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Haven't updated since the before the fun show. So...here is the latest....

Eli did great at the fun show and I know there were photos posted on here of that. He also rocked the trails at the MHWF camping trip a couple weeks ago. However, some friends and I rode the trails last weekend and he was a bit naughty. He decided it was a good idea to trot down the sandy hills. Um..no...it really is not. Then he decided he was definitely NOT going through water puddles. At one point he took me into the trees and just about knocked me off. [mad] Bad pony! Every water puddle we came to he took me around them no matter how hard I tried to avoid that. At one point we came to a spot where water was across the path and also on both sides. No going around this time! I thought "Ha! Now what are you going to do!?!?" He said, "Ha! I'm going to jump over it!"

Yes..we have work to do. [rolleyes]

I did get him to walk into the river though. There is a photo of that as well as a couple from the camping trip.

Thanks for reading!

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Jenni O.
What do you want, a horse that goes through puddles, or a horse that goes through noodle obstacles? Because you can't have both, lol!

Also, maybe he should do some cross country courses, since he jumped that puddle so well.
Donna M
Eli is doing great under your guidance. I enjoyed meeting him at the camping trip. He is very photogenic but even more striking in person. And you are too. [crazy]
Donna R
Great photos!  I agree with you, Donna M.  Jurita, you and Levi make a striking pair.  In no time at all you will have all those issues worked out.  He really did well on the camping trip. 

It was on Lobo's thread but your comments about Eli not ever being herd boss made me laugh out loud.  A sense of humor sure helps when dealing with these characters.  You definitely have it all together there, Jurita[biggrin]!  Your posts are always entertaining.
Just think....if Eli was perfect, your updates would be way too short and so much less entertaining...wink wink...LOL!  You are doing great, and as others have said, you make a very pretty pair. 

Awww...thanks everyone for your kind words. I have been having a rough couple of days and your posts really helped put a smile on my face today. Thank you!
We did a 4 hour trail ride with Jenni and Pea and Jenni's husband Jeremy on Sunday. Eli was better about going down hills and he did pretty well all around. We did have to do some trotting and a few strides of loping to keep up. Pooh Bear's legs are not very long you know. I had to work to get him into the lake but the second time he went in he kept going and I wasn't sure what he was up to. Swimming? So I turned him around and got him out. The next attempt was a failure. (I forgot my motto: Don't get greedy) At one point Jeremy asked if it was okay to canter. I said it was fine. Well...our canter turned into an uncontrolled gallop. But Jeremy had some good advice for me... "You just gotta stay on and it will be fine."   

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Life is an adventure...and Jeremy's advice is good! It is hard to remember not to get greedy, I totally understand that.
What a fun update, really like the picture.  Glad to hear you are enjoying him

Here is a video of our lesson last night. Not our best night but that's how it goes sometimes. We are making improvements though. Keep in mind when watching that we are both "projects" right now. We are both learning. I wish I had video of our first couple lessons as you would have seen how much we have improved. Eli was unresponsive and would just push through so much at the beginning. Even getting him stay into the trot was a chore.  
Holy cow thats awesome Jurita!  Good riding, cute horse.
Jenni O.
You two look great! And my advice is, never take horse advice from Jeremy.

Maybe we can take Eli swimming if you come on the ride next weekend. There's a boat landing we can go to. [wink]
Pauli with Lisa, friend Theresa with her horse Nutmeg and Jurita with Eli out on the trails.

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Eli is doing well. We did our last trail ride of the year a couple weeks ago. A 3 hour ride on Saturday (lake Wissota) and a 5 hour ride on Sunday (governor Knowles). Eli is a bit pokey on the trails so we had to trot and lope a little to catch up at times. But, we also stayed back too because I don't want him to get the idea that he always has to trot or lope to catch up. He is fine about staying back and didn't get upset when the other horses were out of sight. Someone on the trails told me "I've never seen a fjord on the trails before." I said, "Well then you have been riding with the wrong people." (Okay..kidding I didn't really say that.) I also saw the second most beautiful mule that day. Probably a good thing they were loading up to go home. I may have ended up with another mule.

We try to get to lessons once a week and will continue to do that until we are no longer able to trailer over due to snow and ice. This week had some hits and misses. We tried working on some leg yields and he was not getting it but a couple weeks before he was doing pretty well with it, so not sure what was going on there. We worked on some transitions. Halt to trot, trot to halt. We worked on half halts and he was slowing down just off my seat..well a couple times he went from trot to walk with the half halt but that's okay. We are both making improvements. My instructor told me she is excited to ride him again (She is physically unable to ride right now) because she rode him once when I first brought him home and he has made a lot of gains since then.  
Lisa B.
So glad to hear that things are going well with you and Eli.  Before you know it he'll be going out of his way to splash through the mud puddles.

Not getting much riding time in but have been making it to lessons once a week. Last week we attempted to canter and it was pretty much a disaster. I could not get him to go into the canter and as soon as I did he'd get really heavy on the forehand and fall out of it and he also was picking up the wrong leads. I got a little discouraged and gave up for the time being. Some days are good and I get excited about our progress and other days I think about how hard I have to work for everything I get from this horse.

Leslie V
Don't get discouraged - the good ones are worth working for!
Ditto!  I agree 1,000%!  The good ones are worth working for.  The bond and trust you are building will go far and serve you well.  Looking back on all the frustrations I had with my horse over the years just make him more special to me.  Enjoy the journey!!!
Jenni O.
Just think of everything you are learning! You really are learning, even when things aren't going well. Sometimes these things take a lot of time too, so don't compare it to past horses. He might just need a lot more conditioning to get in shape to do it. He's so cute, isn't it worth all the hard work??

Hang in there Jurita. Horses can be so frustrating! Seems any horse you get, there is the good and the bad. At least that has been my experience. You think you are doing good and feeling good about things and then you have a setback or a disappointing ride. Leaves you on the discouraged side. Horses make you work for those gains, that's for sure. No shortcuts. Problem is and maybe this is where you are at too. I am getting older and don't have a lot of spare time so when I do get to ride, I want to enjoy it. So just a note of support and encouragement. No real words of wisdom. Just ride through it if that makes any sense. And be sure to just ride for fun sometimes without pressure and without expectations. Sometimes we get so caught up in the "right" way to do ithings we forget to relax and have fun.
And have a Merry Christmas!!
Leslie V
And don't get discouraged about getting discouraged.  Pretty normal and happens to everyone.  Sometimes it's good to take a break, step back and just breathe.  It will all come together for you and when it does, the frustration and set-backs will quickly be forgotten....  Hug your pony and smile, he's beautiful!
I agree...don't get discouraged about being discouraged.  It happens to everyone.  And remember it isn't a failure to change a plan, do something different, or just something fun.  It is all good, and the "breaks" from the hard stuff are important for both you and your horse.
Well today we did some ground work and Eli took me for a sled ride. But we forgot something. Oh yeah, the sled. We forgot the sled. Fortunately the ride we did in my little riding area went really well.

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Donna R
You make a striking pair, Jurita.  You will be in great shape as a team by spring.  It seems like you are getting out as much as you can.  That is admirable.

I think that fluffy white stuff is headed our way tomorrow.  Today I'm afraid if we tried riding we would have slipped in the mud that is everywhere.  [eek] 
Jenni O.
You crack me up! Hope you remember the sled next time. You might need it, with all the snow coming our way. You two look great. Glad it went well. Other than forgetting the sled.
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