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Lisa B.
Ah yes...I do so miss the adventures of past years...
Tree crashing and water hazards, whatever will we do without such antics??
We will have good rides that’s what we will do. He’s really come far and we did walk right through a puddle too. No one commented on the burned grass. There was a recent grass fire there and the campground had to be evacuated. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad.
Lisa B.
Indeed we will...hopefully Pauli will be chill too.
Jenni O.
We've all jinxed it now. They're going to be buttheads the next time we all meet up. Wait, no! I have confidence and optimism and the belief that they've become good citizens!😁😁

I do miss Eli's water antics though. It made for some good viewing, particularly the day he did this beautiful jump, though maybe a bit more vertical than he needed to be, with his knees tucked perfectly, over a "creek" about 6" wide.
Eli and I did our second ever dressage schooling show this past Sunday. We placed in all four classes we entered. Dressage Suitability W/T 2nd place of 8 Dressage Equitation W/T 1st place of 6 Intro Test A. 1st place of 4. Score 69.68 Intro Test B. 1st place of 2. Score 70.62 We also got high point W/T I could not have been happier with how things went and well Eli behaved. When the judge called my number for first place in my first class I almost fell out of my saddle! (I'm having trouble posting photos so maybe Scott can help with that)

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Wow! Congrats!
Congratulations! Wow!
 Congratulations  Jurita and Eli on a job well done. 
That's awesome!!! Congratulations 😍
May I ask what is WT?
Lisa B.
Great job! The two of you have come so far!
Jan N

Often schooling shows in a variety of disciplines may offer classes limited to these two gaits for horse/rider teams who are, relatively speaking, early in their training or otherwise inexperienced.
Nice!!!!  You guys look great!  Congrats!
Donna R
Great job Jurita and Eli!  You two also look so good together!
Way to go, Jurita and Eli!  Such a stunning team in so many respects.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! And it's only the first show of the season. Woo hoo!
Great job you two!
Wendy W - WI
So cool!!  Awesome job you two!!
Thank you all for the nice comments and support.
Eli (Levi-Rogan) and Pea (Red Hot Democracy-Peanut) grooming each other. 

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I love Eli and Pea stories.  They are such versatile companions.  Go to a show?  No problem.  Ride English, can do.  Take off down the trail (when their humans tell them to go), can't wait.  You can not write too many updates for me, keep them coming.
Another Dressage show this weekend. I was a bit disappointed in our tests but we still managed to bring home four blue ribbons and a high score ribbon. We also won a very nice Hay Chix Hay net for high score.

 Now we are  going to shift our focus on trail riding and some lessons. We will work on the canter and try to get that more balanced. We also have something planned in July that we haven’t done before.

Stay tuned 😉

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You are having too much fun with that horse!! Congrats!
You guys really look great in your show gear!  Well done!
Had a great time riding Eli in Custer South Dakota. We rode around camp, French Creek, and rode up Black Elk Peak (formerly known as Harney Peak) lots of beautiful riding. Elevation 7244 feet! The waters of French Creek at an all time high. Water was up to the horse’s bellies and some were tricky crossings...rushing waters, logs in the water to cross,etc. Eli did great for most crossings but gave me a hard time at a couple. Like when he did his most awesome impersonation of a Lipizzaner stallion. LOL. He was perfect on the Black Elk Peak trail and that was some tricky riding. It was also the best trail ride I’ve done yet. Very proud of my little Fjord.

- Jurita

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