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Jenni O.
Eli was a rock star! And I was treated to front row seats of the Lipizzaner performance. It was pretty impressive!

The Harney Peak ride was incredible. It's challenging for sure, but every step of the way is beautiful scenery. There's no place for Lipizzaner moves though. Darn.
That looks like an awesome trip!! Hoping to get there someday.
Maybe Eli has to call on the Lipizzaner to get himself across those 6" creeks?  At least he has a plan.  What a beautiful trip!  Traveling, altitude, rocky ground, water, you guys did it all.  Well done!
Jenni O.
I think he's just a show off. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ
That's just wonderful! Looks like a dream trip!!
Thanks for viewing and posting comments. There were no 6โ€ creeks. Parts of French Creek are flooded with roads closed. There were 32 water crossings and the waters were high and fast. The water was so loud we came up on a fisherman and he couldnโ€™t hear us until we yelled out โ€œTravisโ€. LOL...we run into one person out on our ride and it happens to by my husband. I think we scared him so bad he almost did a Lippazzaner move!
That's funny!!
Awesome pics!  Looks like you had a great time...and I am really glad that Eli made sure you were bored...LOL...too funny about Travis..ha ha ha
We had out final Dressage show of the year last Sunday. It was cold and snowing . Overall we did well especially considering it was indoors and Eli was sure there was a monster under the judge 's table. Gah!
Eli earned a first for Dressage Suitability and I got a first for Equitation. We earned a first and a second on our tests.

Jan N
Jurita, you and Eli certainly are a great team! I have a great deal of admiration for your attitude about and belief in constant learning. It is the best way for people to reach whatever goals they have with their horses. Makes the partnership really sweet and far-reaching, too. Congratulations on both of you!
Congratulations to both you and Eli!!

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Luna and her "favorite horse."
Lisa B.
So, it is obvious that Eli is now Luna's horse.  When are you going to get a mule, Jurita?
Jenni O.
She's just going to have to teach Lobo some dressage.

It's cute that Eli is her favorite. Did she say why? Did it have to do with his inherent "Pooh-ness"?
Congratulations on your dressage tests.  Awesome for both of you.  Luna has good taste...LOL
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