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Is it possible Eli's shape has changed since his current saddle was fitted?  Maybe as a pasture potato it fit him just fine.  Now that he is in steady work, it makes sense that his shape has changed.  I think horses give us credit for noticing something is off and trying to fix it.  If he could talk, Eli would say, "That Jurita, she really has my back!"
Eli had some dental work done today by a very good equine dentist. Even though my vet floats teeth every year, there was quite a bit of work the dentist had to do.
The new custom saddle should be here in a month or so.
We are doing whatever we can to make sure Eli is comfortable.
He is going well for my trainer but not so much for me. We ran into some issues. I’m sure it’s me. Hopefully we can resolve the issues soon enough. 😞
Hang in there during this time.  You and Eli are a great team, and even great teams have bumps in the road.  The bumps make the team stronger in the end, but never fun to go through.  Cant wait to hear how things go when the new saddle comes in!
What kind of saddle did you order?
Thanks Doreen. You always have words of encouragement.

Jenn.. The saddle is a Trilogy Ethos.
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