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It's about trust.  very hard-won trust.
Ahhh..lessons. Where you spend money to realize what a horrible rider you really are. LOL.

We've been taking lessons again and there have been good days and bad days. Days I've come home in tears telling Travis what a horrible rider I am. Days where something goes well and it's exciting. Days where I've felt like I hit a plateau. Days when I thought "I'm never going to get his."

Thursday night I did a lesson after having a few weeks off. It was maybe my best yet. Eli was focused on me the whole time, (sometimes he gets distracted and/ or kind of blows me off) he was light the whole time (sometimes he gets very heavy on the forehand, braces on the bit) AND he finally picked up the right lead. We have been working on this and he just would not pick it up. I was beginning to think something was physically wrong. The second attempt on Thursday he got it! I was so excited I yelled out a cowboy "Whoo hooo." We cantered a couple big circles and quit for the night as a reward to Eli for doing the right thing. I'm sure our canter work was as ugly as the dark side of the devil but we can work on pretty in the future.
I sincerely admire anyone who works at becoming a better rider.  I was a horse-mad but horseless little girl, and when I started at UW-Madison I joined the Hoofers riding club.  I stuck it out for a  couple of years, but soon realized that riding as opposed to being a passenger was hard work.  End of story.
Jenni O.
Medusa, but the horse does all the work! Hahahahaaa!

Jurita, you probably do better on a bad day at lessons than I do on a good day. And plateau? I thought the plateau was a nice place to be...it's level, easy, not much sweat involved...seems to be where I'm hanging out for now, lol.

Keep up the good work!
Happy for you both!  Nice work [smile]
Tired of Eli posts??? Sorry if you are but....

Just wanted to share that last weekend we went to a fun pleasure show. We entered three classes and placed second in each class. I was most excited about placing second in the bareback class... My first ever. Eli was very good. He did get a little fast a couple times bit overall he was very well behaved.

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Great job you two!!
Awesome! Congratulations! You two look great together
You both look great!  No points lost on turnout!  And congratulations!
Jenni O.
Nobody gets tired of Eli posts. He leads a pretty exciting life. I heard he was disappointed that he couldn't go to Shawnee with his friend, Pea, but his ribbons eased the disappointment. I'm sure he would have gotten lots of compliments on the trails though. I did not see any other Fjords.
WOW you guys look great! Congratulations on your placings and on having fun.  You two have come so far, and are such a great team.
Jan H
Does Levi had a black stripe down his back like the new intake (adopted) Penelope?
I haven’t seen Penelope. Fjords are Brown dun, Red dun, Grey, Uls dun, or yellow dun. Eli is a brown dun. Fjords have what are referred to as “primitive markings” including the dorsal stripe, the midstol (black down center of mane) and horizontal stripes on legs often called “zebra stripes.” This primitive marks vary depending on the body color of the horse. the dorsal stripe may be indistinct, the zebra stripes can be light in color or lacking. In the case of the uls dun, greys, and lighter drown duns the zebra stripes are often weak or lacking.
Eli has a black midstol and black down his tail. His dorsal stripe is a darker brown than his coat and is somewhat indistinct. He has zebra stripes on his legs and which are predominant when he has his summer coat.

My mule and mustang also have primitive markings. They have very distinct dorsal stripes, zebra stripes, dark marks on ears, and have dark marks on their withers. The mule is red dun. The mustang is grullo. A grulla or grullo is a the result of the dun factor on a black horse.
Eli (Rogan) in his winter fuzzies.....adopted by Jurita L.

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Jenni O.
Eli,Pea misses you and is dreaming of naughtily racing you down the trail while the humans aboard frantically discuss who might have better luck slowing their steed. But I know you two have matured and are better than that...right?
Lisa B.
Jenni and Jurita, I look forward to observing that ride from my calm/quiet/relaxed/unflappable Pauli! 😨
That’s great Jenni and Lisa...can’t wait.
What a hunk of horse!
Jenni O.
Good, Lisa! We're counting on you and Pauli to stop us if need be.
First trail ride of the year for Eli. 3 hour ride..walk-trot-canter and all went really well. I could not have asked for much more from him. He was calm, well behaved and didn't even spook at the grouse that flew up. It made me jump though. Hard work and hours on the trails are paying off. :)
Jenni O.
And he and Pea cantered (Eli canters, Pea lopes) together and didn't race each other down a slippery trail. They HAVE matured! I do have a photo of Eli's bum I can email for posting here.

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Woohoo!! And,nice bum 😉

Love the ears, Pea!  

Do I see a whip in that picture?  LOL!  
It's called a riding crop aka my little friend. It's from the days of Eli bashing me into the trees.(Jenni and Lisa will be able to recall those days) Now all I do is carry it with.
Nice pic nice update nice bum!  Way to go!  Pea's ear are a hoot..."stop stopping me!!  I want to bite the bum!!"
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