You guys do look great together. I love the pictures!!

The relationship you have built with MHWF & the time you give to them is awesome. This is an adoption well deserved for several reasons. It goes above & beyond an approved application. So very happy for you!!! Dang he is cute!!! [thumb]
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