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Jenni O.
It was quite hilarious. It looked, to my eye, like perfect jumping form, knees tucked. But the front hooves just kept going up. All vertical, very little horizontal. Not that he needed much to get over this small steam of water, but I don't think he needed that much vertical either. I regret not taking note of Jurita's face. We had to cross it again from the other direction but he was boring and walked through it.
Love this story!  So reminds me of the comic strip Non Sequitur where Dante is trying to get Lucy her pony across a little stream.  Lucy considers the options of surfboarding, launching from a cannon and using a catapult.  Dante says "You could just WALK through the stupid creek, Lucy" and Lucy replies "Well, when YOU"RE the one wearing a saddle, then YOU get to weigh the options"  Life with a horse like this is never boring.
Jenni O.
That sounds exactly like Eli, doesn't it, Jurita?
Yep. That's funny Doreen.

It was really just something he could easily walk across. But that would be boring.
Anyone tired of Eli updates yet? Sorry.

Here is a video of today's lesson trying to work on the canter. (Please keep in mind this is a lesson and I am learning to ride.) Turn down your volume or mute it or the instructor will be very loud. She was using the camera and needs to be loud in order for me to hear her in the outdoor arena.

Jenni O.
I never get sick of updates. You two look really good! I think Eli is really trying for you. Some days it might not seem like he is, but hopefully you felt good about this lesson!
Never tired of updates, and there are never too many!  

Looking great!!!  You two have really come a long way, great job!!  

And I can't help it....you two look so cute together.  [smile]  
Granddaughter Luna, who will be 2 soon, came to visit today. She had her first ride on a horse. We put her on Eli with mom and gave her a pony ride around the yard.

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Jenni O.
Aww, awesome! Wait until Luna is a few years older. You're going to lose Eli to her.
Jane Liess
Donna R
So cute!  Better download the rescue walk app, Jurita!  You are going to be logging in some miles giving pony rides around the yard [biggrin].  Believe me I know.[wink]  You will have a blast enriching Luna's life by introducing her to your world of loving horses.
ohhhhhh you are in trouble now Jurita!  She is going to want to be on the horses all the time!  So cute!
Donna M
Best part about being a grandma? Sharing your love of horses with your grandchild(ren). 

I can't believe Luna is 2 years old already!!

Jurita....that is a great video of your lesson.  Your seat is really coming along, and like Jenni O said, he is really trying for you.  something to be proud of....right along with that cute little granddaughter sitting so pretty on him!

Had our first solo trail ride today, we rode at the state park for about 2 hours and I am happy to report that Eli did just great.
Lisa B.
A solo ride...good for you!!!
YAY!  Congrats to you and Eli!  What a great great feeling!
Way to go!  That's awesome! [thumb]
Jenni O.
Whoop whoop! See, he's worth his weight in gold.
Trail riding at Zumbro Bottoms, MN.

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Pea (Red Hot Democracy), Eli and Pauli at Zumbrota.

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Lisa B.
I see Jurita has posted pics...good, because my pic of her was too big to post here. We had a great time!
Awesome shots! Looks like everyone had fun!
Not too much to report today other then we did a trail ride yesterday and Eli walked through all the water puddles I asked him to. That may not seem like a big deal but for Eli it is. Last summer he'd avoid getting his feet wet at all costs including taking me into the trees or jumping water.
Scott: MHWF
He knows you much better now and trusts you [smile]
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